Operation guide: teach you how to bridge from Ethereum to layer 2

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operation guide teach bridge ethereum

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Layer 2 Technical advantages need not be repeated , But how Layer 2 Bridge to something like Ethereum (Ethereum) In this way Layer 1 The Internet , It seems that not many people understand ? This article will provide a detailed guide , Teach you how to bridge from Ethereum to Layer 2.

For now , Encrypted network is mainly composed of Layer 1 and Layer 2 form . We know ,Layer 1 It is the basic layer of blockchain network , The most typical is Ethereum 、 The currency 、Solana  etc. ;Layer 2 At Layer 1 above , But transaction processing is better than Layer 1 The basic layer of blockchain is faster 、 A lower cost . If you're a miner , Then you can earn... When verifying the transaction Layer 1 Native on the platform Token, such as SOL、ETH  etc. .

If you don't know yourself “ be personally Layer 1 still Layer 2”, In fact, it can be judged by judging whether the network depends on another blockchain , If your network is completely independent , So it's basically a so-called “Layer 1 The Internet ” 了 . At this stage ,Layer 2 Still need to rely on Layer 1, And you need to feed back the processed data to Layer 1, It means Layer 2 The degree of decentralization will not be very good —— Of course , This is also a pleasure “ Faster 、 Lower cost ” The price you have to pay . At this stage ,Layer 2 It can be roughly divided into two categories , One class Focus on capacity expansion technology , The other class Is to focus on Cross link Bridge Technology :

1、 The most typical expansion technology Layer 2 Examples of networks include  Arbitrum、Polygon  and  Optimism  etc. . Before the message occurs to the Ethereum blockchain , Every Layer 2 Blockchains will be independent 、 High speed 、 Process Ethereum transactions on low-cost networks ;
2、 The most typical cross chain bridge or token bridge Layer 2 Examples of networks include  Multichain、WBTC、Ren and Wormhole etc. , These networks allow users to transfer assets across blockchain .

In this paper , We will focus on how to use capacity expansion technology Layer 2 Connect to Ethereum , Not a chain bridge . In order to obtain Layer 2 The network has faster transaction speed and lower transaction cost , You have to send money to the Internet , If you like , All cryptocurrencies can be converted back to the basic layer of blockchain ( Like Ethereum ). for instance , You can go to  Loopring  Send over the Internet 10 ETH, And then in the free gas Cost  DEX  Trade on , Then cash it on the Ethereum blockchain . But how do you achieve these operations ? below , Let's have a look .

The first 1 Step : choice Layer 2 The Internet

The first thing you have to do , Is to choose a bridge Token Of Layer 2 The Internet .( Planet King o-daily notes : Transfer funds from Layer 1 Transferred to the Layer 2 go by the name of “ The bridge ”, But not all bridges are Multi Chain , Some only apply to Ethereum ). Now , There are many different bridging solutions in the market , Some of them need to be attached to a specific Layer 1 The Internet —— Ethereum is undoubtedly the most popular Layer 1, Because it has the most extensive use cases , However, the cost of online transaction processing is relatively high and the speed is slow , At present, the mainstream Ethereum Layer 2 The bridge includes Arbitrum、Boba、Loopring、Optimism and  dYdX.

( There are other multi chain bridges on the market , These bridging technologies mainly focus on Interoperability , On these chain bridges , You can migrate between blockchains Token, There is no need to worry about whether the target blockchain supports native assets , However, this article will not focus on these cross chain bridges .)

The first 2 Step : Get your wallet ready

Layer 2 The bridge can be unmanaged Web 3 Wallet access , At present, the most popular wallet for encrypted users is MetaMask, But most wallets should be able to connect to Layer 2. Next , You need to deposit the plan in your wallet Layer 2 Assets sent by the bridge , As well as some Layer 1 Native tokens to support transaction completion , If you choose Layer 1 It's Ethereum , Then you need to prepare some ETH.

The first 3 Step : The bridge

Next , You need to go to the target Layer 2 gateway . To better illustrate , We choose Optimism, But other Layer 2 The processing method of gateway is basically the same , It won't make much difference . After selecting the gateway , You will see the following screen :

 The etheric fang To this step , You can put any Layer 1 On the Internet ERC-20 Tokens, ( or ETH In itself ) The switch to “ On the bridge ”, Then bridging technology will take your Token Move to Layer 2 The Internet . The following is an example , We entered 0.01 ETH, namely 27 dollar , You will see the following screen :

 The etheric fang

To transfer assets , We have to pay on Ethereum gas fee , In this case MetaMask The offer you give us is about 12.50 dollar , As shown in the figure below :

 The etheric fang

Don't worry, it's more expensive , Because we know , After this fee is paid , All transactions will be much cheaper . Assets arrive at Optimism About need 20 minute , Upon completion of the transaction , We will receive the following message :

 The etheric fang The first 4 Step : stay Layer 2 Make a deal on the Internet

After completing the above three steps , Your token should already be in Layer 2 It's on the Internet , This means that these tokens can be integrated in any Layer 2 Decentralization of Finance Used in the agreement , Or you can work with other Layer 2 Wallet for direct transactions . below , Let's move on Optimism Example , We can now go through Optimism Layer 2 Bridging in  Uniswap  Trading on , Instead of using the more expensive Ethereum main network .

So , After the payment is completed, we click... In the network selection tab “Optimism” Switch to Optimism The Internet , And conferred MetaMask The Internet “ from Ethereum Change to Optimism” Authority .

Beyond all doubt ,Layer 2 It should be cheaper to trade on 、 faster , stay Uniswap On , If you want to 0.01 ETH To exchange for DAI, A fee of about 15 Dollar fee , On Ethereum, the cost is about 27 dollar . But when you switch to Optimism Trade on 0.0099 ETH when ,Optimism The transaction fee charged is less than 1 dollar , And the whole transaction processing time is only 1.5 second .

Arbitrum They work almost exactly the same way , Other bridges may operate slightly differently , But the difference is small . Sometimes , You may use Layer 2 Native cryptocurrencies pay transaction fees , But in most cases , You may not have to pay any fees at all .

 The etheric fang

The first 5 Step : Put the money “ Return ” To Layer 1 Main network

This step depends on the individual's will to choose , If you like , You can stay in... Indefinitely Layer 2 Trading on the Internet , It is not necessary to interact with the blockchain master network of the basic layer . however , If you want to move your money back to the main network , Funds can also be transferred to at any time through reverse bridging transactions Layer 1 Main Internet .

Put the money “ Return ” To Layer 1 Main network , Different blockchain bridging technologies take different time . for instance , If your withdrawal transaction uses Optimistic Rollups technology , Then it will take about a week to see your transaction on Ethereum . The reason why it took so long , Because Optimistic Rollups Let the blockchain verifier resolve any disputes that may arise from transactions that appear to be fraudulent ,Optimism and Arbitrum Rely on a Optimistic Rollups technology .

To be frank , A week is really a long time , Co founder of Ethereum  Vitalik Buterin I have also questioned this . If you can't stand it for so long , You can also use zk-Rollups technology , Although the technology allows withdrawal transactions to be completed in just a few minutes , But because it does not support the dispute resolution mechanism , So there may be some risks .

In short ,Layer 2 The emergence of has indeed solved many problems in the basic layer of blockchain , I hope this guide can help you “ Save some money ”.

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