Financing news | decentralization agreement cow completed $23 million financing, and blockchain capital and ethereal ventures participated in the investment

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financing news decentralization agreement cow

According to the The Block 3 month 29 Reported Wednesday , According to a press release , To decentralize exchanges CowSwap The main agreement CoW It has been financed through token round 2300 Million dollars . These funds are in the project from Gnosis DAO Obtained after being separated and become an independent entity .

The agreement is in a round of financing that is not open to specific investors , To stabilize the currency USDC raised 1500 Thousands of dollars , Investors include Blockchain Capital、Cherry Ventures and Ethereal Ventures. The rest is Ethereum (ETH)、Gnosis(GNO) and xDAI Form from its community 5000 Raised from members , These members are affectionately known as “CoWmunity”.

CoW Co founders of the agreement Anna George Express , This is done in order not to exclude community members from this round of financing , She said “ Community members contribute much more to the project than some venture capital ”.

This financing is through the launch of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) Accomplished , The organization is from an existing DAO——GnosisDAO Separated from .

DAO It's a decentralized structure , It gives investors the ability to vote on proposals ranging from the marketing of agreements to new products . Investors can use DAO Local governance token to vote . lately , These governance tokens are in DAO Sold at startup , To raise money ( Such as ConstitutionDAO).

from Gnosis DAO Split it up

CowDAO Can from Gnosis DAO It's separated from the rest of the world , And pay through this round of financing 10% Capital of .

George In deciding for CoW Launch a specific DAO It means :

In the past few years , We have been working hard to establish CoW agreement , But we decided to start from Gnosis It makes sense to stand alone and launch our own tokens .

In addition to the CoW Beyond the difficulty of taking the initiative in the token economy , She also noted that ,Gnosis The size of a company makes it difficult to focus on CoW Building a community , And a lot of brand promotion and Gnosis“ More serious ” The tone of the is inconsistent .

George Express , With new funds ,CoW Is studying a proposal , To promote a faster voting process , They are also adding another one based on EVM( Ethereum virtual machine ) Network of , among Polygon Is the main competitor . However , Due to the decentralized nature of the company , Any such proposal must be passed by a majority of votes .

yesterday ,CoW A proposal was passed , That means starting on Monday ,CoW Governance tokens can be traded through exchanges .

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