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pico gallop byte meta universe

Abstract : After being acquired by byte ,Pico Go to the spotlight , A lot of exposure is Pico Brought about a surge in sales .2021 year Pico Sales of 50 Ten thousand units , Official disclosure 2022 The target for the year is 100 Ten thousand units . 24x7 technology learned from a number of insiders ,Pico Most of the sales targets received by the sales end are higher than this , Even as high as 200 Ten thousand units . In order to expand sales channels ,Pico Our offline channels are also spreading rapidly .

author : Yu Huiru edit : Luo Lijuan

2022 year 3 On the afternoon of the second Friday of the month , In a high-rise office building with glass curtain wall as the appearance design in a southern city , A group of people filed out of a small conference room , Should be super quick to walk among them , Very busy .

“ Give me a hand first , I have another meeting .” He asked his colleagues to help receive visitors , Voice is not falling. , The phone in my hand rang again .

The people in and out make the not spacious office more crowded . This office is VR Hardware manufacturer Pico The office location of a dealer . When entering from the outside , Next to the company name in sight ,“ Meta universe ” Three big characters are more eye-catching .

This office building is located in a prosperous business district , Known by the outside world as finance 、 business 、 The name of the science and Technology Center , Take it as the center ,3 There are two within kilometers Pico Offline authorized stores are open .

Picture source :Pico Official website

Ying Chao is Pico Regional sales staff , Often run back and forth in several cities , Occasionally ask customers to come to this office to talk about business . He didn't deliberately remember which wave of visitors this afternoon , I don't remember how many meetings were held that day . For Yingchao , The meeting 、 Meeting customers is normal . however , Since the second half of last year , He still felt the obvious change ,“ Many customers come to me on their own initiative , It's faster , More pressure , A little busy .”

2021 year 8 month , Zhang Yiming spent money 15 US $100 million acquisition Pico, This gave Ying Chao and his colleagues an injection “ Chicken blood ”; Three months later , The meta cosmic fever brought by Zuckerberg's modification of the company name has brought them a strengthening needle .

“ I ( This year, ) I'm always busy during the Spring Festival .” Ying Chao said .

in fact , The sales side is not just . Half a year after the acquisition ,Pico From Pinxuan 、 Changes are taking place in all aspects from technical services to content Ecology .

Quantitative change and qualitative change under byte blessing

After incorporating bytes ,Pico Riding the fast lane of Internet traffic , No more low-key .

In the impression of regional agent Zhang Hua ,Pico I've never done such a big brand promotion . Not only by using the tiktok platform, but also by propaganda. , Even put a large amount of money on the hard screen in Shanghai .

“ This may be after being acquired by byte ,Pico The most obvious change , And all the publicity efforts are very large .” Zhang Hua told all-weather technology .

Ying Chao feels the same way ,“ I used to rely on salespeople to sell goods , Now the strategy has changed .”

Cooperate with Jingdong, the exclusive partner of the Spring Festival Gala 、 Promotion of short video tiktok platform 、 Invite stars and online celebrities to stand in line for publicity 、 Sponsor popular variety shows such as ace to ace Season 7 、 Hold offline theme activities for female users on International Women's Day …… Recently, ,Pico The frequency of appearance in public view has increased significantly .

Take the tiktok platform as an example. , By 3 month 24 On the afternoon of Sunday 7 when ,“ play VR choose Pico” Tiktok , The candidacy video is nearly 300 individual , Cumulative playback 3.7 100 million times . among , There are many tiktok fans in the movie. “ Zhong Qi, Zhong Qi ”、“ Surfer a Yi ”、“ Dongdong and 37” etc. .

Tiktok based short video is just Pico A channel for power , During the Spring Festival this year ,Pico Cooperate with Jingdong , Launch activities such as distributing red envelopes and full discount coupons . according to Pico Official data show ,2022 year 1 month 31 solstice 2 month 7 During the Spring Festival ,Pico Total amount of Omni channel coupons 2618 Thousands of copies , The total exposure reached 11.3 Million people .

The traffic policy of bytes should also be exceeded 、 Zhang Hua's work has brought convenience .

“ We used to expand our customers , You talk to each other , You have to tell him something first VR, Then we'll talk about how his business is related VR There's a connection , You have to tell the story yourself . Now you don't need to do this , Everyone knows you .” Ying Chao said .

In addition to saving the cost of early market education , A lot of exposure is also Pico Brought about an increase in sales . According to previous official data , In United Jingdong APP Under the blessing of related promotional activities ,Pico All channel Spring Festival sales increased year-on-year 32 times , The turnover increased by... Compared with the Spring Festival last year 29 times , Win all channels VR Category sales & Double champion in sales .

Pico Sponsor ace to ace Season 7

In addition to online marketing and sales ,Pico Our offline channels are also spreading rapidly .

Pico According to insiders , At the end of last year Pico It's settled 2022 About... Will be opened in 2000 The goal of offline stores , For channel expansion .
Pico The relevant person in charge responded to the all-weather technology today :“ at present Pico Offline channels are still in the preliminary exploration stage ,‘ This year will open 2000 Offline stores ’ Your information is untrue .”
Regarding this , Above Pico Insiders added , I did receive it this year Pico The goal of offline channels is 2000 about , But the outbreak led to the original plan “ Change and change ”,“ The actual operation is estimated to be less than , It is impossible to achieve .”
Pico VR The applet shows , at present Pico The laid offline channels have covered Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Guangzhou 、 Shenzhen 、 Chengdu 、 Chongqing and many other cities , Divided into self operated stores 、 Self service machine 、 Distributor 、 There are four ways for operators .
According to the incomplete statistics of all-weather technology , at present ,Pico A self operated flagship store has been opened in Beijing , It has nearly 200 An offline distribution store , And in Sam 、 And several offline supermarkets have been launched 50 A self-help VR Machine experience point .
And product publicity 、 Lay off-line channels 、 The surge in sales is linked to the annual sales target .
Previously, we media reported that , Due to byte pair Pico The marketing effect of is far better than previously expected , Byte has been raised 2022 year VR Sales target , from 100 Million units increased to about 180 Ten thousand units .

Pico The relevant person in charge expressed to the all-weather technology ,Pico This year's sales target is 100 Around ten thousand .

But specifically Pico The sales side , They actually received more than 100 Million higher sales target . A number of people familiar with the matter told us that all-weather technology ,Pico In this year C The end sales target can be “ radical ” To describe , But the company will evaluate the overall situation according to the sales volume of each month or quarter , Then connect with the next target 、 Adjust the marketing strategy .

VR Solution providers 、Pico Dealer Shi Peng said to all-weather technology :“ I've been from... This month Pico Internally obtained ( This year, )C The end target data is 140 Ten thousand units , Then I saw 180 Wan Tai's news . however ,C There are often marketing activities at the end to stimulate sales .”

Zhang Hua said :“ The plan from the end of last year to the beginning of this year is ( This year, )200 Ten thousand units . This was originally C End of the target market , But because of the impact of the epidemic , Now it may be adjusted to C End plus B The overall goal of the end . This year, B The target sales volume of the terminal should double that of last year .”

“ But what can be done , In fact, it's not easy to predict .” Zhang Hua added , The impact of the epidemic on the industry is difficult to predict , The rhythm of the salesperson has been affected .“ Previous ( The goal is ) It's possible to scrap it all .”

stay B End , at present Pico Our products are mainly used in education and training 、 Exhibition 、 Medical and other fields . however ,Pico B The sales volume of end products is far less than C End products . A regional agent told 24x7 Technology , In the past two years, ,Pico B The annual sales volume of end products is 10 Around ten thousand .

However, from the expression of Ying Chao , Zhang Hua for B The statement of end-to-end sales target is more conservative .

“(B End ) There should be more than double growth .” Ying Chao said , Of course. B End ,C The end goal is more radical .“ I didn't get the final shipment data last year , But it's estimated that last year C End to end shipment ratio B End many , The company has always wanted to transfer C End sales , The goal at the beginning of its establishment is to become bigger C End .”

From this point of view , It's not hard to understand byte pairs Pico In resources 、 Heavy investment in personnel and other aspects .

Pico Technician Ding Wen told all-weather technology , Because people 、 A great investment of money ,Pico Now the speed of technology iteration is very fast .“ Some technologies realize , In the past, it may have to be pushed for half a year to achieve results , Now I'll be out in a month or two .”

“ R & D efforts are stronger than before , There are more and more tools for the industry .” Zhang Hua said , Except for sales , This year, Pico stay B Another goal of the client is to make the service deeper .

Employees are forbidden to mention “ Meta universe ”

Pico Founded on 2015 year 4 month , Is a VR Software and hardware R & D manufacturer . At the end of the same year ,Pico Launch the first VR Helmets and Pico Industry solutions . The following year ,Pico Introduction VR Integrated machine Pico Neo DK, This is also the world's first Xiaolong 820 Of VR Integrated machine . Next ,Pico Update with the frequency of at least one all-in-one machine every year .

last year 5 month ,Pico release VR Integrated machine Pico Neo 3, The sales volume exceeded ten million yuan in one day . According to the IDC data , stay 2020 Fourth quarter of 2007 ,Pico Occupy the country VR Market share 57.8%, Surpass Huawei 、 Iqiyi 、 Xiaomi and other big factories , Ranked first in the year .

Pico Neo 3   Picture source :Pico Official website

“Pico Did a lot of things , At home VR The all-in-one machine is Pico Bring up the , It is also the first company in the world to use Qualcomm chips in VR The company in the glasses , It has always been the leading company in the industry .”“ Pragmatic ”, yes “ Old employees ” Should exceed the positioning of the company's temperament .

At the beginning Pico Before , Ying Chao used to work in another company VR The company does sales . In his opinion , At the time , Most companies just want to borrow VR Tell a story in the name of , The investment in business is not large . therefore , With “ Want to do something ” Ideas , Ying Chao came to Pico.

Enter in the same year as Ying Chao Pico Ding Wen has the same feeling . He thinks that ,Pico Pragmatism is closely related to the characteristics of the boss's R & D background .Pico Founder Zhou Hongwei was an executive of goer shares , Yes 10 Years working experience in goer acoustics , Mainly responsible for the hardware R & D team in Qingdao .

In the eyes of employees , It is such pragmatism , Give Way Pico Become the last wave VR There are few enterprises left in the wave that have survived the cold winter of capital .

2017 First quarter , The global VR/AR 80% of the risk of a year-on-year plunge in investment , The industry began to enter the next few years “ The cold winter ”.

Ying Chao's feeling is different from most people ,“ There must be a lot of people leaving , But every year I ( sales ) All in the 50% The rate of growth , Leaving has nothing to do with me .”

2021 The yuan cosmic wind set off in the second half of the year made many entrepreneurs see the opportunity of sudden wealth , Even if you haven't figured out what the meta universe is , It doesn't prevent people from flocking in “ Pan gold ”.Pico Our dealers have also hung up next to the company's name “ Meta universe ” word .

even so ,Pico A number of employees told us that all-weather technology , The Company expressly stipulates that , Employees cannot mention “ Meta universe ”. Even sent an email to clarify the matter , Employees are not allowed to bring trends .

“ When it gets hot enough , Most people are blind , Sober people are always in the minority . Let's just say ‘VR Hardware manufacturers ’, Do a good job in hardware , Cooperate with software ecology .” Ding Wen said .

After the news that the company is going to be acquired , Ying Chao thought he would become a member of Tencent . However , The story did not follow his imagination .

“ Everyone is discussing when Tencent will enter the site , Found that the byte has entered .” Why bytes ? Ying Chao also thinks and summarizes this :“ Compared with Tencent , Bytes are more globalized ,Pico Always focus on developing global business . Byte entry ,Pico More likely to become a global brand .”

at present ,Pico In Tokyo 、 San Francisco 、 Barcelona 、 Gyeonggi do has branches , Set up an office in Hong Kong .

In Ding Wen's opinion , This acquisition does not mean that Pico Climb high , In their eyes ,Pico It can be called an excellent company .“ Doing business is 、 Efficiency , The business ranks first in the industry , Employees have strong self drive , The company pursues a flat culture . Byte is also a self driving company , The two fit well .”

Vigorously supplement “ short ”

Second half of last year , Almost overnight , Yuan universe has become the hottest topic in the global scientific and technological circles .

This hot wind also helps the world VR Equipment shipments surged . Third party market institutions IDC The latest disclosed report shows that ,2021 year , The global AR/VR The market for headgear grew year-on-year 92.1%, The shipment volume reaches 1120 Ten thousand units . among , Almost half of the shipments were completed in the fourth quarter . This is the 2016 The year with the largest increase in shipments since .

The report states that ,Meta Of Quest 2 Is by far the most popular product , In last year's AR/VR Occupy... In the market 78% Share .Pico VR Products rank third , Occupy 4.5% Market share . According to this, we can calculate Pico VR Products in the 2021 The annual shipment is 50.4 Ten thousand units .

Even in China Pico Our shipments are among the best , But in Ying Chao's view , It doesn't mean Pico“ It's already done ”, Because the industry is still too small , The whole industry lacks innovation , Especially in content Ecology .

current VR equipment , The consumer business side is basically dominated by games , Buy VR People with glasses want to try a new game experience . But for the relatively mature game console market ,VR The content that glasses can provide is not rich enough .

“ At present VR Hardware market ,Quest One company is dominant not only because they have cost-effective hardware products , What attracts users more is its huge Content Ecosystem .” Shi Peng said .

Pico Understanding the importance of content ecology is self-evident , Also make efforts in this regard . After being acquired by byte last year , Zhou Hongwei promised in the letter of the whole staff ,Pico On the basis of enjoying the original service , More content support and technology upgrade services will be available in the future .

This year, 3 At the beginning of , At the world mobile Conference , Qualcomm announces cooperation with byte , The cooperation is mainly aimed at XR technological development , The goal is to develop the global economy XR ecology .“ We are glad that we will be in hardware 、 Cooperate on software and technology roadmap , Realize ecosystem for people .” Liang Rubo, chief executive officer, said .

In order to enhance its user stickiness , Attract new users to join , last year 11 month ,Pico Held Pico VR E-sports Carnival , Use more than 100000 yuan in cash as a reward to attract users to participate .

According to the 《 A bit late LatePost》 Previous news , After Ren Lifeng, the person in charge of watermelon video , Song Binghua, the head of the tiktok variety 、 Wu Zuomin, the voice and entertainment director, will also be transferred to tiktok. VR( Virtual reality ) product Pico, This also indicates that the byte runout will begin to increase VR Input in content area .

“ Application content has indeed incubated a lot , But it will take time for the whole application , It has not reached the stage of large-scale application , I wonder if there will be some changes in the second half of the year .” Yingchao said to all-weather technology .

Since the end of last year ,Pico VR Content updates in the app store are already accelerating , According to the incomplete statistics of all-weather technology , last year 12 month ,Pico Four models are online VR application , Include 《 Sword storm 》、《PowerBeatsVR》、《 Polygonal world 》、《VFC A fighter 》, The first two products are domestic VR The all-in-one machine will be launched .

Pico Neo 3( The supreme edition ) Coming online VR The application contains 《JUST HOOPS》、《Demeo》、《 After death : Winds in winter 》 etc. 14 paragraph .

By 3 month 26 Japan ,Pico Neo 3( The supreme edition ) stay Pico App store apps have exceeded 300 paragraph , Contains application classes app And entertainment app, Application content ecology has slowly begun to take shape .

“ The content criticized by users in the past has been improved to a certain extent , they (Pico) Will be more active in obtaining higher quality products from overseas markets VR Content , Even including the introduction of Quest Some quality content of , And localize these contents .” Shi Peng introduced .

In content ecology , Users and experience of byte tiktok accumulation , and Pico Own excellent VR Hardware , The combination of the two may create a better closed-loop Ecology .

( The text should go beyond 、 Zhang hua 、 cenacle 、 Shi Peng is a pseudonym )

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