Where can I find the Web3 treasure? This curriculum is a map of customs clearance, which is worth thousands of gold!

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web3 web treasure curriculum map

How to learn Web3?

First , You need to know what it is Web3.

What is? Web3 Well ? Take a look at the following course schedule .

Is the chaotic knowledge immediately clear ? The body immediately felt comfortable at a glance ?

This schedule puts “ Very abstract ”、“ Extreme concept ” Of Web3 become “ Specifically ” and “ Impressive and perceptible ” 了 . It is the Web3 Take out the cocoon as the identity system 、 Public chain 、Layer2 And cross chain bridges 、DeFi、NFT、GameFi、DAO And the creator economy 8 A module .

this 8 One module is Web3 The skeleton of this concept . These eight modules are actually divided into 3 Big level , Build Web3 Of “ Underlying technology infrastructure ”,Web Some popular and core “ Application field ”, And every user wants to swim Web3 necessary “ Basic tools ”.

Isn't that easy to understand ?Web3 How to learn ? From here 8 Modules start , Advance gradually and entrench oneself at every step , Crush one by one .

If you look carefully, , It's in the picture , this 8 Each module has been structured . Let's take a look at the hot Layer2 And the cross chain bridge module . The former is considered to be the Pearl on the crown of Ethereum Technology ,2022 There may be many super airdrops in . Although the latter has repeatedly revealed security accidents in which funds have been stolen , But it's also a public chain “ Ten thousand chain interworking ” The core track in this trend , The airdrop is expected to fill .

It's like writing an article , In this section , It first introduces about Layer2 And cross chain definition 、 Concept . so what , It introduces the representative leading projects in two fields based on different technology selection . Last , It also focuses on Cosmos And Boca, the two cross chain twins, are on the cross chain technology model .

All in all , Follow this schedule to learn and practice , You can not only understand Layer2 Basic knowledge and development status of and cross chain bridge , By the way, the core of this field “ Airdrop ” The project is interactive .

Several other modules , Logic is similar .

The above curriculum , From Babbitt 《 from 0 To 1, Rapid clearance Web3.0》 Online knowledge course .

This curriculum is the same as the knowledge map , The number of months of team education . How to describe it ?

from 0 To 1 clearance Web3 Of “ Necessary secret script ”!
Web3 Surfer “ Universal map ”!

Of course , Curriculum design is just a small highlight of this course . The four instructors of this course are the real teachers of the course “ Bright spot ”.

He Taiji :2017 Ashes players who entered blockchain entrepreneurship in , Senior investors and analysts in the encryption industry ,DeFi No. 1 player . Larger than others V, He Taiji is a typical knowledge exporter .
Jiang Jinze : Mysterious and low-key research coffee , He used to work in distributed information technology and Binance Research Fellow , He is the director of the wall street news macro trading channel , Editor in chief of blockchain channel .
Eleven landlords : Claim to be Web3 Wild researchers , The Chinese community is famous KOL, Master DeFi、NFT Practice on the chain , Developed many practical courses for novice Xiaobai .2021 So far this year , Led a group of people to get a hot airdrop in the encrypted world , said “ Airdrop catcher ”.
BC:CryptoC Distribution Director ,SeeDao Core members ,“ The meta universe roaming points north ” Co founder of official account . About DAO、NFT And the meta universe ,BC It can be explained in simple terms , Tell me .

《 from 0 To 1, Rapid clearance Web3.0》 This class , The above four tutors personally participated in the design and recording , From theoretical discussion to core project disassembly , Then to the future trend analysis , Finally, the practical operation interaction on the chain .

This course is absolutely well-designed , The content is moving . Both suitable for entering the circle, Xiaobai , It is also suitable for old players to sort out their own Web3 Cognitive framework , Leak filling .

at present , The course has begun , After subscribing, you can watch .8 Large module , Update a module every week , Keep up with the pace , Take some time. , clearance Web3 Is not a dream .

The teaching method is video recording and broadcasting , But you can join the course community after subscribing , There are tutors in the community to answer questions , Follow up the learning progress from time to time , Someone brought , Neverlost .

Subscription Links :https://app9rdplv402779.pc.xiaoe-tech.com/detail/p_620f0527e4b054255d9f19be/6?fromH5=true

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