Neglected corner: what is Web3 professional society fair like?

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Original title :《 Neglected corner : Professional social networking is Web3 The future of 》

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「 Work provides people with what they need in life , The type of work determines their life 、 stay ‘ social ’ A reasonable position in .」 「 Work is at the heart of the identity they build and defend throughout their lives .」 —— Zigmont ・ Bauman

 Data on the chain The Victorian working class ( picture source :Victorian Era)

Bowman once had a precise understanding of work ethics in modern society , In his opinion ,「 Work 」 It's part of most people's identity ,「 Where to work 」 Become your own identity . In modern society , Most people spend most of their time with their employers and colleagues . However, career / Social work as a business area , It has long been a neglected corner . Although the more flexible working mode seems to be Web3 The living conditions of most digital vagrants in the era , As a human activity, work itself will still occupy an important place in our life . More to the point , In distributed autonomous organizations (DAO) Under the wave of ,Web3 In the era of 「 partner 」 And 「 colleagues 」 The line between them has also become more blurred . After all , Building (BUIDL) It's our job . therefore , Make full use of the data on the chain Web3 Professional social platforms , It may bring greater changes to our working relationship .

Looking back Web2 Professional social : Limitation and reflection

The international market : Microsoft's LinkedIn (LinkedIn) It is currently the giant of global workplace social networking , In the world 200 Countries and regions sit on 7.4 Billion users and 5500 Million registered companies . LinkedIn's main sources of revenue include talent solutions 、 Advertising and membership subscription fees . The author himself from 2014 Has been a high-frequency user of Lingying since , And obtained a lot of market information and dynamic information from it . But with other Web2 Like social platforms , LinkedIn is also plagued by information theft and false information , Anyone who establishes most of the resume information in LinkedIn does not need any third-party verification , Including education 、 Work experience, etc , This has led to a considerable number of fake users cheating on LinkedIn . Besides , Our experience and certificates published on LinkedIn may also be maliciously stolen at any time , Become the material of others' fraud .2021 year , LinkedIn has turned off social functions to Chinese users , This led to a large number of domestic users in LinkedIn's accumulated network of contacts, which was close to 「 fire 」.Web2 User data sovereignty , It seems extremely fragile at the moment .

The domestic market : While LinkedIn China shut down social services , China's local workplace social platforms under major Internet manufacturers are seizing the opportunity to attack cities and territories . The identity authentication of these platforms has a higher threshold , Users need to upload more supporting materials in exchange for the authentication of the platform . But with this , Is the user's concern about data leakage , The platform shares personal data with third parties , Every move that may lead to users may have been mastered by headhunters and employers . Considering the current severe and difficult job market and the imbalance between labor and capital bargaining power , Compared with traditional social platforms , The data leakage of professional social platforms may bring a heavier blow to users .

We have reason to expect Web3 The professional social platform of the times can give us a different answer .

Web3 Professional social / Analysis of recruitment platform

Based on what we have learned so far about workplace social networking / Recruitment theme Web3 platform , This paper will make some preliminary analysis of its application scenarios and limitations . These platforms have their own focus , But there is a common regret : Fail to really 「 Resume on the chain 」 Apply to match professional social situations .

Brain Trust( Decentralized recruitment platform ): Endorsed by various gale investment funds Brain Trust(「BT」) There is no doubt that is Web3 Star projects in the field of workplace theme .2020 Started in BT Has been and NASA、 Nike 、 Deloitte 、 Large multinational enterprises including Nestle cooperate to provide recruitment services . It uses its own token model for recruiters 、 Job seekers 、 The three headhunters arrange different token incentives , It is mainly for Internet talents of technology and design . However, at present, it is believed that the weakness of the platform includes the instability of returns caused by the fluctuation of platform tokens , The ability of token to capture value is not high , And potential labor dispute resolution issues . The problem of labor disputes also stems from BT Its own token model requires that the remuneration of labor relations must be paid through the platform conversion token .BT Of Web3 Elements come from its token model and decentralized governance , However, the data on the chain are not included in the talent matching mechanism .

Project Galaxy(「 Resume on the chain / identity 」 platform ): Recently hot Project Galaxy It is considered to be user built 「Web3 Resume on the chain 」 The perfect platform . Users interact on the chain with the projects recommended on the platform , Access includes NFT Various rewards including . Indeed, the platform makes full use of the data on the chain and uses it as a reward basis , But it's more about Web3 The drainage platform of the project . The purpose of the task completed by the user is more to obtain the data left on the chain * z Follow up airdrop , Instead of using interaction to improve your resume on the chain 」 Professional image 」.

GitCoin Bounties( Odd job recruitment platform ): stay GitCoin In the ecological ,Gitcoin Bounties Maybe not the brightest one . A large number of projects will be in GitCoin Bounties Release small tasks that provide compensation , For capable people to sign up for work . Look at it this way ,GitCoin Bounties And include or The recruitment platform is similar , It will only web3 The position is published as one-way content , And use cryptocurrency as a way of payment , The operation mode as a casual work platform itself is not fully utilized Web3 Structure and data on the chain .

Web3 An ideal model for professional social business : Resume matching on the chain , Let the data on the chain really become 「 resume 」

A lot of Web3 Entrepreneurs of social projects , Recently, they all mentioned that they want to use the data on the chain to do similar work tinder Your users match social items ( See 3 month 5 Japan Bankless Podcast Of Social Web3 Topics and 3 month 13 Japanese DeFiEye Sharing meeting ). But in fact, in addition to entertainment and social relationships , Another applicable scenario of using data on the chain for interpersonal matching is the matching and interaction between employees and employers and peers .

Here I want to provide a personal experience of the scene : stay Bankless DAO At a weekly meeting , One member mentioned , In his search for Web3 When the enterprise plans to work , To help him conquer the interviewer , It's those who have participated for a long time Bankless DAO From activities POAP.

「Everything you do here will pay off.」 He said .

The resume on the chain can be verified 、 Hard to forge 、 The feature that users have data sovereignty perfectly makes up for the above Web2 Short board of professional social platform . Ideal situation , Next, many of our work experience will probably be paid by the employer NFT In the form of . To be specific , Future use of data on the chain Web3 The platform for workplace social networking may have the following two application scenarios :

  • Data headhunting service / Employer employee matching : The platform can be through the activities on a specific chain 、NFT or POAP As a screening condition , Pay to help employers screen the addresses of target users with experience in relevant fields . If the target address is also registered on the platform , And open to job opportunities , Then the employer can contact the potential user through the platform . conversely , Users can also match suitable job opportunities on the platform based on their resume on the chain . In addition to talents and employers , The platform can also motivate third-party data contributors , For example, users can move a specific chain / NFT What field experience does it represent , If there is successful matching based on this tag in the future , Get a reward . Besides , The platform can also be combined with Tinder Business model of dating software , In case of imbalance between supply and demand, charge the demander and provide additional incentives to the supplier .
  • Peer matching (peer to peer match), Users match through paid use of platform services , And then quickly find the right partner . Many small-scale exchanges and cooperation do not need to build a DAO, For example, two or three people's Cooperative Research . therefore , The matching of resumes on the chain can bring greater convenience for small-scale cooperation and building entrepreneurial teams .DeFi Alliance cofounder Qiao Wang Yes Web3 Suggestions on how to recruit talents for the project are : Article 1 with a , Use your network . Second : Use your community . The importance of interpersonal networks in the process of seeking partners is self-evident . A successful Web3 Work social platform , It must be more than just 「 Recruitment 」 platform , More should be to play 」 social contact 「 The function of , Match and gather groups in the contract industry , Provide point-to-point high-quality communication opportunities .

for fear of Brain Trust The labor disputes and the fluctuation of remuneration ,Web3 The first stage of the professional social platform may not need to cover the whole process of labor relations , It is not necessary to let the remuneration of labor relations circulate through platform tokens . The workplace social platform is actually the same as the dating platform , What should really be focused on is the first step of relationship development : Matching and mining . Can find 「 Right person 」, In fact, more than half of them have been successful .

Conclusion : Wonderful human social

Since Aristotle , Many scholars of action philosophy regard human action (action) And physical action (movement) Distinguish , Because the former is loaded by human will .Web3 The charm of social projects is this , Because it must incorporate the concept of human , Incorporate human action ( social contact ), Not purely physical action ( Code runs ). People's social interaction is different from trading , The latter is highly standardized , And the former is not . Human social behavior is more like artistic creation that cannot be replaced ( At least until the Turing test is passed ). How to use the data of physical actions to promote the social interaction of human actions , Instead of being imprisoned by it , It will still be an important issue in the current era . In the field of work , If a platform can use the data on the chain to help people find partners , Let people's resumes flash on the chain without borders , Then it may be built Web3 The tower of Babel in the era , Make us all over the world work closely together and create .

 Data on the chain 《 Old Testament 》 It is recorded that people had planned to build a high tower that could be in the same sky , Until God disrupts people's language , So that they can no longer cooperate ( picture source :WikiMedia Commons)

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