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Introduction :
The yuan universe is on fire , But what exactly is it ? What landing scenes are there ? Where are the users ? What is the business model ? With these questions , Babbitt starts today 《 Super experience Officer 》 The column , Through immersive experience , Explore the endless potential of the meta universe track .
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2021 year 11 month 18 Japan , Zhangjiajie yuan universe Research Center was established , This is considered to be the first scenic spot in China to set up a yuan universe Research Center .

at that time , This picture was forwarded by many media , Netizens commented that : This is obviously hot “ Meta universe hype ” A landmark event at the top : Technology companies claim to be meta universe , What do you do in a scenic spot, Yuan universe , You're not following the trend, what is it ?

actually , Become... In Zhangjiajie “ The butt of jokes ” Before , The exploration of the cultural tourism meta universe is already on the way , It's just that the public doesn't know .

2021 year 10 month , A hot news in the meta universe and cultural brigade “ Unrelated ” Spread in the field of .

The news said , Xi'an Qujiang Datang sleepless city is preparing a meta universe project , It's called “ Datang · Kaiyuan ”. They want to build a sand table of digital buildings in Chang'an city according to the real proportion , Construct a virtual ancient Chang'an City !

People who have been to Qujiang Datang never night city know , This is a culture based on the prosperous Tang Dynasty , Large offline tourist attractions with Tang style elements as the main line , A consumption paradise integrating eating, drinking and fun .

 chart : Real map of Datang sleepless city
chart : Real map of Datang sleepless city

So virtual “ Datang · Kaiyuan ” How can the meta universe play ? News theory , It can make the virtual world interact with the real world , Through online and offline linkage . such as ,NFT、 Yuan universe and other new technologies to create a large number of new consumption scenes , also , It can also drive the development of real economy such as offline scenic spots .

This project is jointly built by Xi'an Qujiang Datang sleepless city and Xi'an digital Lightyear Software Co., Ltd . The latter is jointly invested by Taiyi group and Qujiang culture investment group ( Datang sleepless city belongs to the company ) Joint venture establishment , It has the city of the Tang Dynasty that never sleeps NFT、 Meta universe 、 And related derivatives development .

It can be seen that , Xi'an digital light year should be “ Datang · Kaiyuan ” The real operator of the universe . in addition , Xi'an digital light year has also drawn two domestic IP The team ,“ Ming Cheng Jing United Imperial College ” and “ History Museum ”. The former is a digital ancient architecture team , The latter is a team that takes the historical map as the core to do literature, history and popular science . before , The two teams are together 《 My world 》(Minecraft) The imperial palace of the Tang Dynasty was engraved in the palace —— Daming Palace .

 chart : Daming Palace MC Architecture Video capture
chart : Daming Palace MC Architecture Video capture

Those who are interested can go B Stand and see what this virtual Daming Palace looks like , If you want to visit the Daming Palace from the first perspective , Then enter the famous sandbox game 《 My world 》 了 .

B Stop video

Now , It's past this news release 4 It's been months , Has this replica of Chang'an city been built ? The answer is no , But the project has been ongoing .

2021 year 12 month , The project is officially named “ Tang Lingjing ”. The official said , When it comes to virtual worlds , There are... Overseas Decentraland、Sandbox, China has Baidu “ Xi soil ”、 NetEase “ jade terrace ”, Tang Lingjing is a new thing based on traditional culture .

According to the idea , Tang Lingjing, the yuan universe, will recreate Chang'an, the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties , Including the palace 、 East West Market 、 108 square and other buildings . stay NFT And blockchain technology , Reproduce the prosperous landscape and graceful atmosphere of the Tang Dynasty thousands of years ago .

chart :Decentraland To build the “ Meta universe ”

chart : Game player 《 My world 》 Tang Dynasty style architecture created in

The Datang yuan universe will be gradually improved, including public facilities 、 Economic system and other functions , It also provides services such as social networking 、 To develop 、 The plot 、 Tasks, etc .

however , It won't be a simple online virtual game , It will be rooted in the offline business scene of Datang never night city , Provide users with a completely immersive experience . It means , Datang Lingjing itself has its own digital business form , meanwhile , Offline consumption may also be transformed into props in the virtual world .

To see this “ Datang yuan universe ” Conception , That's really amazing . This is an open world game with real history as the scene and skeleton , It's exciting to think about it , Should compare Decentraland It's so much more fun . Imagine , After logging in , You can not only experience the prosperity of Chang'an city thousands of years ago , Maybe you can go with the virtual Li Bai “ Drinking and writing poetry ”. This is better than the simple “ One day tour to Xi'an ” It's so much more fun .

although , The spirit realm of the Tang Dynasty has not yet fully landed , But you can see a lot of information from the official account. . Have to say , As a cultural tourism meta universe project , The playing method of the Tang spirit realm is an eye opener , somewhat “ wild ”.

at present , Datang Lingjing project has probably done two things .

The first thing , Issue digital collections .

from 2021 year 12 Month begins , Xi'an digital Lightyear began to release the platform based on the alliance chain “ China tourism chain ” Our exclusive architectural collection , These architectural collections have exact spatial coordinates in the meta universe of the Tang Lingjing , Having a digital collection is equivalent to having your own architectural space in the spiritual realm of the Tang Dynasty , Became a real resident of this meta universe . follow-up , With the development of the Tang spiritual realm , Owners of digital real estate can rest in their own buildings , Other digital collections can also be placed .

chart : The exclusive architectural digital collection currently sold in Datang Lingjing

chart : Architectural layout of the Tang Dynasty

Although the name is a digital collection , But it's actually more like Decentraland Land in .

From the content of official account , They have issued several collections of construction and real estate , From its applet for distributing these collections, you can see , Depending on the area of the house , The selling price also ranges from 1800 RMB to 3500 RMB varies , in addition , Successful purchase also requires the points of its platform, Tang Bao .

chart : Zhaoling Liujun digital collection

Besides , Through some festival activities , They also issued a series, including Zhaoling Liujun 、 Tang Laba porridge 、 Mysterious seeds and other digital collections . Take this mysterious seed , Officials claim that users can cultivate it into digital vegetation in the future Datang spirit land , May eventually grow into Ginkgo biloba 、 The willow tree 、 pagoda tree 、 Aspen, wait .

The second thing , They are creating the playing method of the virtual world of Datang spirit realm .

You can see from the latest promotional video , Officials have built a world “ Build systems ” How to play , Play with Shahe 《 My world 》 be similar , Datang Lingjing tries to provide such a foundation 、 Ladder and other digital molds , Players can build their own virtual home .

at present , This system can't experience it yet , But you can see some basic information from the publicity video .

chart : In the propaganda film of Datang Lingjing “ Build systems ” How to play

chart : The virtual world presented in the propaganda film of Datang Lingjing , But it makes it clear that DEMO Does not represent the final product

in general , Behind the project of Datang Lingjing “ Xi'an Qujiang Datang sleepless city culture and Commerce Co., Ltd ” Endorsement of , With the super city of Datang sleepless city IP The power of , Have a lot of imagination .

today , Many cultural and tourism scenic spots are eager to take advantage of it “ Meta universe ” To construct a new consumption scenario , New play experience , For example, immersive scenes 、VR Experience Hall 、AR roaming 、5G Theater, etc . These can be regarded as the further extension of the digital transformation of cultural tourism industry .

Compared with , Datang spiritual realm is more in line with our imagination of the meta universe . For example, the playing method of digital collections based on blockchain technology .

however , From the current landing situation , Datang Lingjing is not like Baidu xirang or Decentraland This virtual world can also be experienced , Playing is just a vision and imagination . in addition , The spirit of Datang mentioned in its external publicity can be combined with the offline business scene of Datang never night city , So as to get online and offline , Create more business models and consumption scenarios . This one is still in the storytelling stage .

It is worth noting that , Datang Lingjing is similar to the digital collection mode of digital real estate such as land , There is likely to be regulatory risk . Whale probe 、 The distribution platforms of digital collections of magic core are emphasizing the restriction of secondary market transactions , such as , Whale detectives need to hold 180 You can't give it to me until days later . But the exclusive architectural digital collection of Datang Lingjing only needs 30 God .

chart : Issued by Datang sleepless city NFT Yinhu digital collection

actually , Outside the meta universe of Datang spirit realm , The scenic area of Datang sleepless city has also issued many NFT Digital collection . In especial 2021 By the end of year , It's on the whale APP Issued a set of 3D“ Datang Kaiyuan ” Series of digital products , They are the landmark buildings of Xi'an, the little wild goose pagoda and the bell tower , Each limit 10000 Share , pricing 19.9 element , Seconds out .

chart : Datang Kaiyuan digital collection

The official account of Datang night city :“ Digital cultural creation not only opens up a new track for cultural tourism enterprises , Combination of cultural tourism and digital industry , It also ushered in the comprehensive upgrading of the cultural and creative industry , It has led the trend of people's cultural consumption , It is the interaction and resonance between traditional culture and the present .

picture : The movie 《 Scenes in Avatar based on Zhangjiajie 》

Looking back, Zhangjiajie yuan universe Research Center , It's not a joke . before , The magical world built by movie Avatar , A large part of it refers to the magnificent scenery of Zhangjiajie , Then maybe we can imagine , Can Zhangjiajie be a virtual world like Avatar , Or digital simulation of natural landscape , however , Tourists just bring VR equipment , You can get the experience of flying in the mountains ? Even team up with other tourists , Participate in a battle to defend natural resources . Combine real tourist attractions with virtual experience , It is very in line with today's consumption trend .

Cultural travel meta universe , Is it imaginative ?

The experience officer feels :

1, Tourism suffered a heavy blow under the epidemic , It is a headache for local governments , Take the author's Hangzhou as an example , According to the roadside news agency, the city leaders are thinking about how to attract more tourists for the West Lake , The appearance of the yuan universe brightens people's eyes , Like the West Lake 、 Super like Zhangjiajie IP, If you make a written Lvyuan universe product , Let people play, experience, interact and consume , It's great to think about it .

2、2022 year , The scenic spot 、 Museums have issued digital collections , Consumers flocked to , Think dozens of times , Even sold hundreds of times . But the secondary market trading of digital collections has great regulatory uncertainty , These two days, wechat has blocked the small program of digital collection distribution on a large scale . How to treat digital collections correctly ? Please treat them as cultural and creative derivatives , Not investment goods .

3、 It is not easy to construct a logical self consistent meta universe ,META、 Baidu 、 Netease can only make a rough decision Demo, The experience is less than expected . The idea of Yuan universe scenic spot is very beautiful , It's a beautiful story , But can consumers continue to pay in the end ? Still want the product to be excellent !

At the end :

Virtual human 、 Digital collection 、XR Hardware device 、 Games, social education, culture, tourism, medicine …… What kind of meta universe products do you have , Let's take care of the experience , Let more people see you .

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