The Vietnamese government and central bank are developing a legal framework for cryptocurrency

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vietnamese government central bank developing

3 month 29 Japan , Vietnam is creating a legal framework for cryptocurrency . The Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam has instructed the Ministry of Finance 、 The Ministry of justice and the Ministry of information and communications and the central bank —— The National Bank of Vietnam cooperates on this framework . The legal framework of cryptocurrency will be based on the Prime Minister of Vietnam 2017 year 8 month 21 The 1255 The details specified in decision No . The first 1255 Decision approved a plan , That is to say 「 Virtual assets 、 Digital currency and virtual currency 」 Develop a legal framework for the management and handling of . Besides , Cryptocurrency holders in Vietnam have grown significantly over the past few years .Triple A According to the study , There are 590 More than million people have cryptocurrencies , Of Vietnam's total population 6.1%.(

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