From dedicated hardware, tool platforms to developer ecology, Qualcomm is creating the key to the meta universe

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The original title :《 Metacosmic progressive tense , Qualcomm in action 》

In the near future , Qualcomm announced the establishment of a total amount of 1 Billion dollar Xiaolong yuan universe Fund , Aims to become XR Start up platform for developers and enterprises , Support it to build a basic technology and content ecosystem for the meta universe . meanwhile , Qualcomm announced a partnership with game maker schweill Enix ( hereinafter referred to as SE) Jointly create headwear AR/MR Gaming experience . This is jixiaolong XR Dedicated platforms 、Spaces XR After the Developer Platform , Qualcomm once again falls into the meta universe . From dedicated hardware to tool platform to developer ecosystem , Qualcomm is building the key to the meta universe .

Create a meta universe technology matrix

The universe is everywhere “ Space Internet ”, Be able to connect the real world with the virtual world and create a personalized digital experience .

To realize the seamless interaction between man and everything in the meta universe , First of all, we should solve the problem of spatial computing .  As the bottom technology provider of the meta universe industrial chain , Qualcomm's perception of the user's body involved in spatial computing 、 A lot of investment has been made in key technologies such as spatial positioning .

from 2018 From the year onwards , Qualcomm has launched a series of products specifically for XR Xiaolong's equipment XR1 and XR2 platform , Based on Xiaolong XR Reference design of the platform , And provide software 、 Spatial computing algorithm and architecture , Let immersive XR Experience faster and benefit more consumers and enterprise users . meanwhile , Use in Wi-Fi and 5G Technology accumulation , Qualcomm proposed “ unbounded XR”, Let the network end 、 The cloud completes the task of content generation and rendering , Then it is transmitted to the terminal side through high-speed connection , To achieve more precision 、 Faster spatial computing .

On this basis , Xiaolong yuan universe fund will help developers embrace the next generation of space computing . The fund is funded through venture capital and content developer ecology , Empower and support innovation throughout the ecosystem . Besides , Invested enterprises and developers will have the opportunity to get ahead of time XR Platform technology 、 Hardware kit 、 Global investor network and joint marketing and promotion opportunities . It is reported that , Xiaolongyuan universe fund application will be made on 2022 year 6 Officially open in June .

“ Our groundbreaking platform technology and experience , It will help consumers and enterprise customers build and integrate into the meta universe , Connect the real world to the digital world . Qualcomm's technology is the key to the metauniverse . Through the Xiaolong yuan universe Fund , We look forward to the opening of a new generation of spatial computing , Enabling developers and enterprises of different sizes to create more possibilities .” President and CEO of Qualcomm CEO Anmon says .

Explore the creative edge of the meta universe

If space computing is the basis of the existence of the meta universe , Content ecology is the cornerstone of the development of the meta universe .2021 year 11 month , Qualcomm introduces headwear AR Development Kit Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform ( Hereinafter referred to as Xiaolong Spaces), Provide developers with tools to realize creativity , Change the headwear AR The possibility of , And promote the application created by developers to reach users through smartphone digital distribution stores .

Relying on Xiaolong Spaces, Qualcomm is building an open cross terminal platform and ecosystem .Niantic Of Lightship The developer platform will work with Xiaolong Spaces Integrate , take AR The experience extends to the outdoors . Xiao dragon Spaces The platform can also pass Unity AR Base kit and Unity MARS Support application portability and unified workflow , Let developers create a perfect integration experience with the real world on this platform . lenovo 、Motorola、OPPO And smart phones such as Xiaomi AR Hardware OEM The manufacturer will be the first partner in 2022 Support Xiaolong Spaces, lenovo ThinkReality A3 Smart glasses will work with Motorola Smart phones work together , The first to realize Xiaolong Spaces Commercialization of . Telecom Germany 、NTT DOCOMO、T-Mobile And other operators will also help support Xiaolong Spaces ecology .

Game Factory SE For more profound narrative and more immersive game experience, we have a persistent pursuit , The 《 Final fantasy 》 The series has sold more than 1.64 Million sets ,《 Tomb Raider 》 The series has sold more than 8500 Thousands of sets of .

Narrative adventure games are SE Good game category , stay 《 Just Cause 4》 in ,SE Try to divide the plot and place it in every corner of the game world , To avoid linear narrative can not continue to capture the player's interest . In this announced cooperation with Qualcomm ,SE With the help of Xiaolong Spaces Work with Qualcomm to break through the boundaries of immersive gaming experience , Jointly innovate the narrative mode .

“SE Always committed to using top game technology to break through the boundaries of narration , Bring unforgettable experience to fans . We are already in XR Continue to invest in the field , Looking forward to using Xiaolong Spaces make XR Experience . We think it's time to take advantage of XR Innovate on our classic games . We look forward to sharing these games with the world , Further fulfill the company's mission .”SE Technical director Ben Taylor Express .

For further links XR Industrial ecological chain , Encourage the developer community to create more diversified and high-quality products for the Chinese market XR Software application products , Qualcomm also recently officially launched “2022 Qualcomm XR Innovative application challenge ”. The event is a global event organized by Qualcomm XR Creative communication platform created by the industry , At present, it has been held to the fourth . The total value of the awards in this competition is 54 More than RMB , Will provide publicity and promotion for the participating teams 、 Technical training 、 Capital resource docking and other services .

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