Nansen report: avoid following mint. One third of NFT's final trading volume is close to zero

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nansen report avoid following mint.

In the already cast NFT in , One third of the floor price is higher than its initial casting cost .

NFT Minter( The caster ) The behavior of can be regarded as a signal of short-term market trend , Just as we observe the behavior of miners as the basis for bitcoin price . adopt Nansen The data of , We found something about NFT Some trends in casting .Nansen Of NFT Index and Market Trends The data captured the recent downward trend of the market , This trend is also reflected in NFT Minter In the act of . Our results illustrate a phenomenon , In the already cast NFT in , One third of the floor price is higher than its initial casting cost . similarly , One third of NFT It's all rotten in the end , There is little trading activity after casting .


adopt NFT Minter Understanding of behavior NFT market


( In the past 30 God NFT market trends :2 month 20 solstice 3 month 21 Japan )


( Based on the volume of casting transactions NFT market trends :2021 year 1 Month to 2022 year 2 month )

In the past 30 In the day , We see NFT There has been a slight adjustment in the market , according to ETH valuation ,Nansen NFT-500(ETH) The index is down 5.23%, In dollars , The index fell 0.89%. This trend is consistent with the overall trend of the market : The market expects interest rates to rise and the war between Russia and Ukraine , Market sentiment is mainly risk aversion . This sentiment is also reflected in the volume of casting transactions , In the past 30 Trading volume has decreased in the past few days . although Nansen NFT-500 The index reflects this market sentiment , But we can also go through NFT Minters To observe this trend .


(NFT Minter Spend on casting and gas above ETH)

since 2022 Since then , Spend on Casting NFT Upper ETH Is gradually reducing . Compare this trend with Google trend , You can see , of NFT The number of searches is also declining , This indicates that the public will be interested in NFT Your interest may slow down .


( With NFT Google Trends for keywords )

However , We noticed that , And the year before (2021 year ) comparison ,NFT Minter Spent more this year ETH In casting and gas On . in the meantime , There are some well-known NFT Casting , Include MAYC、Pixelmon、Meebit and Lost Poets:


( The table is from left to right NFT Collection name 、NFT Casting time and NFT Cast ETH Expenses )


(NFT Trend of average casting cost )

Further research data show that , The average casting cost is 2021 year 5 It will reach 0.56 ETH Peak value , But in 2021 year 6 Monthly decrease 0.06 ETH Low point of . since 2021 year 7 Since the month ,NFT The average casting cost is 0.07 ETH to 0.1 ETH Between . We assume that , One possible explanation for this phenomenon is , As more and more projects are introduced into the market ,NFT The competition of casting is becoming more and more fierce , So as to drive the average casting cost down . from 2021 year 1 Month to 2022 year 2 month , We see that the number of castings has increased by more than 4800%, from 39802 An increase to 1970886 individual .


( stay NFT The cost of casting and the number of independent collections of casting )


( independent NFT Minters And collection time )

NFT Casting and gas The increase in total expenditure is likely due to the passage of time , The independence of participation NFT Minter More and more .


(NFT Minter Quantity accumulation )

We observed that , stay 2021 - 2022 During the year ,NFT Market accumulation NFT Minter The number has increased 2000 times , from 2021 About the beginning of the year 500 To add to 2022 year 2 Month end 120 10, .


NFT Minter User profile


(NFT Minter Distribution of casting costs )


( according to NFT Minter The cost of sorting out is NFT Cast ETH Number )

We can see , majority NFT Minter All for their own NFT It cost as much as 0.5 ETH The cost of . These costs 0.5 ETH Of Minter, About occupy NFT Casting quantity 10.7%.

Dominant casting quantity NFT Minter It's the cost 10 To 100 individual ETH People who , About one third of their total casting (32.6%).


(NFT Minter The cumulative cost of casting )

When analyzing NFT Minter The basic situation of each month , We found that , stay 2022 Years ago , cost 10 To 100 individual ETH Of NFT Minter The group accounts for the largest proportion . However , since 2021 year 12 Since the month , This trend has reversed , cost 1 to 5 individual ETH Of NFT Minters Is the most representative . On the other hand , Spend more than 100 ETH Of “ Whale ”NFT Minters There seems to be a slight decrease .


Casting does not mean that revenue is guaranteed


( Casting NFT The dark side of —— majority NFT Never sold )

We'd love to know , Re circulated and traded in the secondary market NFT What's the ratio . Our data shows , from 2021 year 1 Month to 2022 year 2 month , On average, it is cast every month NFT Yes 44.8% Be resold in the secondary market .

however , from 2021 year 7 Month begins , Sold in the secondary market NFT The proportion seems to be declining .


( Trading in the secondary market NFT The proportion )


( In profit 、 Loss or already in “ Death ” State of NFT)

In the analysis of casting NFT The profitability of , According to the report , On average, , Every three are cast NFT One of them will become almost no trading activity “ Death collection ”( Rotten in the hand ).  On average, , One third of NFT The floor price is lower than the casting cost , And a third NFT The floor price is higher than the casting cost . However , Over time , We see profitable NFT The proportion increases over time , And what's rotten in your hand NFT Is gradually decreasing .


If cast NFT In good condition , What will happen ?( Profits from the top collections cast every month )

When we analyze the monthly profit of the top casting collection , We can see that the smallest average profit is about 4 ETH, The peak is 115 ETH. As shown above , The profit trajectory of top collections fluctuates .


The bottom line : What kind of NFT?

Become... By participating in casting NFT It's a matter of careful consideration to be an early participant in . In deciding whether to participate in NFT When casting , You should consider your risk appetite . Thorough due diligence on potential projects is essential , For example, research community 、 Their roadmap and the history of the founding team .

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