How much do you know about blockchain related technologies?

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know blockchain related technologies

        Blockchain stores data in data blocks , It's actually a centerless database 、 Combined with consensus algorithm 、 Cryptography technology allows each data block to contain the transaction information in the bit network , It can prevent counterfeiting and generate new blocks . According to the open permission of blockchain , The blockchain is also divided into public chains 、 Alliance chain and private chain . Public chain means that the blockchain is completely open , Any node can participate in the consensus ; Only alliance nodes can participate in the alliance chain , And the consensus mechanism requires all alliance nodes to make joint decisions ; Private chains are used within the organization , Access rights are not open .

I recently read some articles on blockchain in the academic field , I wrote a summary , You are welcome to criticize and add ~

1. Consensus mechanism

The consensus mechanism is to solve the consensus problem of all nodes in the blockchain . How to determine the validity of node data , All nodes share the same standard , It ensures fairness and data security , Node data cannot be tampered with by individuals . The consensus mechanism of blockchain requires all nodes to be equal , And require the minority to obey the majority , Only in this way can we ensure the security of data . The minority obeying the majority here does not necessarily mean the number of nodes , It could be workload 、 Ability to calculate 、 Time, etc. , According to different basis , Put forward a variety of consensus mechanisms , Such as ProofofWork Algorithm 、ProofofStake Algorithm 、ProofofSpace Algorithm 、ProofofLuck Algorithm 、ProofofElapsedTime Algorithm 、DelegatedProofofStake Algorithm 、ProofofUsefulWork Algorithm 、 League chain Quorum etc. .

2. Intelligent contract

Smart contracts are some special protocols for the decentralization of blockchain , Meet different needs , Contains all the agreed terms , Only if all agreements are met , To take effect , Can guarantee fairness , Eliminate the possibility of human operation . Blockchains supporting smart contracts are represented by Ethereum , Smart contracts can be developed on this basis .

3. Distributed storage

Data storage technology that distributes data to multiple locations , Moreover, the stored data can be shared among multiple participants , Everyone can participate in , And have the same power , Record data together , It mainly plays the function of data storage .

4. cryptography

cryptography , It is a special encryption and decryption technology , In the blockchain system , A variety of cryptography technologies are applied , Including hash algorithm 、 Public key private key 、 Digital signature and so on , So as to ensure the data security of the whole system , And proved the ownership of the data . With it, we can prove in the network “ I am I ”, To prove that this is my bitcoin, not yours . therefore , When a piece of data is generated , The consensus mechanism will be used for data maintenance , Record on the chain through distributed storage , Then hand it over to the smart contract to execute , Finally, the security of the whole system is guaranteed by cryptography , Everyone does their own job , The whole blockchain system has been built together .

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