What is the difference between Polkadot and Kusama?

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difference polkadot kusama
Based on similar code Polkadot And Kusama, Still have their own independent governance and community

“ Boca knowledge map ” It's our entry-level article on poca from zero to one , Let's try to start with the most basic part of Boca , To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the contents of Boca , Of course, it's a huge project , And it's full of challenges , However, we hope that through such efforts, we can make people correctly understand Boca , It also makes it convenient for people who don't know poca to master poca related knowledge quickly , Today is the third day of the column 40 period , To get to know Polkadot And Kusama What is the difference between two independent networks ?

Boca and Kusama The current parallel chain slot of the network Auction Have entered normalization , Although they use similar code bases to build , But at the changing frequency 、 The application threshold is different .

In order to ensure that the project can have a more stable state before launching Boca network , Almost all projects will be in Kusama Testing and iteration on the network .

however ,Kusama And Boca are still independent of each other , also Gavin Previously said Kusama It's not just a test network ,Polkadot and Kusama Are independent networks with different priorities .

Kusama It's wild and fast ; Ideal for bold experimentation and early deployment .Polkadot More conservative , Give priority to stability and reliability .

After all, there are differences between cousins .

What do the two networks have in common ?

Kusama Is used for Polkadot An earlier version of the same code was released , This means they share the same underlying architecture : Proof of interest based on nomination (NPoS) Multiple chains of 、 Heterogeneous fragment design .

The two networks also share key innovations , Such as chain governance 、 Heat exchange without bifurcation Runtimes、 Chain upgrade and cross consensus messaging (XCM) Interoperability of .

Polkadot and Kusama Governance is designed to be decentralized and unlicensed , Let have a native pass (Polkadot by DOT,Kusama by KSM) Everyone can have a say in how the network works .

therefore , as time goes on , These networks will develop independently according to the decisions of their respective communities 、 Fusion or differentiation .

The main difference

There are several important differences to explain .

 picture picture

These two networks also have different circulation and supply .


Polkadot and Kusama The first key technical difference between is ,Kusama Modified governance parameters , For faster upgrades .

Kusama Faster than Polkadot Four times faster , The pass holder can 7 Vote on the referendum within days , And then there was 8 The promulgation period of days , After that, the referendum will be issued on the chain .

This means that if stakeholders want to keep up with all proposals 、 Referendum and escalation , You need to be active and alert , and Kusama Verifiers on usually need to update in a short time .

stay Polkadot On , The vote continued 28 God , And then there was 28 The promulgation period of days .

It doesn't mean that Kusama Blockchain itself is faster , In terms of block time or transaction throughput ( These are the same on both networks ), It means shorter time between governance events , For example, propose a new referendum 、 Vote and issue approved upgrades . This makes Kusama Be able to compare Polkadot Adapt and develop faster .

Streamline establishment

Teams that want to run parallel chains need to bind a pass as a guarantee .Kusama Binding requirements may be lower than Polkadot The requirements of .

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The application case

Polkadot It is and will be the main network for deploying enterprise applications and high-value transactions that require bank level security and stability .

Kusama The initial use case was as a pre production environment , One “ The Canary network ”. For the average developer , This seems to be a testing network , What's the difference? ? What exactly does Canary mean ?

Canary is a kind of bird : in the past , Coal miners will put canaries in the coal mine , To measure the amount of toxic gas present .

Again , Canary testing is a way to verify Software , By offering to a limited number of users , Or maybe it's an isolated environment to release software , Without hurting people and birds .

stay Kusama A release on can be considered a canary release (Canary Releases). These releases are usually phased . stay Kusama Early stage , The network is not only used for innovation and testing changes of parallel chain candidates , And still right Polkadot Proof of the concept of piecewise model .

In a typical blockchain development pipeline ,Kusama Will be located at “ Test net ” and “ Main network ” Between

As you can imagine , First, in the Kusama Build on , Can let the team in a real 、 Completely decentralized 、 Testing in a community controlled network , And Polkadot comparison , Lower risk of problems or errors .

Many projects will maintain parallel chains on both networks , stay Kusama Test and test new technologies and functions on , Deploy them to Polkadot.

Some teams will decide to stay only Kusama On , This may be where we see some exciting new technology experiments . Projects that require high throughput but not necessarily as secure as banks , For example, some games 、 Social networks and content distribution applications , Especially suitable for this use case .

Kusama It may also prove to be governance 、 incentive 、 Monetary policy and DAO( Decentralized autonomous organization ) Ideal environment for ambitious new ideas and innovative experiments in fields such as .

Polkadot Runtime Future upgrades may also be in Polkadot The main network is deployed to Kusama.

In this way , We can not only see the introduction of these new technologies and functions Polkadot Previous performance under real-world conditions , And the teams already deployed to these two networks will also have an in-depth understanding of the performance of their own technologies under these upgrades .

Looking forward to the future

Final ,Kusama and Polkadot Will continue to exist as a separate network , They have their own communities 、 Own governance and own complementary use cases , Although they will continue to maintain a close relationship , Many teams may deploy applications on both networks .

future , We may also see Kusama Bridge received Polkadot To achieve interoperability across networks .Web3 The foundation continues to work on the development of these two networks , Provide important support and guidance to the team building the ecosystem .

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