The European Parliament voted to pass new encryption regulations that infringe on privacy, triggering industry criticism

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european parliament voted pass new

Commentary on the rampage : Lawmakers are determined to pass new regulations to end anonymous encrypted transactions of any amount , At the same time, plans are brewing to cut off the possibility of unregulated exchanges to access traditional financial services .

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EU lawmakers voted today to approve controversial measures to ban anonymous cryptocurrency transactions . Regarding this , Insiders in the encryption industry say the move will stifle innovation and infringe on privacy .

according to CoinDesk The files you see , exceed 90 Legislators voted for the proposal .

These proposals are intended to apply to more than 1,000 euro (1,114 dollar ) Anti money laundering of traditional payment (AML) The requirements are extended to the field of cryptocurrency . They also removed the bottom line of encrypted payment , Therefore, even the payer and payee of the smallest cryptocurrency transaction need to be identified , Including transactions using unmanaged or self managed wallets . Further measures under discussion could cut off the unregulated crypto exchange from the traditional financial system .

Governments in 12 Monthly representation , They want to cancel 1000 The cryptocurrency threshold of the euro , The reason is that digital payment can easily circumvent this restriction , And want to include private wallets operated by unregulated encryption asset providers .

The centre right European people's party (EPP) Members have opposed many more controversial changes , Condemn what they call “ In fact, self hosting wallets are prohibited ” How to do it .

Economic spokesman of the European people's party Markus Ferber In an email statement on Thursday, it said :“ There is no reason for such a suggestion , Nor is it realistic . This over regulation of new technologies will leave the EU largely behind other more open-minded jurisdictions .”

Another proposal discussed today will prevent the introduction of “ Non conformity ” Cryptocurrency service provider transfer service , These include those providers that operate in the EU without authorization or are not affiliated with or established in any jurisdiction .

Even though Coinbase And other major industry participants and legal experts raised objections , But in the face of legal challenges before the European Court of justice , Thursday's vote is still complete , They warned , Too severe privacy violations may face legal challenges .

Chief executive officer of the exchange Brian Armstrong In a tweet posted on Wednesday, he warned that , According to the new rules , At any time, customers receive more than... From self managed wallets 1,000 The cryptocurrency of the euro ,Coinbase Must report to the authorities .

These plans must also be agreed by Parliament and state ministers , After a meeting of the Council of the European Union , To pass into law .

As the vote went on , The currency The price of fell by about in a few minutes 2%, from 47,500 The dollar fell to 46,400 dollar .

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