Starknet ecological loan agreement zklend completed a seed round of financing of US $5 million, led by Delphi

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starknet ecological loan agreement zklend


zkLend It's a building on StarkNet Based on Layer 2 Money market agreements , The fusion zk-rollup Scalability and security of Ethereum , Excellent trading speed 、 Low transaction costs and other advantages . More Than This , The agreement also provides a dual solution of decentralization , One is for whitelist institutional users who have passed the compliance check , The other is for ordinary people DeFi User's monetary financing service platform .

In order to be in StarkNet Build a core DeFi agreement ,zkLend The team will be in 2022 Launched in the third quarter of 2013 for DeFi User's lending products  Artemis. adopt Artemis, DeFi Users will be able to 、 Solve their asset lending problems in an efficient and safe way .  Besides ,zkLend It will also launch lending products for institutional users Apollo, This product is mainly aimed at KYC /AML Designed for institutional users and enterprise users , It is expected to be launched early next year .

Here's the thing to watch ,zkLend The agreement will adopt innovative ouroboro Model to encourage users to participate in the target money market . besides , zkLend The protocol also has some other very powerful features , such as :

1、 Bilateral lending and mortgage factors

2、 Agreement to agreement lending services

3、 Variable liquidation expenses

in fact ,zkLend Native token ZEND It also plays a key role in the agreement ,ZEND Pledge users will be able to enjoy agreement governance 、 Interest rate reward 、 And benefits such as earning interest income through the liquidity pool .

zkLend cofounder Jane Ma Express :“zk-Rollups It is a solution that can truly and fully expand Ethereum —— Through reliable algorithms ( Instead of relying on human factors ) To ensure transaction security , As StarkNet The new generation money market agreement on ,zkLend It continues the security and decentralization of Ethereum , It's also a fusion of zk-Rollup Powerful scalability , At the same time, it is also the first time to launch for individual users 、 Secure and unlicensed personalized financing services . meanwhile ,StarkNet The community also showed great enthusiasm for this program , We are sure that StarkNet Will be Layer 2 The future of .”

zkLend Another co-founder Brian Fu Pointed out that :“ We also have a vision , That is to welcome the arrival of the next financial era , Create an institutional level  DeFi service . at present ,zkLend There are two kinds of products that can meet the needs of ordinary people at the same time DeFi The needs of users and whitelist institutional users , These two products will become zk-Rollup The basic financial cornerstone of the emerging ecosystem , Provide one-stop monetary financing services for users on the platform and other agreements .”

Delphi Ventures Partner and co-founder Tom Shaughnessy Say :“ The money market is DeFi The core components , Based on the market recognized StarkNet Decentralized zero knowledge proof technology ,zkLend It has become an intersection of great strategic value .zkLend The team uses its wisdom 、 Rich experience and far sighted strategic deployment , Also strong enough to create and launch dual solutions , Then better for ordinary DeFi Provide high-quality services to users and institutional users .”

zkLend Experienced team members in the industry , Some come from traditional finance and innovative financial technology , Some come from consumer startups , Others come from cryptocurrency trading platforms and industry-leading DeFi Agreement item , This means that the team has a unique advantage in developing cutting-edge products and leading technologies .

It is reported that , Other investors involved in this round of financing include Genesis Block Ventures、Alameda Research、CMS、MetaCartel DAO、DCVC、Amber Group、TPS Capital、Ascensive、D3Web Capital、4RC、SkyVision Capital, And other things Web3.0 Angel investors in the field . It was revealed that , This round of fundraising will be used to develop and build Artemis and Apollo These two products , At the same time, further expand the technical team 、 Size of marketing team and business development team .