Alibaba Gama yuanuniverse: lead ar glasses manufacturer nreal to raise USD 60 million in C + round

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alibaba gama yuanuniverse lead ar

The concept of meta universe has a strong momentum of development , Now attract Alibaba to make a big bet .

3 month 30 Japan , China AR Glasses manufacturer Nreal Announced a complete 6000 Thousands of dollars C+ Round of funding , Led by Alibaba . This round of financing will be used to increase R & D expenditure , Broaden diversified application scenarios , And accelerate market expansion .

Nreal Mention in the statement , In the past 12 months , The company has completed accumulatively 2 Us $100 million financing , Investors also include Kwai Fu. 、 Weilai capital 、 Yunfeng Fund 、 Sequoia China 、 High position, etc .

According to the CNBC reports ,Nreal Did not disclose the valuation after Alibaba's investment , But in 9 In the last round of financing in January ,Nreal Valuation of 7 Billion dollars .

Whereas Nreal Previous cooperation with other investors , Alibaba is right Nreal The investment also implies cooperation between the two .2021 year 12 month ,Nreal United Weilai automobile released the car sharing version AR glasses , Create a new entertainment experience of intelligent cockpit .

At present, Alibaba has announced plans to launch augmented reality glasses for virtual meetings this year .

Alibaba has been in 2016 Invested in Magic Leap, At that time, the company was one of the most touted start-ups in the United States , To obtain the Alphabet Inc Wait for the support of investors .

In the meta universe   Domestic Internet giants have accelerated their pace

Before Alibaba invested , Other Chinese Internet giants have taken similar actions , He turned his eyes to the yuan universe .

last year , Byte beat bought a virtual reality device manufacturer Pico.

All weather technology mentioned earlier ,Pico VR The applet shows , at present Pico The laid offline channels have covered Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Guangzhou 、 Shenzhen 、 Chengdu 、 Chongqing and many other cities , Divided into self operated stores 、 Self service machine 、 Distributor 、 There are four ways for operators .

according to an uncompleted statistic , at present ,Pico A self operated flagship store has been opened in Beijing , It has nearly 200 An offline distribution store , And in Sam 、 And several offline supermarkets have been launched 50 A self-help VR Machine experience point .

And product publicity 、 Lay off-line channels 、 The surge in sales is linked to the annual sales target .

Previously, we media reported that , Due to byte pair Pico The marketing effect of is far better than previously expected , Byte has been raised 2022 year VR Sales target , from 100 Million units increased to about 180 Ten thousand units .

Pico The relevant person in charge expressed to the all-weather technology ,Pico This year's sales target is 100 Around ten thousand .

And if the Pico It was found by byte beating “ Yuan cosmic ticket ”. that , Black shark is Tencent's hope to lead to the meta universe .

1 month 10 Japan , According to the 36 Krypton reported , Tencent plans to spend 26-27 Billion yuan acquisition of game phone company Black Shark Technology , Upon completion of the transaction , The company's business focus will shift from game phones to VR equipment , Provide... For Tencent VR Hardware entry .

A week after the news of the acquisition , There is media coverage , The acquisition “ It's almost the last stage .”

But in recent days, , About “ There are variables in this acquisition ” The rumor is that VR The circle spread .

A person close to black shark told all-weather technology :“ Tencent has done its best adjustment for a long time , I haven't heard of ( Acquisition ) There are changes .”

Another person familiar with black shark revealed , There are already some actions inside . Including the founder of black shark 、 primary CEO Wu Shimin has now returned to , Responsible for managing the supply chain ; And the internal saying is , And then it's going to be VR The two businesses of device and game mobile phone are developed in combination .

Before the dust settles , This one is attached to Tencent 、 millet 、VR、 The acquisition of key words such as yuancosmos is still concerned by all parties .

In last year's ChinaJoy On , Black Shark showed the outside world a product called RokidAir Of AR glasses . In addition, the enterprise check information shows , From last year 11 Month begins , Black Shark technology Nanchang company has applied for the registration of several trademarks related to the meta universe , Include “ Yuan Black Shark ”、“ Black Shark meta universe ”、“Black Shark META”、 as well as “ Black Shark AR”、“ Black Shark VR” etc. .

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