P2e 2.0: designing a self evolving game economy

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p2e designing self evolving game

P2E 2.0: Design a game economy that can evolve itself

Articles before me 《P2E It's not sustainable -- Looking for the next Axie Infinity》 in , I predict the early generation P2E The game economy is likely to collapse in the short term . This prediction has been verified ,Axie Infinity Our income has fallen from its peak 95% above . I Believe P2E As an industry, it is slowly entering " Construction stage ", Also on 3-5 During the year Crypto I have full confidence in the development of the game . in the past 6 Months and 200 Many bits Crypto After talking to the game founder , I want to share some insights here .

First , In a quick review, we are optimistic about Crypto Reasons for the game :

  • We believe that , In the next decade , Mutual entertainment will dominate the attention economy ;

  • We believe that , Due to the improvement of incentive mechanism ,Crypto The game will lead the creator's economic prosperity .

Based on these two arguments , We offer to everyone who has the same vision P2E The founder made the following suggestions , To help you avoid some of the pits that our predecessors have stepped on .

Generally speaking, that is :

  • Token economy leads iteration

  • Weaken NFT Position in the core economic model , Design game economy around governance token .

  • decouple ‘ play ’ And ‘ earn ’. Let players play games for free , Don't make a lot of upfront investment a barrier to playing .

  • According to the player's personal performance and risk tolerance ( Bet level ) To refine the distribution value . 

  • Embrace the public IP, Build a diverse economic system around its dynamics

The iterative mechanism of token economy

Eric - Reese's 《 Lean Startup 》 To some extent, it has set off the Internet revolution .” agile development " The concept was developed by Eric in 2011 First proposed in . Why Internet companies have grown so fast in the past few decades ? Because they abandoned the traditional waterfall model of building cars behind closed doors , Begin to accept MVP and A/B Testing and other technologies . Internet companies no longer avoid mistakes , And choose to embrace the wrong . They learned how to make mistakes faster , Faster correction . The emergence of agile development has increased the evolution speed of Internet products by an order of magnitude . I am here tencent Working hours , It's normal to iterate over one version a week .

about Crypto For the game , This industry has just started ,PMF There is no . Founders are bound to make mistakes in the pursuit of success . It's almost impossible for any team to perfect the token economy in the game on the first try , However, most games have only one chance to try and make mistakes . in fact , image Axie Infinity and Thetan Arena The problems mentioned above have appeared in such games . With SLP For example , The original design of the token was to try a new cold start customer acquisition channel . stay P2E After the rise of narration ,SLP The token economy has proven to be unsustainable in the face of a large user base . However ,Sky Mavis If you want to make a change , Extra care is needed , Because these tokens are real assets in the hands of users . A bit careless , A public relations crisis will follow .

I believe that fast iteration is extremely important for exploring new directions . On the other hand , However, as the founder , They also need to be accountable to the community . So how can we resolve this conflict ? Here I propose another alternative idea .

In traditional games , There are different servers . about MMORPG Come on , Each server is similar to a country , They have independent economy and player Ecology . Many Asian Games , Like a legend , Have derived a package of ‘ Private clothes ’. these ‘ Private clothes ’ Publishers and managers of games are usually independent organizations other than game developers . Different ‘ Private clothes ’ There are different rules , Different business models . But in the long run , The operation of the legendary private server is a hundred flowers bloom , The century revenue contributed by private servers far exceeds that of official servers .

Learn from the legendary operation mode , As Crypto Game developer , If we only issue main tokens representing game intellectual property and governance rights , And let third-party operators / Guild / Traditional games are big R Publish your own secondary tokens in an independent server to run your own economy , What will happen? ? Think of the game itself as Layer0, The publisher / Guild / Giant whales are like Layer1. for example , If YGG Want to participate in a game , They can build a server , Using one's own MIRYGG The token manages this server ,MC、Perion Or other companies can adopt a similar strategy . Final , The guild is responsible for making rules , For example, what is the access threshold , How much money players can earn , Player unlock time and anti cheating rules, etc . This architecture has two main benefits :

  • By allowing guilds and publishers to run their own instances , We created a cooperation between them / The dynamics of competition , So as to realize faster iteration in the overall situation and find the best token economy . for example , If Perion Innovative designs in revenue sharing have been successful , Then other guilds can quickly build new servers based on this innovation .

  • This architecture will make the game no longer for P2E Excessive headache of market value management . The primary focus of game developers should be to create interesting 、 Attractive player experience . We are busy dealing with the founder's questions and complaints all day , So it's hard for them to devote themselves to the development of the game .

NFT Problems in the game

NFT It is now the core of almost every game economy , But I think NFT At present, there is a systematic risk of abuse in the game . We invest in Crypto The logic of the game is because they integrate the various roles in the ecology through the token economy ( The player , developer , investors ) Interest binding . But here's the irony , In the existing mode , Incentives are largely misplaced . Due to the radical currency issuing strategy , Developers and private investors mainly hold governance tokens , While guilds and players hold NFTs. In the long run , The development team has no incentive to work hard and lose money NFT And market value management of secondary tokens . Because the team and investors do not hold Axie NFT, Its floor price has risen from the high point 400 The dollar has fallen to 15 dollar .

Solution : The game should build an economy around its core governance token . Players should be able to get such tokens like the founders , And the number of tokens awarded should be related to their contribution (Axie Infinity Is moving in this direction , They try to reward more players AXS, Instead of SLP) . The player's income should be the same as that of the team . Besides ,NFT Can be used more creatively in the game .Vitalik Proposed to learn from world of Warcraft " Soul binding " The concept of . Besides ,‘ Permanent death ’ and ‘ Medal of Honor ’ It's also worth seeing NFT Design mechanism .

F2P Not perfect , But it leads to 10 million DAU The only way to

Web3 The application should pass the fair test 、 Fine and linear value distribution , So as to promote the network effect of healthy behavior . But now Crypto The game is not like this . With Axie For example , Users are getting scholarships ( Or in the NFT Spend thousands of dollars on ) The previous reward is zero . After receiving the Scholarship , According to the amount of assets , Scholars will be rewarded every day . But their real income increases only once in their life ( When they get scholarships ), There is no growth after that ( Maybe from 50slp To 60slp). High thresholds are bad for getting users .

Solution :Crypto The game should consider ‘ Free game ’ and ‘ Pay money ‘ The pattern of . Every user should have a fair chance to enter the game . Their ability to earn rewards , It should be linearly related to their mastery of the game and their risk tolerance . Based on fun and fairness , And step the competitive threshold PVP Games are a good example .

This design has the following benefits : 

  • It allows more players to participate meaningfully in the game economy , Not just as a gear to perform its duties . 

  • It will Defi Lightweight integration into the closed loop of the player's game . Make investment and risk management part of the game experience of ordinary players . 

  • For the sustainability of game Ecology , Attracting real gamers is far more important than attracting speculators . Long term retention depends on players , Not speculators and gold miners . 

  • Combined with the above mentioned ' Game design centered on governance tokens ', This can greatly increase the demand for tokens . Because for most players with a small budget , Token investment is far better than NFT Investment is more popular .

Don't sacrifice the user experience for the sake of game economy

From the perspective of game design , Due to the poor coupling between economy and gameplay , The player's game experience has been largely sacrificed . With TCG( Card games ) For example , There are generally two main parts that make up the player's core experience :

  • Out of the + Create a card set  

  • Play with a deck

However , In most Crypto TCG in , This organic symbiotic relationship has been artificially destroyed . Guild managers buy treasure boxes mechanically , Draw card , Then build a deck around them . The manager then distributes the deck to scholars , The only task left to scholars is to play with a given set of cards . This leads to a disconnect between the player and the core game cycle , At the same time, the playability of the game will soon be exhausted . The unpacking mechanism can be said to be TCG The key to generating income is bad . As a former guild Manager , I can feel the fun brought to me by unpacking and resource allocation . However , As just mentioned , It's unreasonable to deprive players of a complete game experience , This will also weaken the willingness of lightweight players to spend on the game .

Solution : Again , It is unsustainable to rely on sacrificing the player's game experience to obtain the stability of the game financial mechanism . The existing P2E The game should combine the core playing method with the economic mechanism , And regroup , Try to ‘ play ’ And ‘ earn ’ Achieve a better balance between . actually , Traditional games have faced similar problems . In the early ,F2P The game designed their paid props too powerful , Although this promotes sales , But it has led to the poor experience of the vast majority of non krypton players , Force them to abandon the pit , Indirectly accelerated the death of the ecosystem . modern F2P The game has learned the lessons of its predecessors . With 《 Protogod 》 For example , The game design enables both non krypton gold players and krypton gold players to have a complete experience , But relatively speaking, the time cost of krypton gold players in the later stage will be lower .Crypto A similar iteration of the game is required . Introducing more non krypton players into the game is the general trend , Because they're CCU、 Free publicity and long-term LTV Has brought great value . Make an interesting analogy , If every football costs 5000 dollar , Every basketball should 10000 dollar , So we probably don't have one today 7000 Billion sports market .Skyweaver Is a brave attempt F2P Crypto The case of the game . although Sky weaver They haven't revealed their token design yet , But the project side has made it clear that , In game 100% Your cards are available for free , No cost .

Bet based PVP May be a great success

Because of the high cost of renting a car , Taxi drivers often have little rest , Spindles have become commonplace for them .Crypto Gamers now face similar problems . because NFT Continued depreciation of assets and opportunity costs , After the player obtains the asset , Will feel obliged to " play ". One day without playing is a loss , How many people can really enjoy the game under such pressure ?

Solution : The mechanism to encourage players to contribute should be more reward than punishment . Players should have the right to choose to join or quit competitive games with high risk and high return at any time . Another way is to abandon potential NFT Mechanisms that bring lasting benefits . Such as Thetan Like the arena, in NFT Increase durability properties . Or simply abandon the function NFT, Around fairness and bet based PVP To design the game .Consortium9 Developed NOR Is the forerunner in this direction .

With open IP Policies activate the creator economy

BAYC Yes, it will IP A good example of the effect of openness . Allied , For the original God IP, MIHA you also adopted an extremely tolerant policy . MIHA tour not only allows third-party developers to use the role of the original God to develop games , Even allow them to make money from derivatives . therefore , The original God quickly established an active and influential community . With other web2 Compared with , I respect their bold attempt very much . I believe in every one of them Crypto Games should be explored more deeply , Not just allowing creativity , It's more about motivating and rewarding such attempts .

For the moment , be-all P2E Economic models can be divided into two categories :1.Ponzi Model 2.Casino Model . obviously , Both models are based on zero sum game . per contra , Creator economy can be understood as a positive sum game . Creators of high-quality content can capture higher revenue , The creators of ordinary content lose the cost of time , In the long run, the overall efficiency of the market is increasing . If in the game Ecology , We can make more players become valuable creators and contributors ,P2E Only then can it be established for a long time .MixMob It's a good case , To empower players and creators , They are making many innovative and bold attempts . stay MixMob In the game , Designed by the players NFT Will be cleverly integrated into P2E In the economic system .

At the end

We are right. Crypto The long-term development of the game is very optimistic , Although we have seen many problems in the industry in the short term . As in 2011 In, everyone questioned whether mobile games are false propositions , Current Crypto The game is also being challenged by public opinion . Anyway , We hope to explore unmanned deep space with excellent founders , Lay a solid foundation for a new paradigm .

author :Alex, IOSG Ventures

This article is only for Industry learning and exchange , Does not constitute any investment reference

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