Xiao Feng of Wanxiang blockchain: thinking about "decentralization" in the meta universe

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xiao feng wanxiang blockchain thinking
Dr. Xiao Feng talked about blockchain 、Web3 And the meta universe , It is considered that centralization or decentralization can be done in different application scenarios 「 Interval matching 」, At the same time, we can also do a good job in the centralization or decentralization of different network levels 「 Hierarchical 」.
Original title :《 Wanxiang blockchain Xiao Feng : Thinking in the meta universe 「 De centralization 」》 The source of the original : WeChat official account of Wanxiang block chain

3 month 30 On the afternoon of Sunday , The first issue of new Zhiyuan yuancosmos Forum 「 Meta universe New humans 」 Held Online , Many celebrities share their feelings , Contributed a lot of dry goods . Xiao Feng, chairman and general manager of Wanxiang blockchain, was also invited to give a speech at the forum , Dr. Xiao Feng talked about blockchain 、Web3 And the meta universe , It is considered that centralization or decentralization can be done in different application scenarios 「 Interval matching 」, At the same time, we can also do a good job in the centralization or decentralization of different network levels 「 Hierarchical 」.

The following is a selection of Dr. Xiao Feng's speech .

Dr Xiao Feng believes , In the final analysis, the meta universe is still a network world , Based on what we often talk about recently Web3 On the basis of .

From the perspective of the development trend of the most basic network technology , The Internet is indeed evolving towards decentralization . in other words , With the network from Web1 Develop to Web2 Until then Web3, It is an increasingly decentralized process .

stay Web1 Time , The network is logged in with a user name and password , On a read-only network , Only information and information ;Web2 Time , Network is used App Account login , and App The account has gone through a certain degree of KYC, You can read and write on the network 、 Interaction , So information becomes data , But these data belong to the Internet platform .

here we are Web3 Stage , The way of logging in to the network has developed into using DID Digital identity . Have their own digital identity , Then the function of the network is added : ownership .Web2 The data on the can be transformed into the assets of users .

The network foundation of the universe is Web3, and Web3 How can we make users' data their own assets ? This requires blockchain technology as a distributed ledger .

Blockchain is used to register the data assets of Internet users . stay Web3 On this decentralized network , Blockchain is a supporting decentralized economic system and financial system ; And the meta universe based on these two , It is a decentralized digital world .

Only those who decentralize Web3, Combined with a decentralized economic system , Finally, we can form a complete meta universe .

In the meta universe , The core content is not digital twins , Digital twins are the foundation of the meta universe . And the core of the metauniverse 、 The most valuable , More innovative 、 Creative and disruptive digital native technology .

In the digital world , Digital primitives can create things that are impossible in the physical world , This is the fundamental reason why we need the meta universe .

Dr Xiao Feng said , In fact, the contradiction between decentralization and centralization can be interpreted in many dimensions , How to see 「 De centralization 」, Determines whether we can build a real meta universe , It even determines whether we can build a real digital economy . Decentralization does have disadvantages and shortcomings , But decentralization also has its positive significance .

First , From the development trend of basic network technology , Because we need to face more and more massive data 、 More and more massive demand 、 More and more important network security 、 Robustness requirements , It is also to better eliminate single point of failure , The network is becoming more and more decentralized , There is nothing wrong with this .

secondly , From an economic point of view , Decentralization and centralization reflect the dispute between fairness and efficiency . Fairness and efficiency are the eternal topics of economics , Centralization emphasizes efficiency , Decentralization emphasizes fairness .

And extreme decentralization 、 Extreme centralization emphasizes extreme fairness or extreme efficiency . however , Nothing can be extreme , Extreme fairness and extreme efficiency are certainly not good .

Third , From the perspective of epistemology , Emergence theory is very consistent with decentralization , Emergence theory faces the complex system brought by digital technology , Emphasize the complexity of the system 、 Randomness and self-organization , And reductionism, which originated in ancient Greece , It emphasizes the integrity of the world 、 structured , Emphasize the method of detailed analysis . For the cognition of the meta universe , There are both centralized logic and decentralized logic , I didn't say who was right or who was wrong .

Fourth , From the perspective of governance mechanism , Centralization refers to the top-down hierarchy and top-level design ; Decentralization refers to bottom-up distributed and grass-roots decision-making . Ren Zhengfei said something to the following effect : Let soldiers who can hear the fire command the general . That's what we're talking about .

The fifth , In terms of scientific and technological innovation , Brian, former dean of the Santa Fe Institute ・ Arthur said , The essence of technological evolution is also 「 Self made 」 and 「 Self organizing 」 Of . The path of technological innovation has always been from the edge to the core .

The sixth , In terms of business innovation , In the early days of the industrial revolution , The organizational form of the company is U Type organization , That is, top-down height control , The Department has no decision-making power , This is a high degree of centralization .

After globalization and diversification become the trend , There is the division of regions and product lines . At this time , It is impossible for the headquarters not to let the branches and product lines in various regions have independent decision-making power , Then decentralization has value . So it came out M Type organization .

The seventh , The digital world is a world of bit structure , It is characterized by complexity 、 chaos 、 Disorder 、 Random 、 Disequilibrium , It has the characteristics of decentralization . Doing things in the meta universe , We must face the characteristics of decentralization , This is an irresistible reality .

therefore , Xiao Feng thinks , We should take a comprehensive view of decentralization , Get rid of the dross , Extract its essence , For my use . The recommended method is shown in the following coordinate diagram : On the horizontal axis , Do a good job of centralization or decentralization in different application scenarios 「 Interval matching 」, Most application scenarios should be located at one of these two coordinate points ; On the vertical axis , Do a good job of centralization or decentralization at different network levels 「 Hierarchical 」, The network layer may be more decentralized , The application layer may be more centralized .

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