Asymmetric encryption - one of the core technologies of blockchain

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asymmetric encryption core technologies blockchain

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Blockchain is an integrated innovation of multiple computer technologies . Among these many sources , The most important one is asymmetric encryption .

We know , Transaction information stored on the blockchain is public , But the account identity is highly encrypted , Only when authorized by the data owner can access , So as to ensure the data security and personal privacy . The reason why blockchain can realize such a function , Because it uses asymmetric encryption technology .

Different from symmetric encryption algorithm , Asymmetric encryption algorithm requires two keys : public key (publickey) And private key (privatekey). Public key and private key are a pair , If public key is used to encrypt data , Can only be decrypted with the corresponding private key ; If you encrypt data with a private key , Then only the corresponding public key can be used to decrypt . Because encryption and decryption use two different keys , So this algorithm is called asymmetric encryption algorithm .

The process of data encryption and decryption is controlled by cryptosystem and key . The security of cryptosystem depends on the security of key , Modern cryptography does not pursue the confidentiality of encryption algorithms , But the pursuit of complete encryption algorithm , namely : Allow attackers to... Without knowing the key , There is no way to find a breakthrough from the algorithm . According to whether the key used by the encryption and decryption algorithm is the same , Or whether it can be added by ( Explain ) The secret key is simply solved ( Add ) Secret key . Cryptosystems can be divided into symmetric cryptosystems and asymmetric cryptosystems .

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