Blockchain structure model

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blockchain structure model

Blockchain structure model

Blockchains can be divided into public chains 、 Private chain and alliance chain .

1. The chain of public It refers to the complete opening to the outside world , Any node can join , No identity authentication , Data can be read after adding 、 Competition in new areas 、 Send confirmation transaction, etc , Its reading authority is public , Completely decentralized , There is no limit of authority .

Blockchain nodes are geographically dispersed 、 Different shapes and structures , Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the operation of consensus mechanism and ensure the safe storage of data . Data security is achieved through digital encrypted storage , The consensus mechanism needs to be maintained through the reward mechanism , Each node maintains the consensus mechanism by contributing workload, so as to obtain monetary reward .

The problem does not apply to the following scenarios :

  • Public chain data is publicly available throughout the network , Not for all industries , Such as banks 、 The government 、 It is impossible for securities to disclose the whole network data .
  • The speed of dealing with transactions is slow and declining , Because it requires the joint participation of all nodes in the network , Too many nodes are involved , Affect the speed of transaction processing , Resulting in inefficiency , The problem is bitcoin 、 Ethereum exists .
  • The public chain involves issuing money , Need to carry out ICO, but ICO It is now a sensitive topic prohibited by governments .

2. The chain of private Is the right to read or open to the outside world Limit , Only designated nodes can participate in voting 、 Bookkeeping 、 Building blocks . The number of nodes is fixed , Fast trading , High degree of privacy maintenance , Low transaction costs , Not vulnerable to malicious attacks . Poor information sharing , You are used to build a cross domain authentication model .

3. League chain Neither will nor can it be fully centralized , It should be a balance between centralization and decentralization , The alliance chain is a kind of ledger structure between public chain and private chain , More in line with the actual needs of most industry applications , At the same time, the moderately open reading and verification authority can ensure the supervision of the public and society , Therefore, it has been affected, including R3CEV Many institutions, including .

Comparison of different blockchain models
  write in Read Incentives Speed of trading Transaction costs Privacy protection Transaction throughput
The chain of public Any node Any node need slow high low low
The chain of private Specify nodes Unwanted Extremely fast Very low high high
League chain Arbitrary entity Optional fast low in Relatively high


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