The biggest hacker attack in the history of defi: blockchain company ronin6 $2.5 billion cryptocurrency stolen

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biggest hacker attack history defi

Ronin It's hot NFT game Axie Infinity The underlying blockchain ,Ronin and Axie Infinity Operator, Sky Mavis In a blog post on Tuesday morning , Announce a hacker attack , Hackers used the network to ransack about 6.25 Billion dollars (173,600 Ethereum and 2550 ten thousand USDC). That's more than 2021 year 8 month DeFi agreement Poly Network  Suffered 6.11 Billion dollar hacker attacks .

The incident was discovered on Tuesday , The reason is that a user cannot remove 5000 Ether money . But the attack took place 3 month 23 Japan , At that time, the attacker used the hacked private key to fake and withdraw money , Blog post , Other key verification nodes have also been attacked .

Cryptocurrency holders often operate in more than one blockchain ecosystem , Therefore, developers have built a cross chain bridge , Let users send cryptocurrency from one chain to another . under these circumstances ,Ronin This bridge will Axie Infinity Connect to other blockchains , Such as Ethereum .

Use this bridge , Players can use Ethereum or USDC Deposit in Ronin, And use it to buy irreplaceable tokens (NFT) Or in-game currency . Then they can sell their in-game assets and withdraw funds .

Analysts at blockchain intelligence group said , Stolen funds are being transferred . The company said , so far , There have been nearly 1700 Million dollars of Ethereum funds were transferred to include FTX And fire money .

Ronin Express , Users of the platform have been unable to access funds , And is cooperating with relevant government agencies , To ensure that criminals are brought to justice , It also works with Axie Infinity Discuss how to ensure the safety of users' funds . And work with blockchain trackers Chainalysis Cooperate in tracking stolen funds , At present, most of the stolen funds are still in hackers' digital wallets .

Ronin It's Singapore game studio Sky Mavis Developed , So is the company Axie Infinity Owner .

according to Sky Mavis That's what I'm saying ,Ronin The reason for being attacked , Part of the reason is that the company last year 11 Take a shortcut to ease the Internet “ Huge user load ”, Online games last year 1 After months, popularity surged ,, Very popular with players in the Philippines and other countries , Even rely on it as a full-time job . Last year, the system 12 Stop using in , But the permission allowed to use it has never been revoked .

Except attack Sky Mavis Outside their own four nodes , Attackers also use these nodes to access their own Axie DAO A node of management . After destroying five of the nine validator nodes , An attacker can threaten the security of any transaction , And withdraw any funds they want .

Sky Mavis Express , They will increase the number of nodes required by the exchange to 8 individual , Once it is determined that no more funds are available ,

It will “ In the future ” reopen Ronin .

The company said in a statement that :“ As we can see ,Ronin Not immune to cyber attacks , This attack reinforces security priorities 、 The importance of being vigilant and mitigating all threats .”“ We know that trust needs to be won , We are using all available resources , Deploy the most complex security measures and processes , To prevent future attacks .”( Leifeng net )

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