How can NFT better capture value

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nft better capture value

NFT It originated in the financial field , stay Crypto In the early ,NFT The financial attribute of brought the first wave of non fundamentalist groups in the circle ( Encrypted punk ). But for a long time , Practitioners in other fields are just stepping in with one foot , indecision . This year, NFT The heat of the ran through the obstacles in front of them , become a common practice . Auction houses sell all kinds of works every day , Various athletes 、 Fashion singer 、 Brands are also competing to launch their own NFT. Every day, major brands enter the game first NFT The news of , Louis Vuitton 、 porsche 、 Coca Cola and other brands were released this summer NFT Collection ,NFT Brought the whole pan entertainment circle ! The creation of digital assets has entered the mass era .

NFT The technical characteristics determine and FT Is not the same , The meaning and value behind the two are quite different , This paper explains from the level of Tao NFT such token How to better capture value , Get more benefits for the project parties and participants .


Don't think you think, but they think

This work of art is well made , Color matching 、 Composition 、 The painting style can be called first class , But the price and trading volume are very low , No one is even involved in the transaction , Little liquidity . Another set of artwork has rough lines 、 Strange composition , It doesn't look beautiful anyway . Our perception of a thing 、 Thinking has its own strong subjective judgment , The value of this thing to us is actually equal to its utility to us , It may be subjective , It may be objective . But in the field of economic circulation , especially NFT The secondary market of , The premise of whether we can benefit at a high price is that others are interested in this NFT Subjective valuation of .

Perhaps most people's cognitive standards of beauty are similar , As shown in the figure below , Most people think the picture on the left is obviously more beautiful than the picture on the right , But the price on the right of the actual market value is the price on the left 40 times . But in NFT field , a NFT Whether it meets the standards of public aesthetics is not the key factor , More importantly NFT Social value attached behind 、 Emotional value 、 Value of assets . Similar to Chinese inscription culture , Whether the word itself is neatly written 、 Junbaxiuyi is not important , The key is the identity and social influence of the inscriber . What you think is not important , What people think is important , about FT Consensus is value , And for NFT Empathy is value , We need to get NFT There are more empathic factors to support .


Circle Marketing , Building community culture

Cryptopunk NFT There is no doubt that it is the head work of the market , Behind it is a strong spirit of decentralization , This is the fundamentalist spirit of the whole honey circle . In addition, they are also influenced by movies (Blade Runner) and (William Gibson) The anti Utopian Internet punk spiritual novel 《 Neurowanderer 》 The important impact of .

Each one is NFT Before creating, the publisher or individual of the creation needs to make clear what kind of social group they represent behind their works , What kind of social phenomena and cultural characteristics does the work embody . Behind this similar cultural form is the externalization of aesthetics and emotion of a circle group , In the same circle , Members can get a sense of belonging 、 A sense of identity , Can easily achieve aesthetic empathy 、 Emotions are common .

Once a work with such characteristics is released , It will attract the attention of such circle groups , There is a hidden emotional element between them and their works , In the daily mass of NFT In front of , It can better capture the attention of the lover with the work . They will more actively promote the works , Better interaction with the society , Compare with those without emotional links NFT, I don't know how many times the purchase desire has increased . Projects can form market pricing faster , The constant influx of circle members , Product liquidity , The floor price of the transaction will also continue to strengthen and rise .

Behind the boring ape * The uninhibited culture of numbness ,Azuki The powerful Japanese culture behind it , Plus the team's own strong operation ability , For a time, it has brought huge topic traffic and attention to the project . therefore ,NFT The cultural attribute behind art is the driving force that determines its project development and long-term construction .


Celebrity platform , Direct empowerment

differ FT Strong asset attributes ,NFT Their own asset attributes are largely based on their own social attributes . celebrity 、 Famous person 、 Stars have broad social popularity , Projects promoted or directly participated in by them can be quickly exposed by the media , Bring topic traffic , Even produce a certain social influence .Justin Bieber Strongly supported NFT project inBetweeners, Attract many celebrities to join in a short time . Jay Chou's PhantaBear, It's about... After the release 30 It's sold out in minutes , In addition to reaching the fastest 1,000 A record of $10000 trading volume .

PhantaBear Official website PhantaBear Official website PhantaBear Official website

Celebrity participation can quickly bring attention and traffic to the project , And the flow will be converted into incremental funds . Celebrities have their own halo effect , Be able to participate in one thing at the same time as celebrities 、 Can use the same thing as celebrities , Can bring a strong sense of pride to yourself .

The benefits of working with celebrities are obvious , But the risks cannot be ignored , Celebrity participation in a short time can make the project harvest traffic , The project valuation has been raised . But not necessarily reap real value , If there is no timely and effective strategic operation in the early stage , Wait for the celebrity effect to fade , The flow is greatly reduced , The project may quickly lead to price collapse . Original exposure 、 On the contrary, the advantage of attention has become the promoter of negative word-of-mouth communication of products , The negative word-of-mouth of the product spreads rapidly . therefore , It is necessary to obtain the long-term cooperation and support of celebrities , Be careful to do a hammer deal . Rely on the celebrity effect , Adjust and promote the operation strategy , Expand the influence of the project , Gain long-term value for the project .


Build the field , Broaden the use scenarios

Valuable goods do not necessarily have use value , A commodity of value must have value , derivative NFT The use value of , by NFT Provide basic value anchor .NFT Native digital assets , therefore , Most directly to NFT It must also be the data assets on the Internet that anchor the value . stay NFT Before appearance , There is no way for many data on the Internet to become digital assets , Now rely on NFT Uniqueness and non substitutability of Technology , Give digital content a chance to become an asset , And the game is with NFT One of the most harmonious digital content , Game money 、 Pets 、 equipment , Digitalization is OK , Both can be used. NFT Technical packaging . The player 、 The game maker 、NFT The issuer cooperates with each other , Build together NFT Game Ecology , Chain Tour axieinfinity Is the most powerful example .

Axie axieinfinity Chain tour trading market Axie axieinfinity Chain tour trading market Axie axieinfinity Chain tour trading market

A step closer , In strong cohesion 、 In a community with a high sense of identity , Can be NFT The application scenario extends from online to offline , Field construction can also be carried out in real life . Hold all kinds of parties 、 Strengthen the interaction of community members , Give full play to the creativity of community members , around NFT Create in kind , The card 、 shirt 、 Garage Kit ... formation NFT Surrounding economy , Around the project NFT Three dimensional extension , For the revenue generated , Can be DAO The community holders voted , Distribute the income .

Head NFT Azuki , Except for NFT Available online in , In the future, we also plan to develop offline Street clothing brand stores , Hold a meeting 、 Live activities such as music festivals . Boring apes play offline communities into a mechanism , Set up their own Super Yacht Club BAYC, Created “ Member clubs +NFT+ Tide play +DeFi” Three dimensional, pluralistic and compound development strategy .


IP make , Keep digging

Can become IP The subject matter of is very few , Throughout the NFT market , The artist's creation is throughout NFT There is a very small piece in the market , Because the limit of artists' scale is limited , It can be the of the head NFT product , such as Beeple Of 《Everydays:The First 5000 Days》, But the distance is super NFT IP There is still a long way to go .

Azuki The creator once said :“ Yes Azuki Come on , Our dream is to build a huge IP, Can make animation series , Even games and all kinds of goods .” Its ambition , Cover all at one glance . I think so , This must be the head NFT The direction of project value exploration .

So how IP Make it ? For those who have been recognized by the market and have industry influence NFT Projects can work with large institutions to promote , With their mature market operation strategy , Continuously excavate and build around the project , Do horizontal and vertical development , Out of a single NFT Track , To the issuer NFT Commercial development , Co branding with brands 、 Both parties jointly release products , Cross border cooperation : Cross border clothing 、 Cross border tide card 、 Cross border games 、 Cross border food . Build your own project into a super IP, Realize multiple jumps in value . In the future, based on NFT The total value of derivatives will exceed NFT Its own value . be based on NFT derivatives , It should become a very large market share in the future .

NFT The arrival of the , Enabling the encryption economy to a wider range of industries , Predictably, , Except in art 、 Games and other fields ,NFT On the data side 、 It is expected to be widely used in the real asset side , The potential room for scale improvement is worth looking forward to , At that time, the capture methods and realization paths of its value will be more diverse and rich .

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