Threatening financial security: Thailand bans cryptocurrency as a payment method for goods and services

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threatening financial security thailand bans

Singapore 《 United morning post 》 The website recently reported that , Thailand will ban the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment for goods and services , He said the widespread use of digital assets threatens the country's financial system and economy . New media quoted Bloomberg as saying , The securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand 3 month 23 "Japan said in a statement , Business operators including cryptocurrency exchanges shall not provide such payment services , It is also prohibited to act in a way that promotes the use of digital assets to pay for goods or services . However , The agency said , The new regulations will not affect the trading or investment of digital assets . Thai regulators say , The restrictions on transactions using cryptocurrency will start from 4 month 1 Effective from , But the authorities will give Thai enterprises in 4 The transition period to comply with the new regulations before the end of the month . Regulators said , Restrictions on the use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin for commercial transactions , With the EU 、 The British 、 The laws and regulations of South Korea and Malaysia are consistent .

 Thailand Based on Thailand's economic slowdown , Local people , In particular, young investors have increased cryptocurrency transactions in recent years , To seek better returns . Due to the high volatility of digital assets 、 Uncertainty and risk , Commercial banks have been warned not to directly participate in the trading of digital assets . Thai regulators say , The development of any pricing unit other than the Thai baht will increase the cost of economic activity , Reduce the efficiency of monetary policy transmission . It said , In the event of a liquidity crisis , The Bank of Thailand will not be able to provide assistance to various financial institutions in forms other than Thai baht .

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