Experience a somatosensory sports app based on AI and blockchain (26 / 100)

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experience somatosensory sports app based
Experience a somatosensory motion software based on machine learning and blockchain Impakt

As a technology early adopter , In the use of the stepn after , Also began to look for similar products , As a result, I really found one that is also active Move to Earn  application ,  This app is called Impakt, At present, only Windows and Mac edition , However, it is said that the mobile version is already under development .

This article is for discussion and study only , Does not constitute any investment proposal

The main function

Let's talk about the main functions first , The main function of this application is to recognize the movement of human body through the camera of computer or mobile phone , There will be one. AI Robots guide you to exercise .  I tried it today , It's still interesting , Although there are still some problems .
In addition, the software also provides challenge activities , You can talk to your friends PK, It also adds social functions .

One sentence summary , This is a home fitness app ,AI Version of Keep.
If you are interested , You can download software to experience
  • Impakt v1.1.8 Windows Version download
  • Impakt v1.1.8 Mac Version download
  • M1 Mac  User installation instructions

Some of the problems

Because it's beta edition , It's still in the public beta stage , So there are still many problems .
  • M1  Chip Mac Installation on , Automatically flash back when authorizing camera permissions
  • If you use a computer camera ,  People have to be far away to recognize the whole body ,  Wide angle camera is recommended
  • When exiting the software , Click the exit button and there is no response , Press the computer's ESC Key to exit
  • I tried to make a group myself hiit The action of , Really tired , The software currently has no records , Scoring function
If only MVP Of beta If you look at the version , I think the overall use is relatively smooth , Especially after logging in to the software , Directly to a software guide tutorial , Follow step by step , Basically no problem .

Focus on

This application is similar to stepn equally , Will also issue their own token and nft, In the second quarter , It will turn on .

because stepn It's all over the network , therefore Impakt It's likely to be repeated stepn Some of the ways to play .
The project is still at a very early stage , The number of fans in the community is only a thousand ,  Not much information can be found on the Internet , The main source of information is the white paper on the official website .  There are even fewer Chinese materials on the whole network .
I looked through the white paper , Found some key information about game mechanism and play design for friends who pay attention to blockchain projects as some reference .
  • creation NFT(genesis nft) There will be 10000 individual , This and stepn Genesis running shoes are also released 10000 individual , It's kind of similar
  • The app can be used for free , But no NFT Free players can only get one at a time token, But hold NFT The player , May have 10 Times the revenue ,  In addition, there are airdrops , Project governance ,NFT Market purchase discounts and other rights
  • Challenge through sports , It can make NFT Become rare , Here I understand that NFT The upgrade , This estimate is similar to Stepn The upgrade of running shoes is similar to , Exercise can produce GST,  With GST You can upgrade your running shoes
  • Will issue token, Token name $IO,  circulation 100 Billion ,  The role of tokens is to participate in Impakt The activities of , Buy physical fitness equipment ,  Buy virtual equipment , Such as avatar Or clothes or something , Buy NFT,  Participate in pledge, etc
  • The main target is the fitness crowd , But I think there will be fewer fitness people than runners , Can you detonate the market , To be observed
Conclusion :  The project is very early , The software has not been officially launched yet , The corresponding token system is not online , Investment institutions did not come in , The marketing of the project side has not done much . At present, the situation is relatively uncertain , As an early participant , You can experience the software with the attitude of playing .  But the reason I'm optimistic is
For more information, please refer to the following link
  • Impakt white paper
  • Impakt Official website

Reference material

Impakt v1.1.8 Windows Version download : 
Impakt v1.1.8 Mac Version download : 
M1 Mac  User installation instructions : 
Impakt white paper : 
Impakt Official website : 
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