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partner pantera capital space runners
As people hope to web3 Show yourself in a more comprehensive way , Yuancosmos fashion company is gaining explosive appeal .

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Space Runners Is a meta universe fashion company , We are building a virtual world focusing on fashion , And launched in cooperation with talented designers and artists NFT series . Space Runners Recently completed 1000 Ten thousand dollar financing , Is driving the possibility of digital fashion .

As people hope to web3 Show yourself in a more comprehensive way , Yuancosmos fashion company is gaining explosive appeal . As individuals , Appearance is a way to show yourself to society . Whether by following fashion trends , Create your own style , Or rely on the charm of a brand , Everyone has a unique personal style .

For a long time , Fashion embodies a person's style 、 Status and wealth .

People's first impression of others is usually related to their appearance , And this habit is amplified on the Internet , The first thing to recognize others in the metauniverse is usually the appearance of numbers . Besides , Virtual social networking is becoming more and more important in the whole society , Especially when COVID-19 restricted the interaction under the line. . fashion NFT To develop rapidly , Because people always have a desire to express themselves , This is an aspect that cannot be ignored on the Internet . according to OpenSea The founder of Alex Atallah Tweets of , at present OpenSea Upper NFT The quantity has exceeded 2010 Number of websites in . these NFT A large part of the will become fashion NFT.

People usually like to show their fashion ideas , The fashion in the meta cosmic ecosystem is particularly eye-catching , Because it allows individuals to surpass web2 Express yourself in a way .Web3 Fashion reaches a wider audience , And will not be affected by the time consumed by fashion design and production 、 Physical constraints such as logistics . Most physical fashion items will lose value in the second transaction , The metauniverse is just the opposite , Fashion goods are seen as an investment that can appreciate . Besides , There is no need to worry about the comfort and functionality of clothing in the virtual world , Therefore, it is possible to design more bold and avant-garde fashion works .

Fashion related activities , For example, virtual fashion show 、 Flash boutique visit and try on gallery , It is becoming more and more popular in virtual ecosystem . for example ,3 month 24 Japan , For the first time, the virtual world used by users Decentraland It's free “ Yuan universe fashion week ”(MVFW) . Compared with field activities , Although accessibility is limited , But the event is very inclusive , Audience users only need Ethereum wallet to buy assets .MVFW Enable users to buy digital wearable devices from various popular metauniverse fashion brands , A high social position is not needed 、 Strong contacts or a lot of money .

In addition to lowering the entry threshold , Another attraction of this space is personalization ,web3 Ecosystem shows more styles as users 、 Become stronger with better decentralized agreements .

Space Runners

Space Runner It is a meta universe fashion brand , Focus on creating fashion pieces for meta universe players . Fashion is people in the real world and web3 The way to express yourself in the world ,Pantera I'm proud to be with Polychain Capital Jointly lead the investment Space Runner 1000 Ten thousand dollar financing . Co founder of the project Won Soh Express , After financing ,Space Runners plan “ Build the first end-to-end fashion ecosystem on the blockchain ”. It is not a new concept for people to regard high fashion as a display of wealth , This concept is used in web3 Increasingly prominent in ecosystems . Overall speaking , Items in the meta universe have wealth attributes , And the openness and transparency of assets , Easier to spread widely , Get public attention .

adopt Space Runners Our community can see the popularity of digital fashion ; Community in Instagram I got more than 30 Million followers , stay Twitter I got more than 10 Million followers , Besides, there are Discord member . stay Snapchat On , Users can even use the team's “ Try them on? ” Experience digital sports shoes and other wearable devices . The project is based on a one-time initial coinage fee for each series , And when the work is resold 4.25% To make a profit from the second royalty .

 A pair from Space Runner Of NBA Champions Series shoes , With price history and attributes . source :Magic Eden A pair from Space Runner Of NBA Champions Series shoes , With price history and attributes . source :Magic Eden


Space Runners Unique digital wearable device , Its original works are usually in cooperation with artists , Then on the blockchain with NFT Formal representation of , And it can be cited in the metauniverse and games .Space Runners Creator oriented : The platform often holds public design competitions , And cooperate with many unique artists . at present ,Space Runners A design competition is being held , The community voted for the best design , The work will be released in the next series , The winner can get a profit share .

The agreement was originally signed in Solana Push on NFT Fashion collection , And put it on the shelf Magic Eden and FTX , But plans are under way to extend it to Ethereum and other chains . CEO Deniz Özgür Express ,Space Runners Has been working with some “ The most popular fashion company in New York ” cooperation , And is seeking to create a softer aesthetic series , To surpass “ Urban cement style ” Types of pieces .

Space Runners The designers of the next series face fierce competition , The chart above shows the ranking . source :Space RunnersSpace Runners The designers of the next series face fierce competition , The chart above shows the ranking . source :Space Runners

The first series is called NBA Champions Drop, With the former NBA Star Kuzma and Nick Young jointly designed , only 9 Sold out in minutes . These works are in Solana It's cast on the wall , Currently popular NFT trading platform Magic Eden The price of the floor on the is 13 SOL. The upper limit of this series is 10,000 Pieces of , The Mint's lifetime royalty is 0.5%.

According to the founder , stay Space Runners Discord Community members on the white list participated in the private placement , These include preferential casting and discount pricing . Private placement is followed by public offering , The entire public offering lasted less than ten minutes . Private placement section 1 The price of this round is 3 SOL, The first 2 The price of this round is 4 SOL, Public offering NFT The price for 5 SOL.

according to Magic Eden data display , Gym shoes NFT The owner of will receive exclusive benefits , for example NBA Side tickets for the game 、Space Runners Physical commodity 、 Exclusive party invitation 、 The white list of the next series and so on . The company plans to launch a second series soon .Space Runners Great importance is attached to bringing emerging outstanding artists into NFT The ecological system , And provide information about NFT Technical knowledge of .

NBA Champions Drop His works are now in Magic Eden shelves . source :Magic EdenNBA Champions Drop His works are now in Magic Eden shelves . source :Magic Eden


Space Runners Did not choose the existing metacosmic ecosystem , Instead, it plans to launch a program called Spaceverse The metacosmic world . They believe that their own design of meta universe and token mode will be more suitable for the unique virtual fashion ecosystem . Besides , Token system and strong community will be Spaceverse Fashion meta universe creates a moat .

 Ready to enter Spaceverse. source :Space Runners Ready to enter Spaceverse. source :Space Runners


$SPACE Tokens have many use cases . User upgrade NFT And merge NFT It needs to be destroyed $SPACE. according to Space Runners That's what I'm saying , Users can also spend $SPACE Purchase land 、 Build shops and display NFT.$SPACE It's a multi-functional token , Users can earn money by playing games and interacting in the metauniverse , Users holding money can also participate in governance 、 Voting and pledge .


According to the founders ,Space Runners The later stage of planning is expected . With the help of Spaceverse, Not only through Wear-to-Earn Mode makes fashion game , Also bring fashion brands into the virtual world , Create an immersive shopping experience for users . The team will pass the fashion NFT The concept continues to expand cooperation with real-world artists , And integrated metauniverse and game environment . This will enable Space Runners Become the most attractive fashion meta universe platform .

The team

Space Runners from Won Soh and Deniz Özgür founded ,Soh Worked at McKinsey 、 Google and Bain , Bachelor of business administration from the University of California, Berkeley , Özgür After receiving a bachelor's degree in business and economics from Bosporus University , Invested a lot of time in business development of blockchain and digital identity .

Other famous artists in the team include Rohan Chhabra、Victor Homenko and Mijoo Kim, Everyone injects talent into NFT Fashion items . Fashion creative director Chhabra stay Nike and Ralph Lauren work 10 many years .Homenko Is an award-winning designer , And is Reddit NFTs The chief artist of ,Kim yes Mue Studio Co-founder of , And has more than ten years of experience in art guidance and visual art .

In terms of Technology ,Mert Beyaz More than four years of blockchain experience , And was the technical director of a large cryptocurrency exchange .Ahmet Yildirim Integrate in blockchain ( Included in the Ethereum Foundation ) Five years of experience in , And brings expertise in core engine and smart contract development .

Pantera I believe that fashion will get more development in the virtual world . Because digital fashion has a wider audience , It is convenient for users to support emerging designers and express themselves in a more personalized way .

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