How to deliver takeout in the Web3 world? Use stepn to "move to earn"

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deliver takeout web3 web world

Mars finance note : The original is from 2021 year 12 month

With Play to Earn The popularity of , More and more X to Earn Will gradually become a trend , In the future, people's income will also include a series of things we have done in our life , Including playing games 、 Study 、 Sports, etc. , and 「Move to Earn」 It is a new earning model that combines sports with getting paid , Some users even said that this is really suitable for takeout employees .

With what we've seen Play to Earn The game is different ,Move to Earn The project creates a system that connects the online world more closely with the real world , It is no longer simply putting decentralized finance under the cloak of a game , No longer to motivate players to earn money , And let them click on a page with almost the same mechanism design , Instead, they fully mobilized their enthusiasm for sports , While providing passive benefits , And exercise .

Besides , Game developers have always been looking for physical movement (Move) To create interesting gameplay , But even if these games are fun , But the real potential of mobile games may not be fully realized . Maybe Move to Earn It is the best solution to this problem , It will be earlier Move to Play And the current popular Play to Earn Combined with . There's nothing better than playing games while exercising through a mobile phone or wearable device , It's more exciting to earn income at the same time ?


STEPN What is it? ?

STEPN It's a... on a mobile device Move to Earn NFT game , Players need to wear 「NFT Sports shoes 」 Walking outdoors 、 Jog or run to earn rewards . It combines blockchain games with real-life mobile devices , It aims to promote millions of people to move towards a healthier and low-carbon lifestyle , And bring them to Web 3 And make a positive contribution to carbon neutralization .

STEPN from Find Satoshi Lab Team building , Running on the Solana On the Internet , Reconstruct the symbiotic relationship between user physical activities and blockchain games . The project uses the player's motion data as a series of Gamification inputs , Then it will be transformed to players in the game on the chain Token and NFT Reward . Besides , stay Solana「Ignition Hackathon」 Of GameFi field ,STEPN Got the fourth place .

meanwhile ,STEPN Constantly bridging the gap between encrypted and non encrypted gamers , To apply to all players , Whether they used to decentralize applications (Dapp) Or experience in encryption games , Both keep their playing methods as friendly as possible to users . therefore , By attracting a large number of non encrypted players , This is also STEPN The key to the sustainable growth of users in the future .

game NFT assets :Sneaker、Shoebox and Gems

1)Sneaker And Shoebox

Sneaker「 Sports shoes 」 And Shoebox「 shoe box 」 It's all STEPN Medium NFT assets , Players can wear Sneaker Walking outdoors 、 Jog or run to earn rewards . adopt Shoebox, Then you can open 4 Different types of Sneaker, Respectively Walker( The pacers )、Jogger( Jogger )、Runner( The runner ) and Trainer( Trainer ). And when players wear different types of sneakers , When moving at the corresponding optimal pace , Will earn by consuming energy GST Token.


among , The initial energy is 2 spot , Player to 2/2 Energy starts the game , The upper limit of energy is 20. But players can increase their energy by getting more sneakers , The specific amount of energy added will depend on the quality of sports shoes .

At the beginning of the project ,STEPN The official has released free of charge to early players through corresponding activities 10000 One that includes sneakers or shoeboxes NFT assets . at present , official NFT The market is not open yet , New players can pass Solana On the chain Magic Eden NFT Market to buy and start the game . By Magic Eden 12 month 25 Daily data shows ,STEPN The current floor price is 2 SOL, The average price is 5.29 SOL, The total transaction volume has exceeded 2046 SOL.


2) How to get Sneaker

First , Players go through STEPN Official website Download button on mobile phone STEPN App; Then enter the official Discord Create invitation links for the community , The invitation 3 An individual can get an invitation code , Then register and log in STEPN App. however , If the player buys STEPN Of NFT, You can ask the project party Discord Operation management feedback , You will not need an invitation code to directly obtain the public beta registration qualification .

Re pass Magic Eden bought Sneaker or Shoebox after , Accordingly, the STEPN App I just bought NFT Wallet used when , At this time Sneaker / Shoebox It will appear in STEPN App Of Wallet In the bar . Next , Also need to Sneaker / Shoebox adopt Transfer The button moves to Vault in .


If Transfer Yes. Sneaker, Will appear directly in Shoes In the bar .


If Transfer Yes. Shoebox, Will appear in Others In the bar , Players need to manually open the shoebox , Will randomly issue a sneaker .


Next , Players can start with their own sneakers Move to Earn 了 !


Gems( gem ) Also in the game NFT assets , Can be used to enhance the properties of sports shoes . meanwhile , Gemstones also need to be matched with corresponding treasure chest slots to use , And the high-quality treasure chest slot will further improve the properties of gemstones .

Gemstones are divided into 4 Kind of , Each color enhances an attribute of the sneaker , They are blue ( enhance Efficiency)、 yellow ( enhance Luck)、 green ( enhance Comfortability) And red ( enhance Resilience), For the enhanced 4 Species attribute , The following will be introduced one by one .

meanwhile , Every sneaker has 4 Two different treasure chest slots , It matches the color identification of different types of gemstones , Therefore, players can only insert the matching gem type into the corresponding slot . Besides , Each sneaker reaches... Respectively 5、10、15 and 20 Level will unlock a treasure chest slot , After the player inserts the gem into the slot, the attribute of the inserted gem will be increased additionally , Then improve the corresponding attributes of sneakers .

Sneaker Of 10 Species attribute

Take the current floor price of sneakers Sneaker #3223 Look at , There is a type of sports shoes 、 The quality of 、 efficiency 、 Lucky value 、 Comfort, etc 10 Species attribute , Therefore, it greatly enriches the playing method of the game .


1)Sneaker Type( Type of sports shoes )

It is divided into Walker、Jogger、Runner and Trainer( As mentioned above , No more details here ).

2)Sneaker Quality( Sneaker quality )

Each type of sports shoes is divided into 5 Seed quality , Respectively Common( Ordinary , gray )、Uncommon( rare , green )、Rare( rare , Blue )、Epic( epic , violet ) and Legendary( legend , Orange ). Besides , There will be some slight differences between sneakers of the same quality , Their quality attributes will be divided in an interval .


3)Optimal Speed( Best pace )

Different types of sneakers will have an optimal pace for reference .

4)Shoe-Minting Count( Casting times of new shoes )

Two sneakers can cast a new shoe , But each sneaker can be cast up to 7 Time .


5)Efficiency( efficiency )

In single player mode , Efficiency determines how much extra players can get based on the return of sneakers GST/GMT Token, The more efficient , What players can get after consuming energy every time GST/GMT The more ;

In marathon mode , Efficiency can help players get on the leaderboard faster , The more efficient , The more points you get from sneakers .

6)Luck( Lucky value )

In single player mode , The lucky value determines the probability of a blind box in the player's treasure chest slot , The blind box will contain a random number of GST、GMT And precious stones ( Limited to Lv1 – Lv4). Besides , Sneaker owners can also earn gems by renting their sneakers to other players , For players who plan to rent most of their sneakers to the market , Lucky value is a very ideal attribute .

7)Comfortability( Comfort gain )

In single player mode , Comfort determines the player's short / Frequency of long-term gain . Short term gains are sustained 1-5 Minutes of Token income / Consume energy to increase , Occurs randomly when the player is moving , The long-term gain is sustained 24 - 72 Hours of Token income / Consume energy to increase . Besides , Short term gains can occur in Lv1 and Lv30 On any sneaker between grades , And can be superimposed many times .

In marathon mode , Only long-term gain can occur , In addition to the increase in income , It also includes cheaper Shoe-Minting cost 、 Marathon points rewards and better sneaker rental opportunities . Besides , stay Lv20 and Lv30 Long term gain can occur in any sneaker between grades , But they can't be superimposed on each other , The new long-term gain replaces the previous .

Comfort is an attribute that can strategically enhance game play , Using it well can help players improve faster than others .

8)Resilience( Restorative )

In single player mode , The resilience of sneakers determines their durability , Higher resiliency means better durability , This reduces maintenance , Even if players eventually repair their sneakers , It will also pay less for repairs .

In marathon mode , Highly restorative sneakers allow players to run faster and farther , And don't worry that the durability of sports shoes is lower than 50% Will receive 「 abrasion 」 The punishment . So for marathon players , The resilience of sports shoes is an ideal attribute of player maintenance cost .

9)Durability( durability )

The durability of sports shoes determines the speed of their own wear , When the durability is lower than 50% and 20% when , Sneakers will suffer 「 abrasion 」 The punishment , This will make sneakers Efficiency( efficiency ) Reduced to their full values respectively 90% and 10%.

10)Badge( badge )

Whether the sneaker has a badge or not will provide it with additional attributes , If in single player mode , Players can gain extra energy ; Marathon mode , Increase leaderboard rewards ; And lower cost when casting new shoes .

Besides , Sneakers need to be upgraded , The highest level is Lv30. Through continuous upgrading , Players can unlock the corresponding functions .


Players can burn in the game GST Token, Take their sneakers from Lv1 Upgrade to Lv 28, However, the upgrade requires Token The number will increase exponentially with the increase of sneaker grade . And each upgrade takes some time to complete , But more players can also burn GST To skip the upgrade time .

But if players want to change their sneakers from Lv28 Upgrade to Lv30, In addition to burning GST Outside , Also need to burn the governance of the game Token GMT.

On the other hand , After upgrading the sneakers, players will get 4 Point attribute integral , And you can choose to add them to which attribute of the following sneakers , Players will also receive additional rewards .


What are the ways to play ?

1) Single person mode

In single player mode , Players can use Move( Move ) To earn GST, Just press the START Just push the button and start moving . The player's income depends on two criteria : Their sports data and the attributes of the sneakers they own .

however , Players' daily energy is limited , Once exhausted , Single player mode will stop GST. here , Players can choose to keep moving instead of earning , Or manually stop single person mode .

2) Marathon mode

In marathon mode , Players need to register for an online marathon under the marathon tab . The marathon has weekly and monthly races , Players need to be online before the start of the Marathon 24 Hours respectively .

Weekly game , Players can choose to participate in 2 km 、5 Km or 10 Kilometer Marathon ; Monthly competition , Players can choose to participate in 21 Km or 42 Kilometer Marathon . at present , Marathon mode has not been officially launched yet , But players can only take part in one marathon at a time .

3) The background model

Even if the player has only one sneaker , It can also be used without opening STEPN App In the case of GST,App The background will directly obtain the number of steps from the health data of the player's mobile device . meanwhile , The number of steps obtained during background mode does not reduce the durability of the sneaker .

Besides , The revenue limit in background mode is 3000 Step , The revenue of background mode is fixed , Will not affect the quality of sneakers or NFT badge .

4) Cast new shoes

Casting new shoes requires at least two L5 Sports shoes above grade , And none of them has been leased and has 100% Complete durability of , But each sneaker can only be used for casting 7 Time . The first thing cast is a shoebox , Then I'll come up with new sneakers , And the quality of new shoes is determined by the quality of shoebox .


in addition , Casting ordinary and rare quality sneakers only costs GST, The epic and legendary sneakers need to be consumed at the same time GST and GMT. In the process ,STEPN Will charge 6% And flow into the game's vault ,GMT Holders will be able to vote on their distribution .

therefore , Players can also not participate in sports , Create new shoes by upgrading your own sneakers , Then put NFT Trading in the market makes a profit ( The transaction tax rate is 4%), And this will be more suitable for some game strategies of the gold guild .

5) Renting sneakers

STEPN Made an automatic matching system , Encrypted players with multiple sneakers can rent through one button , Rent your sneakers to non encrypted runners immediately to earn money . During the rental process ,STEPN Will charge 8% The tax rate of , The fixed ratio of income distribution between the lessee and the lessor is 3/7.

Besides , Each player has a default when they join the game 2 Star credit rating . If the lessee fails to perform the lease agreement , The system will deduct... From its credit rating 1 star ; If the agreement is successfully fulfilled , The lessee will be rewarded by the system 0.1 star ; The maximum credit rating of the lessee is 5 star .

Economic mechanism

STEPN Have dual Token, game Token(GST) And Governance Token(GMT).GST For various in-game activities , For example, casting new sneakers 、 Upgrade sneakers and gemstones ;GMT It is used for profit distribution and high-end in-game activities , Such as renaming sneakers and advanced upgrades .

GST The supply of is unlimited , When players move in single player mode or background mode, they will produce ;GMT Is limited , After the sneakers reach the highest grade , Players will get ,GMT A total of 60 Million pieces . however , What players earn every day GST and GMT It's all limited , At first, you can only earn at most per day 5 individual GST Start the game , After upgrading their sneakers , Can earn every day GST Increase the upper limit to 150 individual ; and GMT Your daily earning limit is 5 individual .

at present ,GST stay Raydium It can be traded on ,1 GST You can exchange about 1.63 dollar , and GMT Can't trade yet .


Besides , The profit in the game is based on DAO Vote in the same way ,GMT Holders will decide how much of the game's profits will be used for carbon neutralization as a reward to pay them . meanwhile , By locking in the profit pool GMT, Players will also get higher voting rights .


Project progress

Since this year, 9 Since its establishment in , stay 4 In months ,STEPN Achieved rapid growth . According to the official website , The total mileage on its mobile device has exceeded 73k km , Less 19.86 Tons of carbon emissions . And on social media ,STEPN It also caused enough heat , Its Discord Be close to 30k Bit member ,Twitter There are more than 14.5k Concern .


From the current distribution of users ,STEPN Is moving towards the world , Among them, India 、 Most users in Southeast Asia are temporarily .


Next ,STEPN It will also be launched with some sports brands , And the cooperation between wearable technology companies .


According to the 《PLOS ONE》( Public Library of science journals ) According to the study , stay 2015 year , existing 15% Of the U.S. population is using apps to track their fitness activities . Now, , The world has more than 4 Billion sports enthusiasts running apps , And more than a billion people use walking , Jogging or running as a form of exercise .

meanwhile , Because of the impact of the new crown epidemic , It has raised people's awareness of paying attention to personal health ,2021 year , The online fitness industry has reached 33% Annual growth rate . Therefore, sports and the current popular Play to Earn Combination Move to Earn, Undoubtedly, it has great market potential .

Besides ,STEPN By focusing on novel Move to Earn Concept , Plus its cool NFT assets , It will be easier to attract players in the encryption circle . For non encrypted market users , In particular, there are users who have used the application to record their activities , In contact with STEPN App after , And don't feel too strange , And willing to try something new began to enter Web 3 The world of . There are even community users who say , It seems that in the future, whether it's takeout or crypto circle practitioners who go bankrupt and get re employment, they can pass this App To earn an extra income .

more importantly ,STEPN Give it NFT Assets are designed with multiple attributes , It greatly enriches the playing method and interest of the game , In addition, by weighing the money making effect between different playing methods in the game , Players can explore their own game strategies , And these will also improve STEPN Player retention .

And in terms of technology ,STEPN There are also certain advantages , Such as how the mobile device proves that the player is starting to move , How far has it moved ? How to store the generated game assets and prevent hacker attacks . also ,STEPN An anti cheating system is also designed , adopt GPS track 、 Motion sensors and machine learning perform data simulation to prevent players from cheating .

however ,Move to Earn The concept is still too novel , Yet to be verified by the market , And players are interested in STEPN There is also a certain threshold for understanding and game operation , Especially at present GameFi Under the background of the gradual cooling of the heat of the project track , Players still need to be aware of risks , Cautious participation .