Batman NFT, the "most popular super English", has come, and the empowerment for the next two years has been planned

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batman nft popular super english

Wednesday , Warner Brothers, one of the world's largest film and television entertainment production companies (Warner Bros) In sponsored <NFT | LA> Announced at the offline Summit , Flag DC Comic company (DC Comics) Will work with The etheric fang Side chain Palm stay 4 month 26 Batman themed 3D NFT— Bat mask (Bat Cowl), Total amount 200,000 individual , The price is 300 dollar , And committed to this series of NFT Empower .


As DC Best seller 、 Blockbuster superheroes IP, Batman was born in 80 In the spring and Autumn period , It has accumulated hundreds of millions of fans around the world , Inspired generations of readers and viewers , It has planted a dream of eliminating violence and peace in the hearts of countless children , The change of bat mask image is also the most representative .

It is reported that , Every bat mask NFT All have a set of characteristics , By introducing carefully designed colors 、 Textures and upgrades , With NFT The property of digital ownership , The holder will be in NFT Shuttle through as a unique identity DC In the future planning of the comic universe , And be able to access DC Access to the universe fan forum , Including behind the scenes content 、 Selected fan activities 、 Physical collections and limited commodities, etc .

in addition to , What attracts more attention is that NFT The creators of the series have developed a two-year roadmap , Every time 52 Heaven is NFT The holder is VR、 Building applications in areas such as metauniverse and wallet functions . 

DC The beginning of ambition

NFT( General Certificate of heterogeneity ) It has suddenly become popular in the past year , And sought after by all parties , For example, digital artists 、 celebrity 、 Traditional industry brands 、 Musician 、 Fashion designers and athletes . Even the world that has never been willing to approach cryptocurrencies before 500 Strong enterprises can't help but to NFT There was a strong interest in , There is no lack of among them NBA Such sports leagues , Pepsi 、 Coca Cola company , Music companies like Universal Music Group ,Line This kind of social media , as well as Gucci、 Clothing brands like Adidas .

NFT Is a special type of cryptocurrency , It stores unique identifiable information , To prove the ownership of digital assets , Such as images 、 Audio 、 video , Or other types of collectibles , Like books 、 Blog 、 Posts or memos .

NFT One of the reasons for this popularity is that many companies have found their inherent value . In addition to scarcity and appreciation ,NFT Properties of , Make it possible for art creators in real society 、 collectors 、 Content creators and other people involved in intellectual property protection , Put an end to the losses caused by copycat phenomenon from the root . Because everyone can query whether it is issued by formal authorization through the blockchain .

Then the comics that are both ornamental and collectible NFT Of “ cross ” It's easy to understand . Founded on 1934 The old cartoon company in DC Known as a superhero , It includes Batman 、 superman 、 Wonder woman 、 Green Lantern, etc . However ,DC And NFT The story of , And back to a copyright dispute .

last year 3 month , I was in 1976 - 1981 During the year, he drew magic woman comics 、 , 87 Year old Italian senior cartoonist José Delbo Created a novel with the theme of wonder woman NFT, And sold 185 Thousands of dollars , Some of the proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations Girls Who Code. It is worth noting that ,Delbo Of NFT Not in the work DC The official Logo, This explanation Delbo Not based on past creation , And didn't get DC Authorization of .


picture :José Delbo Wonder woman NFT

A week later ,DC Senior vice president of legal affairs Jay Kogan A letter to all free cartoonists was exposed ,Kogan To express in a letter ,DC Are exploring opportunities to enter the market , In order to pass the NFT Get into DC Distribution and sales market of original digital art , Including for NFT New art created by the market , As well as DC Original digital art provided by comic publications .

Besides ,DC It also warned its free cartoonists to sell some characters NFT The legal consequences of :“ Please note that , Whether it's DC Present or in connection with DC Beyond the scope of the contract , Are not allowed to sell any DC Digital images of intellectual property , With or without NFT.”

Since then ,DC It's a formal recognition NFT.

Same year 10 month ,DC Held DC FanDom 2021, According to the DC Published data , Global presence 6600 Ten thousand people watched the live broadcast of the event .DC FanDom yes DC Annual online exhibition and official information conference ,DC Relevant films will be released on this day 、 game 、 The latest information and exclusive disclosure of the series , This day is also called a kind day for fans “DC Fan annual meeting ”.

Besides wanting to know DC Beyond fans of future information , The event also attracted the attention of the encryption community .

One month before the event ,DC And focus on NFT Of The etheric fang Side chain Plam cooperation , Plan to register for DC FanDom Free distribution to fans FanDome NFT, Fans can also unlock a second free by sharing information about the event on social media platforms NFT. Everything NFT It's all by DC Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee Manually selected . according to Palm Reveal after the event , Hundreds of thousands of... Were distributed to fans FanDom NFT.

Given that the event attracted 6600 Millions of fans watching , So this is probably the biggest ever NFT One of the launch activities .

adopt Plam Connect the brand to Web3.0 

Speaking of DC, You have to talk about it “ Old boss ” Warner Brothers .

As one of the world's largest film and television entertainment production companies , Warner Bros. has produced too many movies we are familiar with , for example 《 The matrix 》、《 Peter Jackson's King Kong 》、《 I am a legend 》 wait . There are so many classics IP Hold it in your hand , Warner Brothers naturally became the first to explore NFT The film company of .

last year 7 month , Warner Brothers and based on Palm Online NFT market Nifty's cooperation , The latter is authorized to launch a film based 《 A dunk in the air 2》 Of NFT Artwork , And register the series with all NFT The users of the gallery will distribute one free of charge NFT. President of Warner Bros. global brands and experiences Pam Lifford Said in an interview :“ In this new way, let our audience interact with their favorite characters 、 Communicate with other fans and enjoy our movies on and off the screen .”

And participate in this movie NFT Creative , Also have Palm.

With NFT The craze spread all over the world , of “NFT Will harm the environment ”、“ Ethereum is too slow ”、“ Buy NFT The handling charge is too expensive ” And so on . To solve these problems , quite a lot NFT Developers in the field have been working on solutions , Among them are Palm.

Palm It is fully compatible with Ethereum EVM The side chain of , Allow users to establish on the network NFT, And improve transaction speed without sacrificing interoperability . stay Palm Any created on the Ethernet or Ethereum main network NFT All assets have the same form and specification , And it can be connected to the main network of Ethereum through the cross chain bridge Palm Networks send each other .

And Avalanche、Polygon、Harmony The difference between this kind of public chain is , Palm The original intention of birth is to alleviate NFT Sustainability impacts , According to the sustainable economic infrastructure company Patch Research findings of ,Palm The carbon footprint of a transaction on the Internet is only equivalent to sending three emails . Besides ,Palm It also has a built-in carbon tax in its configuration , Users are forced to pay when using network resources .

Palm One of the founders David Heyman, As a film producer, he has participated in the production of many high-quality films of Warner Brothers , for example 《 Harry Potter 》、《 Gravity 》 etc. , Enjoy a high reputation in the film industry . It's his seat , Give Way Palm At the beginning of the launch with Warner Brothers 、 Major League Baseball 、 Famous British Artists Damien Hirst cooperation .

Palm Network development company Palm NFT Studio Last year, 12 Month completed 2700 Thousands of dollars in B Round of funding , By Microsoft M12 Venture capital funds lead investment , Warner Brothers 、Griffin Gaming Partners、SK Inc.、RRE、Third Kind Venture Capital、Sfermion、The LAO Take part in the voting .

M12 Praised in the press release :“ The transformation of technological and social paradigms is ushering in Web3.0, This will fundamentally change the existing technology 、 The way the business model interacts with us .Palm NFT Studio yes Web3.0 One of the key components of —— In the brand 、 Enterprises 、 Creators and consumers to Web3.0 Connect them in the process of propulsion .

Bat mask NFT Will be empowered

although DC Not for the first time NFT, It's not a release NFT The first cartoon of / Film and television company , For example, its competitors have been in the digital asset market many times VeVe Release superhero based “3D Digital statues ”, and 《 Godzilla vs. King Kong 》、《 The godfather 》、《 Circum Pacific 》 And other films have been authorized to release relevant NFT, But few of them have done NFT Make plans for the future , Most of them are mainly collectibles . however , DC Have promised to 200,000 A bat mask NFT A roadmap for empowerment over the next two years .


Through the road map, we can learn :

1. Bat mask NFT Holders of will have access to DC A private fan forum on the universe website , And visit fan activities 、 Physical collection 、 Exclusive products and behind the scenes content . And the bat mask NFT It will also be integrated into the story of Batman comics in the future .

2. DC Will each 52 Tianwei NFT Launch new Utilities , Unlock broader functions for holders . Besides ,DC It is also planned to pass “ Meta universe ” and AR Experience and other functions to expand the feature set .

3. stay 4 After release at the end of the month ,5 The month will be available in Palm Trading on the Internet , Include FanDome NFT.

4. Priority access to future releases in Palm More on the Internet NFT.

5. NFT The future can be transferred to Metamask In an unmanaged wallet .

I got... Free last year FanDome NFT Fans will get to buy bat masks in advance NFT The opportunity of .

Risk warning :

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