The store manager is a virtual person. All orders are "cross dimensional". It is the first new experience of yuancosmic coffee shop in Guangzhou

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store manager virtual person. person

“YMeta Coffee” The first experience store manager “Ben”

The cultivation of super realism is the digital person Xi Xi

“Ben” Virtual doubles

source : Guangzhou daily

author : Guangzhou Daily full media reporter   Yellow bank    ( The picture is provided by the interviewee )

When the meta universe is moving from concept to reality , Digital virtual human has taken the lead in “ Out of circle ”, Become a new outlet for the cultural industry . Located in the first yuan universe cafe in Guangzhou in Haizhu District , The reporter sees , Virtual human Store Manager “Ben” Breaking physical space , Communicate with customers “ Across dimensions ” Interaction , The perfect integration of virtual technology and content , Bring a new visual experience .

According to AI media 《2021 Research Report on the development of China's virtual idol industry and Internet users 》 And qubit think tank 《 Virtual digital human depth Industry Report 》 Show , To 2030 year , The overall market scale of virtual human in China will reach 2700 One hundred million yuan , As technology continues to mature 、 Consumers are becoming younger 、 Driven by diversified marketing methods and changing scene and other factors , The overall scale of the digital virtual human market will continue to expand .

“ Virtual store manager ” Prototype :“ I hope to have an image to face the camera for me ”

According to the first 《 Annual development report on the influence of Chinese virtual digital people 》, at present , Virtual digital people are mainly divided into virtual idols 、 Virtual anchor 、 Enterprises IP Three categories . singer 、 actor 、 model 、 host 、 Enterprise “ Digital employees ”…… Virtual human “ occupation ” More and more , The landing scene is also expanding .

The first yuan universe cafe in Guangzhou “YMeta Coffee” in , Virtual human “Ben” Appear as a store manager . The image is a virtual avatar based on Gu Zhibin, chairman and President of Yongsheng animation , adopt “ Across dimensions ” Order 、 Interaction , Bring a cup of hand-made by virtual people from a short distance “ Meta universe ” coffee . It is reported that ,YMeta Coffee Not just a cafe , Behind it is the virtual human incubation and operation studio newly established by yingnao technology, a subsidiary of Yongsheng animation .

“ Simply speaking , I have camera fear , I want an image to face the camera for me , So I can express my views more freely .”  Talk about why you create your own virtual avatar , Gu Zhibin, chairman of Yongsheng animation, said with a smile .

that ,“Ben” Is it difficult to build ? It takes about three steps : Scan through graphics 、3D modeling 、 Mapping, material, etc “ Skins ” Shaping of . By binding 、 Action library 、 Emoticons 、 Sound cloning completes the definition of the character's behavior pattern . Finally, through motion capture 、 Facial capture drives the skin bag according to AI Defined behavior patterns for performance and interaction .

Yan Bing, general manager of Yongsheng animation virtual human business department, said , With the continuous expansion of virtual human application scenarios , Chant not only focuses on online , It will also pay more attention to offline space .“ The yuan universe is a virtual Ecology , But not nothingness , Through the interaction and mapping with the physical world , Create a better future . stay YMeta Coffee, Through the interaction with the virtual human barista, the coffee order is completed , Taste a cup of carefully prepared coffee , The fun of social interaction can also be satisfied here .”

future , Everyone will have a digital avatar in the virtual world ?

Animation 、 Game companies have natural advantages in creating virtual content

In recent years, , Have “ Pig man ”“ Changeable school bus ”“ Crazy candy ”“ Tease didi ” etc. IP The chant of , With high-quality animation IP At the core , Committed to cross-border integration of new business formats . The super realistic digital person is another attack of this senior man enterprise .

As a deep-rooted original IP Digital animation enterprises , Chanting has accumulated rich experience in creating virtual music IP The ability of .“ In the application of virtual human , We are positioned in hyper realistic virtual , Hyper realism is a style , It also represents the future trend . Another level is that we also want to challenge ourselves , After all, cartoon style is too familiar for us .” According to Gu Zhibin , Virtual digital human will become the most important interactive carrier in the meta universe , future , Almost everyone has a digital avatar in the virtual world ,  There is still huge space in the market , At present, the virtual human industry is in the early cultivation stage . Yingnao technology laid out the super realistic virtual personification incubation and operation track in advance , It will give more directions and possibilities to the meta universe virtual human . future , image “Ben” Such virtual people will appear more and more frequently in public view .

“ We are currently seeing in the domestic market , The bottom layer of technology is accelerating its maturity , However, it is also restricted by basic technologies such as computing power and transmission . Digital people and digital content ecology can be said to be ‘ Good and evil people mixed up ’.” Talking about the current development of virtual human ecology in China , Yan Bing thinks , There are still many problems . In her opinion , Animation companies and game companies , Technology accumulation of natural digital animation , Greater advantage in virtual content .“ The threshold of digital animation is actually quite high , This is an industrialized production line of art and Technology , We need art and Technology , We need to find creativity between the two 、 The optimal solution of cost and efficiency . The company that has the chance to succeed in this track must be the elephant dance company , The existing strategic landing ability , It also needs the incubation of a real content creative team .”

Have a mature animation production team 、 graphics 、 Algorithm team of virtual application technology such as algorithm , Rich project resources and standardized CG Animation intelligent management system , It is the virtual human currently developed by yingnao technology IP The great advantage of efficient mass production .

meanwhile , Yingnao technology has built a production line of cross dimensional content , Support virtual human static frame pictures 、 dynamic vlog、TVC Short film 、 Fan drama and other creative content needs . At the same time, it meets the requirements of virtual live broadcast 、 Virtual performance and other digital human interaction needs , Committed to providing a richer entertainment experience for the meta universe .

Yan Bing revealed ,4 At the beginning of , The virtual idol Xi Xi of the super realistic cultivation department is about to go online , And launch 《 Xixi's world 》 The first super realistic digital human life live broadcast project . Besides , The studio is still preparing super realistic digital pets .“ People in the virtual world also need emotional companionship .” Yan Bing revealed , At present, the project has completed the asset construction and live broadcast test on the technical side , I'll meet you soon .

“ Virtual digital human ”:

• Computer graphics 、 Speech synthesis technology 、 Deep learning 、 Brain science 、 Biotechnology 、 Computing science and other aggregation technologies ;
• have “ people ” The appearance of the 、 Behavior , Even thought ;
• Interactive avatars .

Thanks to the AR/VR、 Artificial intelligence 、 The Internet of things 、5G、 Motion capture 、 Overlay application of virtual reality technology such as cloud rendering , In the past 2021 year , It is called the first year of the meta universe . On this new track , Digital virtual human takes the lead “ Out of circle ”.

1992 year , American writer Neil · Stephenson in his published science fiction 《 An avalanche 》 It creates two concepts of meta universe and virtual separation . It has developed in China so far , Virtual avatar has a broader name ——“ Virtual digital human ”. The so-called virtual digital man , By computer graphics 、 Speech synthesis technology 、 Deep learning 、 Brain science 、 Biotechnology 、 Computing science and other aggregation technologies , And “ people ” The appearance of the 、 Behavior , Even the interactive virtual image of thought .

As early as 20 century 80 years , People have begun to try to introduce virtual characters into the real business world .1990 year , Japanese animation producers 《 Robotech: The Macross Saga 》 Production and release of the image of the heroine in the album . thereafter , Popular idol Luo Tianyi, etc , It is also popular with fans .

After the concept of meta universe is on fire , To a certain extent, it has driven the development boom of the virtual digital human industry . stay 2022 At the new year's Eve Party of Jiangsu Satellite TV , The virtual human based on Teng Lijun sang a song with Zhou Shen 《 Small town story 》,“ resurrection ” The singing of Teresa Teng , Make the audience full of “ Memories kill ”, Moved to tears . last year , Liu Yexi, the master of virtual beauty tiktok, was born in the jitter. , By playing with a group of real people “ exorcise ” Your story attracts many “ gather and watch ”, At present, fans have broken through 800 ten thousand , Called virtual human by netizens “ Being in charge of Huadan ”.

It is worth mentioning that , At present, Guangzhou is speeding up the development of yuanuniverse industry . recently , Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau organized the Kaiyuan space technology development seminar , In depth discussion of Technology 、 industry 、 Policies and other related contents , Promote the joint efforts of all districts in the city to jointly promote the development and implementation of meta universe technology . meanwhile , Guangzhou yuancosmos innovation alliance was established in chuangxiang Bay, Nansha , Start Guangzhou in “ Meta universe track ” First shot .

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