What are the robots and users in the blockchain

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Sort transactions fairly :

Nowadays, there is a problem in blockchain design “ Open secrets ”, That is, the blockchain is in a section In a very short time, it is actually centralized . Miners and verifiers can sort transactions according to their own wishes . network Users in the network can also order transactions by paying transaction fees ( Such as : In Ethereum gas fee ), And in Take advantage of the speed of network connection to a certain extent . This kind of manipulation can be in the form of trading rush . Miners' meeting view Observe user transactions , And insert your own transaction in the front in the same block , For personal gain . It's good for them to do so Use the advantage that you can see the trading pool in advance to squeeze the interests of users . such as , You can develop a machine people , Insert the buy transaction in front of a user transaction . In this way, the user's bill can drive up the asset price Buy first , To profit from it .


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