Graphics card prices plummeted across the board: two factors beyond the ebb tide of "mining" should not be ignored

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graphics card prices plummeted board

Reporters visited the front line and found , It's not just the off-line computer accessories , Online e-commerce platform 、 The prices of graphics cards on second-hand trading platforms have decreased .

According to the market law of electronic products , Before new product launch , Businesses will cut prices to clear inventory , Reduce inventory pressure and exchange cash flow . But in the last two years , The price of graphics card will rise immediately after its launch , Old card prices rise instead of fall .

however , As the market sends the opposite signal , Graphics card prices are expected to return to normal .

recently , The price of graphics cards in domestic and foreign markets fell sharply . NVIDIA high end graphics card GeForce RTX 3080 In the Australian market, the price fell by 20% in one day 35% , The quotation is made by 2299 The Australian dollar ( about 1 RMB 10,000 yuan ) Down to 1499 The Australian dollar ( about 7 One thousand yuan ), The biggest drop in history , The prices of other graphics cards have also fallen by an average of 10% recently .

In the German market GeForce RTX 3090 Also from the previous highest near 2.2 RMB 10000 has dropped to the recent level 1.4 Ten thousand yuan , And part RTX 3080Ti The price of the graphics card is even lower than the official price “ Break ” situation .

The reporter of new consumption daily learned from a visit to businesses in Hangzhou Broadway , Although the graphics card is breaking the price bubble. , But at present, China “ dig ” The price of high-end graphics cards used fell the most . With GeForce RTX3090 Take the graphics card as an example , Merchants told reporters , Once approached 20000 element , Now offline only needs 13000 element .

meanwhile , The reporter also found that , Current mainstream e-commerce platforms 、 The prices of graphics cards on second-hand trading platforms have decreased .

obviously , After years of soaring graphics card prices, the trend is expected to end .

At home and abroad 、 Brand new or used No matter how hard the graphics card price is “ Be a demon ”

“ Now the price of high-end graphics cards for mining has fallen the most .”3 month 25 Japan , The reporter of new consumption daily rushed to Hangzhou Broadway , I learned from the communication with merchants that , The former “ dig ” Top graphics card GeForce RTX3090, Once upon a time 20000 element , Now all you need is 13000 element .

“ last year 6 month ,GeForce RTX3090 Your lowest price is still 16000 element , The price has been falling again this year ”. Merchants told reporters .

It's not just the off-line computer accessories , Online e-commerce platform 、 The prices of graphics cards on second-hand trading platforms have decreased .

With a certain model of an e-commerce platform 3080 Take a graphics card as an example , Previously, the product has been maintained at 8000 The price is around RMB ; Even the double 11 price has not reached the bottom , Only recently did it reach a record low 6800 yuan .

Historical price trend chart of graphics card queried on a price comparison shopping website

The reporter found on the idle fish on the second-hand trading platform , As early as January this year , There are a large number of sellers selling mining graphics cards .

Mining on idle fish is often used AMD RX580 and RX5700xt Take a graphics card as an example , Last year's second-hand price was about 3000 element 、6000 element , January has fallen all the way to March this year , Until the former falls to 1000 element 、 The latter fell to 3200 Only about yuan can there be a transaction .

Xiao Zhang showed the transaction records to reporters

“ I this RX580 Also on the platform 650 Yuan received , It was to match this eGPU to MacBook Pro use ,” Xiao Zhang told reporters , Less than a year , He found that the graphics card on the platform rose sharply , Just put the graphics card and eGPU Packed and sold ,“ The rising price of graphics card basically eGPU The depreciation made up for , These two transactions are not profitable or lossless .”

The reporter also put a picture on the idle fish 5700xt The graphics card . The second-hand graphics card has just been put on the shelf , There are many buyers who come to inquire . Most of them are individual players , Want to take advantage of this graphics card price reduction , hurriedly “ Pick up a leak ”.

“ I've been using the core graphics card , Is waiting for the graphics card price reduction ,” A buyer said when communicating with reporters , Before, the price of graphics card was too unreasonable ,RX580 Can be sold 3000,“ Except for the boss , Who would buy it ?”

Inquiry from reporters “ Mine owner ”

Among the buyers who inquired , There is also no shortage of the aforementioned buyers “ Mine owner ”—— He doesn't care much about the quality and provenance of second-hand graphics cards , More concerned about the computing power of the graphics card . It said :“ I have received 5 Zhang graphics card , It's not so good now 3 Zhang , I'll use it for mining .”

however , A stall boss said , At this stage, it is not recommended to start with second-hand graphics cards . He thinks that , Now a large number of graphics cards are pouring into the second-hand market , Many are not after-sales 、 It can also be repaired .“ It's not expensive to buy a new one now ”.

The new architecture graphics card is on sale The miner also came “ Scramble for ” Mining projects

2020 year , While the prices of multiple digital currencies continue to soar , The price of graphics card has also repeatedly hit new highs .

There are two reasons for this : One side , Supply chain factories cannot resume production in time under the epidemic situation , Resulting in insufficient supply ; On the other hand , Caused by virtual currency “ Mining boom ”, It also pushed the price of graphics cards to a high level . Combined with the “ dig ” Big guys focus on purchasing graphics cards , In the end “ One card is hard to find. ” The phenomenon of .

however , As the price of virtual currency falls , And the regulatory authorities of various countries began to standardize the management of virtual currency mining projects . The industry is gradually returning to rationality , The demand for graphics cards for mining naturally continues to decline .

in addition , During this time, the price of graphics card has fallen , It is also inseparable from two factors .

One side , NVIDIA will launch a new generation in the third quarter of this year RTX40 Is a graphics card . It is reported that , The series will use AdaLovelace Graphic architecture , Based on TSMC 5nm Craftsmanship , Performance skyrocketed .

Another potential cause is , Domestic enterprises have developed special mining machines .

Take Jianan Yunzhi, a miner, as an example , Refer to its... Released last month 2021 Fourth quarter earnings . The results showed that the total revenue for the quarter was 21.846 RMB 100 million ( About us 3.428 Billion dollars ),2020 In the same period of year 3820 RMB 10,000 yuan , Year-on-year growth 5636%.

“ These machines are specially designed for mining asic chip ,” An insider told reporters ,“ The whole mining machine is some ‘ Huaqiangbei ’ The factory designs itself , And most of them are produced by themselves .”

According to the 3DCenter This year, 1 Monthly statistics , In Germany 、 According to the price of graphics card in the Austrian market , No matter what NVIDIA still AMD, Average prices are continuing to fall , The average premium ranges are from last year 12 Mid month 187%、183% Down to 177%、167%. If compared with last year 5 At the peak of the month 318%、216%,NVIDIA Has fallen on average 44%,AMD The average decline is 23%.

It is worth noting that , last year 7-8 month NVIDIA、AMD The minimum premium ranges were reduced to 155%、148%, But then it kept rising .

Whatever the reason behind the decline in graphics card prices , For the average consumer , It's all good news . however , It's hard to assert at this stage , Will the video card price bubble completely burst? .

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