Ethereum eth cannot transfer money. The status is always the reason for the pending status and the solution

jamesdodo 2022-04-05 16:05:00 阅读数:471

ethereum eth transfer money. money

Someone must have the same problem as me , There are still some in the account eth, But there's a deal that's been in pending state , Cause all subsequent transactions to get stuck . Unless this one pending Status transactions are packaged by miners . Please note that nonce, Because every transaction of every account nonce It's all incremental , So if you use a successful transaction nonce Re trade , There must be a mistake nonce too low. If you choose to cancel the transaction , Note that there will still be a handling charge , Actually, it means canceling the transaction , Its essence is to speed up trading , It's just that the transfer amount has become 0, But the handling fee will still be deducted . After the cancellation is successful , The block browser will find an additional transfer with an amount of 0 Transactions .

1、 I found an order has been in pending state , All subsequent transactions cannot proceed normally

2、 Solution , By setting a higher gasprice To override or replace the transaction

3、 Next , The account can be transferred normally .

PS: The key lies in , Again ->  same nonce And higher gasPrice. If it is metamask The transaction can be set by - senior - Reset the account to overwrite the transaction .