How to use metamask to accelerate or cancel pending transactions

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use metamask accelerate cancel transactions

When we submit a transaction on the blockchain , We usually pay a sum in the original token of the blockchain gas fee .

This fee is often automatically adjusted according to market conditions , That is, the demand of blockchain for blockspace , But if the deal gets stuck for a long time , It can also be adjusted manually by bidding to the network , In order to process our transactions faster .

In this paper , We'll explain how to speed up stuck transactions that have been pending for a long time , Or cancel the transaction completely .

How to speed up and MetaMask Blockchain transactions

stay MetaMask After sending the transaction on , A new transaction will be added to the queue . After adding it to the queue , We'll see two buttons ——speed up and cancel.

At Click Speed Up Before the button , Click the transaction and view the transaction details on the blockchain browser . Sample transaction details on

Please note that ,“Estimated Confirmation Duration” How long will it take to confirm the transaction on the blockchain .

Usually , If the transaction is sent with market fees , It will be settled soon . however , If it takes too long due to a sudden surge in network utilization , Then we may want to speed up when needed .

Click on “Speed Up” Button , We can resubmit the same transaction , But it will charge higher gas fee , This should allow transactions to be processed faster .

We would like to send a transaction with gas cost , So that it can be processed in the next few blocks . Do that , You can use the Blocknative Of gas Services like estimators .

Blocknative gas Estimator

Blocknative gas The estimator allows us to see the recommended priority cost and maximum cost settings ( We don't have it EIP-559), And in the next block ( namely 15 second ) The probability of completing the transaction within .

For more details , We can also view their... On the same page Heat map, To display the average time of day gas Price .

Make sure to check these resources before we send higher priority transactions , To avoid paying too much gas cost .

How to use MetaMask Cancel the deal

The easiest way to cancel a transaction is to select... In the transaction window above “cancel” instead of “speed up”.

however , Transaction cancellation can only be carried out when the transaction is still pending on the network . If the transaction has been confirmed by the blockchain , Is irreversible . A more advanced way to cancel a transaction is to use custom nonce.

go to MetaMask Of Advanced Set up and enable custom transactions nonce.

Besides , Enable Advanced in gas Control configuration and override default settings gas Set up .

When these two options are turned on , Send a new transaction . In our case , We're going to send a 0 ETH Trade to ourselves .

Paste our existing public address into the search box .

Input 0 ETH.

Search our account for pending transactions on the blockchain , And identify two things :

  • Traded nonce( Here is 73)

  • gas Fee and highest priority fee ( Here is 60 and 1.5)

Enter the same custom... As the pending transaction Nonce Field .

By clicking on Market Button to adjust gas.

choice “Advanced”, Make sure to use higher than the last transaction gas fee .

single click Save, And then click Confirm To send a transaction .

These steps allow the blockchain to receive our cancellation request faster than the original pending transaction , because gas Higher quantity .

Generally speaking , If these deals are to succeed , It's best to set the maximum fee at least higher than the transaction we cancel 25% To 30%.


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