A "boring ape" valued at $4 billion

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boring ape valued billion

writing | Xu Yintao

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3 month 24 Japan ,NFT brand Bored Ape Yacht Club Parent company Yuga Labs Announce to 40 A $billion valuation from venture capital firms a16z raised 4.5 $billion seed round financing .

Yuga Labs It plans to use the money for its latest project called “Otherside” The meta universe project , The project is aimed at a completely decentralized massively multiplayer online role-playing game .

Maybe you haven't heard of Yuga Labs or BAYC, But you must have seen this style of avatar on social networks or news : Boring ape .

Previously, this ape had dominated the list for a long time NFT The position of the top three trading platforms has attracted wide attention , Now is VC I got it 40 Billion dollar valuation —— Need to know , As of press time ,BAYC Since the launch of the project, there are only 11 Months time , And all NFT The market value of the works has also exceeded 30 Billion dollars .

Of course , If you feel like me YugaLabs as well as NFT All my stories are scams , Then their financial statements will dispel this concern :

2021 year ,YugaLabs Operating income 1.38 Billion dollars , Net profit 1.27 Billion dollars , you 're right , The annual profit margin is as high as 92%. According to the official website , end 2022 year 1 month , The project has only... Full-time employees 11 individual , Conversion , The per capita annual net profit output of each employee is as high as 7200 Thousands of yuan , Around the world , There are only a handful of startups with such high returns .

No wonder except a16z Outside , Tigers all over the world , Big name funds such as Lightspeed venture capital also covet this meat .

NFT Increase social recognition , Main stream IP Benefit from

NFT The Chinese name is “ Proof of non homogenous interest ”(Non-FungibleToken), It's a work of art 、 Copyright 、 Non standard certificates for digital works of art, etc , To put it bluntly , It's just a string of code —— People buy NFT You can't get the object itself , But you can own the online virtual property rights of works of art .

Using blockchain Technology , The virtual property rights of these digital works , Including source 、 Brands and influential people behind them can be accurately tracked . And the work itself can be an image 、GIF、 Audio and video 、 Online games, characters, anything .

If you are a calligrapher , You can put the created font into something like Opensea、NFT Sold on platforms such as China , Looking for a buyer . After a successful transaction , The platform collects circulation fees as profits .

You bet ,NFT The value of is still highly subjective , It is supported by aesthetic value , Design the trading system anyway 、 Impose supervision , Its value is still difficult to have a clear definition .

For all that ,NFT Well received by artists and art collectors 、 Welcome to gamers and large commercial brands . For them ,NFT The possibilities are infinite .

The largest in the world NFT platform Opensea Co-founder of AlexAtallah Once said ,NFT Meet the potential need to transfer value in a way that makes the community feel truly independent , And provide users with a new development space .

Research Institute Brandessence Data show that , stay 2021 In the first half and third quarter of the year ,NFT Trading volume has increased 328%. To a certain extent ,NFT The industry is growing rapidly , And attract more professional and institutional participants to enter the industry .

2022 year ,NFT The market demand is gradually formed , And have a stable trading turnover . data display , In the past 24 Within hours (3 month 24 Japan ),OpenSea near 24 The hourly volume is 8362 Thousands of dollars , The cumulative trading volume is more than amazing 235 Billion dollars . Besides ,NFT The top three items in the cumulative trading volume of the market are :OpenSea(235 Billion dollars )、LooksRare(181.6 Billion dollars )、AxieInfinity(41.7 Billion dollars ).

The valuation 40 $ Bored Apes Yacht Club There is no doubt that is NFT In the process of vigorous development , Benefit the most IP One of .

“ Boring ape “ from 0 To 1,11 Last month, the project became popular 、 Celebrity support

“ Boring ape ” yes Yuga Labs The company incubated IP.

Through the official website , We learned that ,“ Boring ape ” It's made up of 10000 apes NFT A collection of digital collections , Including hats , eyes , Look , clothing , Background, etc 170 Two attributes with different rarity . They are randomly combined by programming to generate 1 Ten thousand unique apes , Each ape has a different look and expression .

Buying a boring ape requires 0.08ETH, And when 10000 NFT Sold out , People want to buy it again only through Opensea A kind of platform , Buy at a high price from the earliest owners .

2021 year 4 month 23 Japan ,BAYC On sale , It didn't get much attention at first , until 5 month 1 One day on the 5th , The famous collector paid attention to this project , And announced that it had bought 250 More than one ape .

from Pranksy From the moment you tweet ,BAYC The sales of 、 user 、 The number of transactions has soared , Only in 117 It was sold out in minutes . According to the BAYC The team said , They've never been with Pranksy There's private communication .

Why do people buy these seemingly meaningless “ The ape ” Head portrait ? According to an industry insider , stay BAYC Community , The boring ape head can be regarded as an identity symbol , As long as your wallet address has BAYC, It's equivalent to getting into BAYC Club qualifications , And enjoy the benefits of the club .

First , You can freely access a virtual creation space BAYCBATHROOM, You can draw or write on the bathroom wall , Express your thoughts and emotions ; And in a sandbox that only faces the holder (SandBox) Have a virtual land in .

secondly , Every boring ape NTF All have complete commercial use rights , You can sell physical products printed with them , For example, books 、 comic 、 Baseball caps, etc , And control the pricing power of these goods .

In terms of operating the community ,BAYC The team is also smart . Create detailed for the holder from “ Growth Roadmap ”, To organize a series of treasure hunting activities , Then occasionally to the holder “ Airdrop ” Welfare peripheral NFT( Some market prices even exceed 2ETH, Close to 4 Thousands of yuan ), Even forward twitter And Aite celebrities have a chance to get a BAYC. This not only makes BAYC The holder enjoys it , Get a sense of belonging while getting economic benefits , Also let IP Unlimited fission in social media , Finally, free advertising effect will be formed .

BAYC Also very good at playing with the celebrity effect . according to an uncompleted statistic , have NBA Player ramelo · Bauer 、、 Domestic film and television star Xu Jinglei 、F4 Celebrities such as members announced on social media that they had bought BAYC. Happen , The day before publishing , The famous American singer Madonna will Twitter Change the avatar to BAYC The first 4988 Number , And announce “ I finally entered the meta universe ”.

In the community atmosphere aroused by waves of noise ,BAYC Quantity and price rise together , Experienced a series of appreciation .2021 year 5 Month to 8 month , One BAYC From the beginning 0.644ETH Rise to 24.8ETH, More than 28 times . end 2022 year 3 month 25 Japan , One BAYC The lowest price is 103.4ETH.

in other words , Recently purchased BAYC Madonna , In theory, the minimum payment is 31.9 Thousands of dollars , Renminbi conversion 201 Ten thousand yuan .

“ Price is no longer an evaluation and measurement NFT The only way to value , Sometimes , Build a loyal system that allows fans and club members to deeply participate , Can go far beyond the value of the digital collection itself .”Opensea cofounder Alex Such evaluation BAYC.

VC A lot of money ,NFT It's a good business ?

NFT Undoubtedly controversial , There are two levels here .

The first layer is based on a16z Headed by VC, Almost occupy NFT Absolute monopoly , Value calculation ,a16z Participated in NFT Owned by the company VC In financing 39.27%.

This makes “ Discerning people ” It's hard not to worry. It's really NFT It's just designed by a few top giants “ game ”. A polish VC Simply comment directly and publicly Yuga Labs Financing events : We decided to give up this opportunity directly .

2021 year 7 month ,a16z Led the investment NFT market OpenSea 1 Billion dollars B Round of funding , And the general partner KathrynHaun Insert OpenSea Board of directors , Subsequently, the trading volume of the platform increased significantly and increased in 2022 year 2 Breakthrough in the month 200 Billion dollar mark , It can be seen that it is in NFT The influence of the circle .

That's why , When a16z Inject money into boring apes 4.5 Billion dollars later , Exacerbated the industry is right NFT future “ Pseudo decentralization ” Of concern .

On the other hand , Back home , our NFT The market seems to be more distant from maturity .

First ,NFT The liberalization of secondary market transactions needs to be carried out under the national financial supervision , At present, there is no underlying policy framework to guide , This makes NFT The market can't move forward .

Institutional forecast , Such as China NFT The secondary market was liberalized ,2026 In China's NFT About market size 300 Billion ; If the secondary transaction is not released , The market size is only about 60 Billion , About after releasing 1/5.

Of course , With NFT The growing collection community , Players will not only be interested in digital art or the transaction itself , But to enter a larger world of identity and community belonging .

Boring ape let's see NFT The infinite possibilities of the market ,a16z Then opened the capital for NFT The door of imagination , Whether it's... Or not NFT The best of times , The story of people's pursuit of wealth will continue .

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