Introduce zero knowledge identity of polygon ID Web3

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introduce zero knowledge identity polygon

stay web3, I believe it's important to let people firmly control their digital identity Web3 The core of the commitment to empower users through the network .Polygon Has been working behind the scenes to achieve this commitment , Today's presentation is Polygon ID, This is the self sovereignty of the next iteration of the Internet 、 Decentralization and personal identity .

What's unique about this new identity platform is that it is made up of zero knowledge for the first time (ZK) Cryptography provides support , This is a privacy and blockchain extension technology .Polygon The ZK As the core of its strategic vision , And has invested in relevant projects 10 Billion dollars .Polygon ID It is the latest product in this rapidly growing product portfolio .

Polygon ID Has the following properties :

  • Blockchain based solutions for decentralized and autonomous models ID

  • Zero knowledge native protocol , Protect the privacy of end users

  • Scalable private chain validation , To promote decentralized applications and decentralized finance

  • Open to existing standards and ecosystem development

Polygon ID utilize Iden3 The protocol and Circom ZK tool kit . Looking forward to the future , Both projects will be undertaken by Polygon sponsorship , While maintaining the original spirit of community initiatives , Open source protocols and tools for a wider developer ecosystem .

“Polygon ID The default is private , Provide chain verification and no license certificate .Polygon Co-founder of Mihailo Bjelic say , Nothing in the field of digital identity can meet all these conditions now .“ This is also a great demonstration of how zero knowledge can help us create a better world .”

Vision and guiding principles

The default private identity is future oriented , It is also the only solution to meet the needs of the world's digital identity : Stronger privacy guarantees mean more possible use cases , This in turn will lead to more users joining .

The principle of decentralization and autonomy : Letting users control their identity and personal data is a way to achieve social coordination and regain power from third parties .

People oriented network (dWeb-of-Trust) Computing trust / reputation : The identity attribute can be declared as ( Or proof ), Can be combined to create a composite proof .

A statement can be made public from one identity to another without a third party and without permission : Identity is not passive . Institutions are providing... To individual users , Not just the organization , To enable new use cases .

Blockchain native identity and on chain authentication

The expressive declaration standard provides an advantage over irreplaceable tokens (NFT) And verifiable credentials (VC) The advantages of .NFT It's not private , And the casting cost is very high . although VC Through selective disclosure and ZK Plug ins provide a degree of privacy , But their limitation lies in the expressibility and composability required by the application . Verify... On the chain VC It's very expensive .

Polygon ID Use in-house expertise to reduce the use of Circom 2.0 Compilation is called zkSNARKs The complexity brought by the zero knowledge cipher structure of the circuit .

Developers and partners are inducted through ID The client toolkit completes , The toolkit will include native applications 、SDK And white label solutions .

Private authentication on the chain uses zkProof The request language completes , This is a unique protocol , The application can specify the private properties of the request that the user needs to prove .

Relayer It's a unique model , It promotes... By allowing any identity to make a declaration Web3 Applications . It helps reduce and manage the cost of user claims , Improve privacy and eliminate complexity through the sponsorship model of user identity .

Key unique value propositions and advantages

For end users : For everyone's privacy

Privacy is a fundamental human right ,Polygon ID Authorize the user to withdraw it . Because it is private by default , So access control is based on proving verifiable information, not sharing it with verifiers .

  • The highest level of privacy that can still run on user devices

  • The right to use anonymous users to access the application

  • accord with Web3 Privacy spirit

about Web3 agreement : High level and private chain validation

Polygon ID Allow to build new forms of reputation . Some examples include DeFi Decentralized credit scoring of financial primitives and social payments in ;DAO Decentralized character rating 、 Right to vote / Reputation for authorization and domain expertise , To implement new decision-making and governance models ;Web3 Player reputation profile of the game ; Private and anti censorship for social applications P2P Communication and interaction .

  • The identity and reputation can be encrypted and verified directly on the chain in a way of protecting privacy , To trigger the execution of de trust / operation

  • There is no need to rely on intermediaries to perform interactions with users

  • Be able to cooperate with general smart contract or NFT Interaction to form validation , But it's private

For organizations and enterprises : An open ecosystem of trust management

Polygon ID It's a complete platform , It can be used to build various identity and trust services . The team is creating an open and enterprise ready ecosystem for trust market and trust management , To build a new proof and access service with incentive layer .

  • d Access as a service

  • An environment where existing solutions can be deployed and new solutions can be created

  • KYC、KYB、 authentication

  • Distribution channels with multiple options to take advantage of emerging encryption systems

Product roadmap

Polygon ID Currently under development . The solution will be built as a set of tools 、 Platform services and examples , For developers to learn 、 Test and work with their application or dApps Integrate , utilize Polygon ID Unique chain function .

Product portfolio ( Focus on simplicity and inclusiveness ) as follows :

  • Polygon ID Wallet Applications - A set of open source user and developer toolkits , For integration or white label custom applications .

  • Polygon ID platform —— An open public platform , Developers and organizations can use it to define and manage the trust lifecycle and other requirements of their applications , for example ZKP、 Trust source, etc .

  • Polygon ID Connect - Public service platform , Used to integrate access across user wallets and applications .

Estimated delivery schedule :

  • 2022 First quarter - Polygon DAO Of PoC.

  • 2022 In the first 2 quarter - Public release ID Wallet apps and SDK, To support basic functions , If the statement is issued 、 Private Authentication 、zkProof Generate and verify .

  • 2022 Third quarter of 2007 - Full release ID The platform and SDK, For developers to implement custom use cases , Include zkQuery Language 、P2P Communication protocol and relay service .

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