What is the game player's official account?

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game player official account

source : Yuan spacecraft

The original title :《 Sudden | A number of digital collection platform official account is closed. 》

Yesterday, , Suddenly, there were many digital collection platforms. The official account was closed. , According to incomplete statistics of Yuan spacecraft , The platforms involved are Art Meta Yuanyi number 、 One point collection 、 Homing meta universe 、 Painter Meta、 Meta principal space 、 Shenda shuzang 、One Meta、 Earth Zero 、iBox Henuofeng body .

however iBox Whether the official account number of the two official account of the Novartis block is still public doubt. , At present, the official account numbers of the two platforms are still in normal operation. .

Except that Earth Zero was shut down on suspicion of fraud , Other platforms are prompted as “ Complaints from users and reviewed by the platform , Failure to obtain legal permit or license , Release 、 Spreading or engaging in relevant business activities , Account has been stopped ”.

It's not hard to speculate , In this prompt “ Related business activities ” It refers to the digital collection transaction , in fact One Meta、Art Meta、iBox And other platforms are one of the most popular platforms with secondary market , Because you can trade freely , stay Many digital collections in these platforms have become the object of capital speculation , It is very common for the price of digital collections to double several times in one day , alike , It is not uncommon to cut the waist in a short time .

For personal collectors , There is a great risk of following the trend and speculation in the secondary market of such platforms , Many people lose their money , It also indirectly caused their idea of laissez faire speculation on the complaint platform .

On the other hand , The current digital collection platform “ Barbarous growth ” Era , It is true that most platforms do not have compliance certificates or licenses .

In the meta spaceship meta space series 《 Discuss | Digital collection compliance issues 》 in , Lawyer Ma Qingquan said that in view of NFT The legal nature of works is diverse , therefore NFT The platform needs more qualifications . May need to involve Blockchain information service filing 、 Network publishing service license 、 Information network ship audio-visual program license 、 Art business platform filing 、 Compliance qualification licenses such as value-added telecom business license .

According to the National Network Information Office 《 Block chain information service management requirements 》, A blockchain information service provider shall complete the filing procedures within 10 working days from the date of providing the service .

It's important to point out that , There are few platforms that can collect a complete set of qualifications and licenses , In case of large-scale complaints from users , It is likely to be shut down , Besides , As a very sensitive emerging industry, digital collection itself is also under the heavy pressure of wechat , Previously, there have been cases where small programs on the digital collection platform have been taken off the shelves in batches .

In contrast, the platform in today's event , We should not only pay close attention to the implementation of the compliance plan , At the same time, we should not rely too much on wechat ecology , An official website must be established 、APP And other self-control platforms , Prevent the loss of contact with users once wechat is sealed , We see Art Meta After the incident , Immediately publish your official website link to the community and inform users , It greatly reduces users' concerns about the negative impact of the platform .

Predictably enough , Wechat's supervision of digital collections is increasing , At present, the platform has been tried repeatedly in the form of QR code “ Pull the man's head ” The form of or will also face the ban of wechat . With the increasing number of platforms , And the increasing difficulty of obtaining users , It will also force the platform to reduce its dependence on wechat ecology , Turn to the little red book 、 Tiktok 、B Station and other new media platform channels .

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