The NFT issued by Liverpool in the Premier League was opposed by fans, and the sales volume was less than 5%

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nft issued liverpool premier league

The legendary English football club Liverpool Football Club (Liverpool FC) This year, 3 In June, it announced the launch of the team's first... In cooperation with Sotheby's NFT series , But the move was opposed by most fans , Its NFT The sales volume is less than 5%. Simon, director of Eurasian sports industry center · Chadwick (Simon Chadwick) Disclose on twitter ,“ Liverpool team released the first NFT A lot of problems have arisen . up to now , In its issued 171000 gold NFT in , The quantity sold is less than 8000 gold . Fans either oppose the development of NFT, Or complain about these NFT The is overpriced . Fans don't know NFT,NFT The market itself has a long way to go .”(Empireofthekop)

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