According to a new report , The number of cryptocurrency holders increased significantly last year , Nearly half of the world's holders are in  2021  First purchase of cryptocurrency in .

Gemini  It's a family  Cameron  and  Tyler Winklevoss  The cryptocurrency exchange , stay  2021  year  11  Month to  2022  year  2  During the month  20  A national contract  30,000  Interviewees conducted a survey , To provide a picture of a rapidly expanding encrypted ecosystem .Gemini On Monday with  Cointelegraph  Shared 《2022  Global cryptocurrency situation in 》 The findings are published in the report .

according to  Gemini  The results of the investigation , With more than half of the respondents in  2021  Began to invest in cryptocurrency in , India 、 The adoption rate of cryptocurrency in countries such as Brazil and Hong Kong is  2021  Year by year . The number of such respondents reached... In India  54%, Reach... In Brazil and Hong Kong  51%.

In the rest of the world , Respondents in Asia Pacific and Latin America are also  2021  Actively buy cryptocurrency in ,46%  Latin American respondents and  45%  Of respondents in the Asia Pacific region were in  2021  Bought their first cryptocurrency in .44%  Of respondents reported that , According to the report ,44% American respondents and 40% Of the European respondents were from 2021 Investment started in .

Gemini Also found that , Countries such as Indonesia and Brazil lead the world in the share of cryptocurrency investors in the general population . According to this report ,41% Of Brazilian and Indonesian respondents said they had cryptocurrencies , by comparison , The proportion in the United States is only 20%, Australia for 18%, Europe for 17%.

As report goes , United Arab Emirates 、 Cryptocurrency holdings in countries such as Singapore and Israel are also very high , The united Arab emirates  35%  Interviewee 、 Singapore  30%  Respondents and  28%  Of Israeli respondents said they held cryptocurrency .

By country / Regional division holds cryptocurrency    source : Gemini

The report also states that , The uncertainty of encryption regulation and lack of education are the two biggest obstacles to the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrency . Among non holders ,39%  Asia Pacific respondents 、37%  Latin American respondents and  36%  Of European respondents said , There is legal uncertainty about cryptocurrency . 30%  Middle East respondents 、24%  Asia Pacific and  23%  Latin American respondents also said , Encrypted tax reporting keeps them away from buying cryptocurrencies .

just as  Cointelegraph  As previously reported ,Gemini  Last year forecast ,2021  The number of encryption investors in the United States will almost double in . According to other surveys , The number of new encryption investors in the United States far exceeds  2021  year . According to the fire coin cryptocurrency exchange  1  Released in April 《2022  Cryptocurrency awareness report 》 Show , About the United States  70%  The cryptocurrency owner of  2021  First started investing in bitcoin  (BTC)  Wait for cryptocurrency .