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This year, 1 month , Many people are in Crypto Twitter Announce , If 2021 Year is NFT year , that 2022 Year is DAO year .DAO It is a decentralized autonomous organization , It is a new organizational structure , With the influx of funds into the field of encryption , This organizational structure has proliferated rapidly in the past few years . They are an extension of the world's commitment to decentralization : They are no longer owned by one person or controlled by the board , It is owned collectively by participating members , Vote on decisions through smart contracts , And enforce decision rules .

Aaron Wright It's a lawyer , It's also Flamingo DAO Co-founder of , The company invests in NFT And creative projects , He will be DAO Compared to the “ With a bank account Subreddit ”.“ The energy of the Internet is pouring in , But there is no really effective way to guide it ,” He said .“ I Believe DAO That's the answer. .”

Professionals think ,DAO It may eventually replace many traditional companies , Become a cooperative organization in the new era .( for example , Imagine a version of Uber , Drivers collectively own the company ). However , At present, most DAO All focus on encryption and Web3 Activities . Somewhat DAO Collection NFT(PleasrDAO), There are some DAO Promote decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (Uniswap), Build blockchain products and tools (PartyDAO), And incubation and funding NFT The artist (herstoryDAO).

But skeptics point out , many DAO Not particularly dispersed , Their ability to manage the unpredictable complexity of human organizations is limited . Video critic Dan · Olson (Dan Olson) In his YouTube In the crazy video, it argued that , call DAO It's a revolutionary structure. It's nonsense : It's just voting rights . Earlier this month ,《 The New York times 》 Published an article , Pointed out DAO Some of my struggles , Including large-scale hacker attacks 、 Low turnout and internal conflicts .
Although some DAO It has erupted spectacularly , But there are others DAO Moving quietly , Provides another model for what the workplace might look like . One of them is Dorg, It was one of the first companies recognized as limited liability companies in the United States DAO One of .Dorg On 2019 Officially established in , Is a software development company , Help for Web3 And encryption projects to build infrastructure . I interviewed DAO Four members of , To find out Dorg Differences from traditional limited liability companies , And how these differences help or hinder their work .

With software development companies operating on the blockchain dOrg Hold a plenary meeting

No management team , Everyone is the owner of the company

From the top ,Dorg There are no general management positions (CEO、CFO etc. ). Although software engineers Ori Shimony Co founded the company , But he has no formal leadership title , But describe yourself as “ Help R & D ”.
contrary , Roles are fluid , People enter different roles according to each project . All persons officially working in the company are the legal owners of its Vermont limited liability company , Everyone has a share . The company's decision is to vote with tokens , Tokens are generated when you complete a project for the company .( therefore ,Shimony Holding the largest share of corporate tokens , about 9%, But since the establishment of the company , This share has been steadily declining , And will continue to decline .)

Dorg Full time product designer Colin · Spencer said , Knowing that this ownership model is a huge wake-up call .“ In almost every company I've worked for , My boss told me :“ I really hope you have this project .” But it's not true . Now? , Everything I build is mine , It completely changes the way you manage your time .

However , This company is not completely without hierarchy . Specific aspects of the project are led by experts ( Like technology 、 Project management, etc ). however , The leader of a project may find himself reporting to his subordinates on the next project .“ There is a difference between leadership and authority ,” Simone said .“ No authority can wave a wand to make decisions . But someone , Or better yet, more than one person , Offer advice 、 Guidance and guidance , It really helps .

Developers choose their own projects and control their own budgets

Working time and place are flexible , It can drive itself . The employees I interviewed live in three different countries , No one says they work more than... A week 45 Hours . They also talked about a great deal of autonomy in finding work projects , Develop relationships with customers , Then form a team to implement these plans . for example ,Dorg project manager Magenta Ceiba Full of enthusiasm for renewable agriculture and supporting local economy . When she met AcreDAO when , She wrote a proposal , Soon Dorg The token holder of accepted .AcreDAO It's an investment club , Focus on issues that need development help .“ The consistency of values of this project is particularly high ,” She said .Dorg Many of the developers are from Venezuela , So they have a deep understanding of when an economic collapse occurs .

Nestor · Amesti is a technical director from Venezuela , He said , Developers handle budget allocations themselves .“ We conduct a joint audit of ourselves ,” He said . If someone abuses the budget -- This must have happened in the past -- His or her peers will have the responsibility to make their own voice when they see something they disagree with . If there is a conflict , We have a clear structure to decide how to proceed .

The dispute was mediated , And then vote

In the absence of a central authority to adjudicate disputes , Employees should first abide by the company's regulations on “ Decentralized dispute resolution ” Guidelines for . Sometimes , HR operation expert ( Mainly human resources staff ) Act as a mediator .Magenta say :“ This method has worked well recently .” “ We have a direct relationship with each other 、 A frank culture .”

Shimony It is not uncommon for me to be overthrown , He said , When he wants to Dorg Public issuance of tokens -- In this way, investors can buy the quasi equity of the company -- After several telephone discussions, the idea “ Died prematurely in the Committee ”.Shimony say :“ I argued with them ; The result is the opposite , I'm glad they did .” “Dorg That's what it looks like now .”
If the decision cannot be resolved in the discussion , that DAO Members will vote on the blockchain . Spencer said , The company used to vote on almost every decision , This led to the “ Information overload and constant demand , It feels like you need to move on with what you've put forward .” Although this process may be the most democratic system , But it hinders progress , So the company began to delegate decisions to smaller companies 、 More professional groups .

The company outsources health benefits

at present ,Dorg Is working with Opolis cooperation ,Opolis Provide health care for digital workers and freelancers - Provide medical insurance for its U.S. members .Ceiba Living in California , Currently receiving state insurance , She said , She is interested in advocating for the company to explore its own insurance options , because “ We're starting to have a healthy enough Treasury to reconsider this .”

Salary is transparent

In terms of salary and Finance ,Dorg The goal is “ Completely transparent ”. All salaries and budgets are publicly maintained on the blockchain ; Every member can see the expenditure log .
and , Whether employees live around the world , They all get paid according to their skills . After joining the company, amesti moved from Venezuela to Madrid , He said , When he tried to work for Latin American institutions , They usually force developers to work at lower wages , Because they know Venezuela is in a very difficult situation . Before I started working with Dorg After cooperation , I feel my nationality doesn't matter -- This is my job and what I'm delivering .
On another interesting question , Employees engaged in specific projects can choose to be remunerated in cash or tokens representing ownership interests in these projects . If they choose the latter option , They are sacrificing their immediate expenses , Turn to support the idea , That is, the valuation of tokens will increase as the project matures .

for example , Amesti helped build the development platform PolyWrap, He said he chose to pay almost entirely in tokens , This token will be in 4 Granted... Years later . He said :“ I really believe (PolyWrap) There is great growth potential in the next few years , And want to be part of it .” It also inspires me to do things as well as possible , Because I'm involved in this sport .

Skill building is still an ongoing work

In theory , A company with a flat hierarchy may cause employees to stagnate , Employees will feel no motivation to develop skills or promote . To solve this problem ,Dorg The manual emphasizes “ Improve your skills ”, And create a collaboration structure , In this structure , Employees with different skills can learn from each other . When people form teams , Senior developers will encourage more junior developers to take on greater responsibilities or a new skill ,Ceiba say . Employees with more expertise or additional skills will be paid more .
Spencer hopes that the process of self-improvement will become more formal , And provide a skill set guide that developers need to master , To achieve a higher salary level and in Dorg The status of . He envisioned a system , In this system , Developers can sign up to develop various skills for each project , Then peer review by partners .“ therefore , There is an ongoing mechanism to assess the performance of construction workers , Develop the skills they need and make sure they do ,” He said . Spencer said , He has put forward this idea in the past , And hope to help it be implemented next year .

Before that ,Dorg Will continue to undertake the project , Vote on the new proposal , And strive to simplify the technical process . Amesti said :“ A lot of things start with experiments , There are some things that need to be solved .” But it did work , I hope I can stay here for a long time .

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