The rise of NFT photography and quantum Art

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rise nft photography quantum art

Over the past year ,NFT Appearance , There is no doubt that blockchain technology is enabled in various works of art and social media avatars 、 Video files, etc , With the function of its warrant , It has created huge value for digital projects that can be shared and downloaded for free in traditional channels . Now? , We are witnessing the rise of another segment , Add to NFT In the spring tide . That's photography . in fact , Photography is currently NFT One of the fastest growing markets in the industry , Light in 2021 The total trading volume in the third quarter will reach 106 Billion dollars .

In all projects , There's nothing better than Justin · Avesano (Justin Aversano) Of 《 Twin flame 》(Twin Flames) More attractive and influential projects . celebrity Snoop Dogg and Gary Vaynerchuk All of them Twin Flames NFT. And so far , The turnover of the portrait series is OpenSea It has reached nearly 1300 Thousands of dollars . One of the series NFT stay 8 Month to 506 ETH Sell at a price of , The price was close to 190 Thousands of dollars .

2021 year 10 month , Avisano at a Christie's auction with 110 Sold one for $million 《 Twin flame 》NFT, More than the famous photographer Ansel · Easton · Adams (Ansel Adams) And Dan albus (Diane Arbus) The selling price of such works . Other famous photographers , Such as Cath Simard、Isaac“Drift”Wright and Dave Krugman, I've seen them NFT Sales success of works , among Wright Of “Where My Vans Go” The transaction volume of the series so far is about 270 Thousands of dollars .

Except as NFT One of the superstars in the field of photography in the market , Avesano also used himself in NFT The rising position of the field , Waving flags for other photographers . So in 2021 year 10 month 1 Japan , He announced the launch of quantum art Quantum Art, One aims to plan and publish various Photographers NFT Trading platform for works .

“ Photography also needs a platform that collectors can go to , It's like Art Block The role of platform in Generative Art is the same ,” Avesano talked about the origin of quantum art . It took more than a month to build this platform , But for avesano, it is also a climax of many years of photographic work . In addition to being a leading photographer , Once presided over Savino SaveArtSpace, This is a non-profit organization dedicated to displaying artists' works in public space . He was in SaveArtSpace His experience and personal works have undoubtedly made outstanding contributions to the final creation of quantum art .

“ stay NFT In the jungle , We are like drainages from the water of photography .” Avesano's evaluation of quantum art is definitely an appropriate metaphor .Quantum Art stay 11 After the official launch at the beginning of this month , There were three back-to-back planning NFT Release of photographic works , Then they released it four times a week . Essentially ,Quantum Will announce next week's artists on Monday , It will be released on Thursday .

so far , The platform has sold famous photographer graves (Graves)、 Amy · Elkins (Amy Elkins)、 Erica · Simon (Erica Simone) And Alberto · Rizzo (Alberto Rizzo) And so on . Avisano told the media :“ In the past few months, the platform focused on the establishment of the community , Connect collectors with the best artists . See both sides come together , Can explore this new industry together , I feel very happy .” Besides , At the beginning, quantum art adopted the curatorial sales content selected by the core team , But recently, it has been extended to the community to choose which photographer's work can finally be released . And Art Blocks equally ,Quantum It is still planning that there are multiple collection layers between brands and community brands .

at present Quantum Art Planned NFT Collection in OpenSea More than... Have been generated in secondary sales 1500 ETH( At present, more than 470 Thousands of dollars ) Trading volume of , Proved that photography NFT This segment has ushered in “ Exponential growth ”, And it is expected that there will be a further surge in the future , The emergence of quantum art has brought creators into the world NFT Space provides a way to interact with collectors to explore a variety of works .

Although the field of photography is Quantum Art The only focus right now , But many people think that the unique launch mode of the platform makes it from the existing NFT Stand out from the trading platform . Most projects on the platform have 50 To 100 Zhang different NFT Images , Each image is randomly delivered to the buyer , This is another key difference .Quantum It is now seeking to expand from photography to other art formats , At the same time, maintain the planned sales style . Avesano said :“ I fully expect this to happen in 2022 The year goes on , Because more and more artists and collectors are beginning to realize NFT The power behind , And how life gets better .”

Financing ,Quantum Art The seed round was successfully completed when it was launched last year 100 $10000 financing , And attracted, including Delphi Digital、FlamingoDAO、Wave Financial and Punk6529 Investors including . This year, 2 month , The platform ended another round A Round of funding , from True Ventures Partner and famous NFT Lover Kevin · Ross (Kevin Rose) To take the lead , Raise money together 750 Thousands of dollars . Other participants in this round include NFT Founder and investor Gary · Vanelchuk (Gary Vaynerchuk), He also has two Twin Flames works , And operate to NFT Centred FlamingoDAO. According to the organization , Other unnamed art collectors and NFT People also participated in the event .

For many photographers , Thanks to avesano and quantum art , They are now more financially successful than ever . The famous National Geographic photographer is also a crypto circle OG 9631 punk Holder Wu Luben (Reuben Wu) commented ,“' The beginning of the photography market is actually slow . When we first started , There seems to be only one way —— Is to produce high-value 1/1 edition . And now for Photographers , There is another way , Works can be more based on series and collections , And the price is different . And you have the potential to continue to benefit from secondary sales , This greatly helps creators make a living from it .”

most important of all , It emphasizes the power of storytelling .

Avesano said , He hopes to pass Twin Flames Create “ When you face all the pictures at the same time , Can tell a bigger story ” The works of . He travels around the world , Start with Manhattan Central Park , End in Birmingham, England , Took pictures of the twins he met . When shooting for the series , He also met his partner 、NFT Artist Nicole · buffett (Nicole Buffett, Warren, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway · buffett (Warren Buffett) My granddaughter . Avesano also said , The whole Twin Flame project is “ To commemorate the lives of my brothers and sisters . I want to respect this spirit through this project , At the same time, create an ending for the trauma and loss caused , Make a real goodbye .”

Another famous photographer Karin · Baptist (Karene Baptiste) The same view was expressed . This has attracted many top collectors with his image of depicting personal family stories . She will explain why she started making NFT Thanks to Diana · Sinclair (Diana Sinclair), Also a member of the Black Women Photographers Association . She said , In the field of encryption art , The position and development space of female artists have been hotly discussed , It was Diana who made me see the possibility of better expressing my works and seeking existence in that space .

On the other hand , Famous photographer Alejandro · Cartagena (Alejandro Cartagena) Think NFT Photography space is the past 30 One of the most important things about photography in the year . And behind this milestone is NFT The market does not need a middleman model , Through the ability to sell directly to buyers , Let artists get real inspiration 、 Strength and reward . At the same time, the advantages of this model , Has spread to other areas . It also goes beyond photography . Noel · Thomas (Noel Thomas) Often for YouTube Natural relaxation Movie Channel (Nature Relaxation Films channel) writing . He said :“ After study , I realized that this may be a critical moment to enter an emerging art community and market . What attracts me is the connection with blockchain and its authenticity . I made the video to make it relevant to me , Now I'm thinking about how it will develop in the future , Including other art forms or sales methods .

As you can imagine , The future meta universe will consist of countless virtual galleries and virtual worlds , And we may also face spending more time there . And now I've heard NFT There are still very few people , Not to mention buying a collection . But we believe , In the future, more artists and collectors from the real world will enter NFT field , We can see the same take-off and recognition in the field of photography as other collections .

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