The survey shows that nearly half of cryptocurrency owners bought digital assets for the first time last year

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survey shows nearly half cryptocurrency

The report found , stay 2021 year 11 Month to 2022 year 2 During the month 20 Close to 3 A survey of 10000 people shows that ,2021 The year was a big outbreak of cryptocurrency , In particular, inflation has driven countries that have experienced currency devaluation to adopt .


Gemini Find out , Brazil and Indonesia lead the world in cryptocurrency adoption , These countries have 41% Of respondents reported having cryptocurrencies , The United States and Britain are 20% and 18%.Gemini Find out , Among those who reported having cryptocurrencies last year 79% Express , They choose to buy digital assets because of their long-term investment potential .

People who do not currently own cryptocurrency and live in countries that have experienced currency devaluation against the US dollar , They are more than five times more likely to buy cryptocurrencies as a hedge against inflation than people in other countries . The United States only 16% Of the respondents and Europe have 15% Of respondents agreed that cryptocurrency could hedge against inflation , In Indonesia and India, there are 64%.

The exchange rate of the rupee against the Indian dollar has fallen in the past five years 17.5%, And the Indonesian rupee is 2011 - 2020 It depreciated against the US dollar in 50%. Only 17% Of Europeans reported that they were 2021 Own digital assets in , At present, there are only 7% Indicates that they intend to buy digital assets at some time .

according to CoinGecko The data of , Although bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, is in 11 The monthly record was more than 68000 The dollar's all-time high , Help push the value of the cryptocurrency market to 3 Trillions of dollars , But so far , stay 2022 Most of the year , Its price has been increasing 34000-44000 The narrow range of the dollar .

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