Northern data, a bitcoin mining company, holds $168 million in encrypted assets

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northern data bitcoin mining company

4 month 4 Japan , Bitcoin mining companies Northern Data Issued its financial statements , And point out that as of 2022 year 3 End of month , The company has added about 21,000 Taiwan machine . The new machine changes the company's hash rate from 2 In the 2 EH/s Up to 3 At the end of the month 3.95 EH/s.NorthernData Express , Yes 21,700 This machine is a managed machine , The rest of the miners are dedicated to the company's own accounts . By the end of this year , Expected to exceed 100,000 individual ASIC The system is put into operation , about 9.3 EH/s. In addition to bitcoin dedicated to mining ASIC Outside the mining machine ,NorthernData Also mining Ethereum .2022 year 3 In June, the company mined 286 BTC and 5,031 ETH, This brings the company's cryptocurrency holdings to 1,000 BTC and 35,200 ETH, Hold about 1.68 $billion in encrypted assets .(News Bitcoin)

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