Ethereum ghost protocol

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ethereum ghost protocol

The etheric fang Ghost agreement

What is? GHOST agreement

GHOST Agreement is Yonatan Sompolinsky and Aviv Zohar An algorithm is proposed , Its full name is The Greedy Heaviest-Observed Sub-Tree( Greedy maximum observable subtree algorithm ), Commonly known as ghost agreement

GHOST The advantages of

  • High throughput

Bitcoin to protect its security , Use the longest chain rule , And fixed block size and block time interval , This leads to low throughput (<10Tps) And long block confirmation interval (6 Block , On average, each block needs 10 minute ), But by using GHOST, The block out time in Ethereum has been shortened to 15s.

  • High stability

GHOST It solves two problems caused by high throughput :

  1. The chain forks frequently , It is difficult to determine the longest chain ;

  2. Mining will be more affected by network speed , The advantage of computing power has the advantage of asymmetry ;

Concrete realization

GHOST It solves the problem of stability

Select main chain

From Genesis block (Genesis) Start , Select the heaviest subtree for each fork , Not the longest , Until the order of the main chain is determined . Take the example in the picture , The final selection of the main chain is 0, 1B, 2C, 3D, 4B.


At the same time, for blocks not on the main chain , Allow them to be referenced by the main chain ( The main chain block references at most 2 individual ), After being successfully referenced, these blocks will become tertiary blocks .

Block rewards

Blocks on the main chain , Every reference to a tertiary block , Reward 1/32 Block rewards for

The reward obtained by the quoted uncle block is the normal reward 2/8~7/8 times , The closer to the uncle block ( The smaller the difference in block height ), The higher the reward , Up to 7/8.


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