Intel: Intel blockscale ASIC bitcoin mining chip will be shipped in the third quarter

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intel intel blockscale asic bitcoin

4 month 4 Japan , Intel today announced a new bitcoin mining chip Intel Blockscale ASIC It will be shipped in the third quarter of this year , The chip will support up to 580 GH/s Hash rate and up to 26 J/TH Power . According to Intel , They have been studying bitcoin mining for decades to improve the workload (PoW) Mining energy consumption efficiency , According to the general manager of blockchain and business solutions of Intel accelerated computing systems and graphics division Jose Rios call ,Intel Blockscale ASIC The chip will help bitcoin mining companies achieve sustainable and computing power expansion goals in the coming years . however , Intel says , Will only provide customers with chips , Instead of providing a complete ASIC mill ,Argo Blockchain、Block, Inc.、Hive Blockchain and GRIID Infrastructure It is one of the first encryption mining companies to obtain Intel chips .(BitcoinMagazine)

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