Gary Gensler, chairman of the US SEC, called for more supervision of the custody and market making departments of stable currency and encryption companies

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gary gensler chairman sec supervision

Bo chain finance and economics learned that ,4 month 5 Japan , According to the TheBlock, Chairman of the securities and Exchange Commission Gary Gensler Express , Unlike traditional exchanges , At present, centralized encrypted trading platforms usually keep the assets of their customers .

2021 year , exceed 140 The value of billion dollars was stolen . Employees have been asked how to work with the platform , Let them register and supervise , And best ensure that the customer's assets are protected , In particular, whether it is appropriate to isolate hosting .

Gensler Continue to apply similar logic to the market making function of encrypted exchanges , Many of these exchanges trade with users on their own platforms through their own accounts .

Gensler Also expressed concern about stabilizing the currency , US retail investors do not have the right to redeem directly the two largest stable currencies by market value . There are conflicts of interest and market integrity problems , This will benefit from more regulation .

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