CEO of Heuer Watch: NFT is expected to be launched in May, and the official website supports encrypted payment

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ceo heuer watch nft expected

4 month 4 Japan , CEO of TAG Heuer Watch 、 Luxury brand giants LVMH Boss Bernard Arnault Son of Frederick · Arnold (Frédéric Arnault) At the Geneva Watch Show , Related to Heuer's new watch NFT It will be next month ( namely 5 month ) Introduction , The details have not been disclosed yet . Frederick · Arnault said , We believe that NFT It's a new technology , A new asset class , And Heuer Watch has a say in this regard . meanwhile , Frederick · Arnault also revealed that all watches on the official website of Heuer Watch will support cryptocurrency payment , And he himself holds a lot of NFT, Including invisible people Invisible Friends 、 as well as RTFKT its Clone X.(Vogue Business)

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