Application and draft of blockchain in emergency field

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application draft blockchain emergency field

From bitcoin blockchain technology , stay 《 China's blockchain technology and application development white paper 2016》 in , Blockchain technology is defined as : It uses block chain data structure to verify and store data 、 Using distributed node consensus algorithm to generate and update data 、 Using cryptography to ensure the security of data transmission and access 、 A new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm that uses smart contracts composed of automated script code to program and manipulate data . And in Baidu Encyclopedia , It defines blockchain as a term in the field of information technology . essentially , It's a shared database , Data or information stored in it , have “ Don't falsify ”、“ Leave a mark all the way ”、“ It can be traced back to ”、“ Open and transparent ”、“ Collective maintenance ” Other characteristics .

It may be difficult to understand what blockchain is from the academic definition , Here's an analogy : Zhang San's construction team requires all workers to get a special work account book ( Asymmetric encryption ), It is used to register the daily work information of each person ( De centralization ). On the day of work , While Zhang San registers the work information in his account book , Other colleagues who work together will also record in their account books “ Zhang San went to work on the same day ” Such a message , And Zhang San will also write down for other colleagues who go to work one by one “ So and so went to work on the same day ”、“ So and so went to work on the same day ” Job information ( Shared ledger ), After registration , We will also circulate it to each other ( Consensus mechanism ), To ensure that everyone's registered information is correct . And if Zhang San doesn't go to work one day , But privately wrote it down in his account book “ Zhang San went to work on the same day ” Information about , So when settling wages , Just check everyone's books , You'll find Zhang San's fake record , Then it will not only be calculated in strict accordance with the actual work situation , And kick Zhang San out of the construction team , So as to ensure the common interests of everyone . This is a complete series of operations , It corresponds to various characteristics and technologies in the blockchain .

Blockchain technology did not attract extensive attention in the early stage of development , But with the rapid development of bitcoin economy , Due to the decentralization of blockchain Technology 、 Collective maintenance 、 Trace tracing 、 It can't be tampered with , Now in Finance 、 The Internet and even traditional industrial production have highlighted great application value .

In the field of emergency , The introduction of blockchain concept and related technologies can solve the problem of untimely communication of collaborative disposal tasks , The accounts of emergency supplies and disaster relief funds are not made public , Fraudulent use of emergency resources , Problems such as unclear capital settlement of enterprises involved in social emergency security , It can also cooperate with the reward and punishment mechanism to realize the construction of social emergency enterprise integrity system , It is an important guarantee measure to promote the sustainability of the emergency command system .

First, promote the emergency management department 、 Public Security 、 traffic police 、 Medical care 、 Finance and other departments have reached a consensus in the field of emergency response , Build a decentralized emergency response database through technology , This ensures that after every emergency , All participating departments can quickly confirm the situation of the incident at the same time , Intervene in rescue operations according to the plan or action plan , And update the latest information obtained by each party to the same “ Event tree ” For other departments to study and judge , On the one hand, it can improve the emergency response speed of all departments , Improve the ability of emergency rescue , At the same time, it also ensures the disaster 、 Data security in case of catastrophe , The response and disposal records of each department also provide a real data source for future accident investigation .

And in emergency supplies 、 Dispatch and delivery of disaster relief funds 、 Allocation, collection and cost settlement , You can also integrate the chain , Collective maintenance relying on blockchain technology 、 Trace tracing 、 It can't be tampered with , Make all records true and clear 、 Traceability and transparency , So as to promote the construction of openness of government affairs .

In terms of social emergency security participating in the construction of enterprise integrity system , Through blockchain Technology , Further establish and improve the reward and punishment mechanism , While providing a more open and transparent platform for enterprises participating in social emergency security , Protect the practical interests of emergency management departments and social enterprises , Ensure the continuity of the emergency command system of the emergency management department 、 Steady performance .

But on the other hand , Due to the stability of blockchain 、 The technologies of security, mode and energy consumption are not yet fully mature , The emergency command and rescue work is a race against the clock , High reliability requirements for technology and related systems , Therefore, the blockchain technology should still be subject to appropriate utilization 、 Learn from others' strong points and close the gap , While making full use of its concept and Technology , Ensure the stability and safety of the whole emergency management and command system , In line with the construction and actual needs of emergency informatization .

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