The six major banks released the 2021 annual report and sorted out the progress related to digital RMB

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banks released annual report sorted

In recent days, , Major banks have successively released 2021 Annual report and performance conference were held , The financial report and press conference revealed the relevant progress of major banks as digital RMB operators in the pilot application stage of digital RMB , This mobile payment network has been centrally sorted out .

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China : advance “ The credit card + Digital RMB ” Integration and innovation

ICBC disclosed in the report that , Actively promote the scenario and ecological innovative application of digital RMB , Fully participate in digital public services .

However, ICBC did not disclose the relevant data of digital RMB this time , According to the mobile payment network , ICBC 2021 The annual report shows , By 6 end of the month , Accumulated opening of digital RMB personal wallet 356 m , Corporate Wallet 70 m , Contracted merchant 14 m .

According to the report , ICBC speeds up ICBC e Construction of living platform , advance “ The credit card + Digital RMB ” Integration and innovation , Realize digital RMB e Life pays 、 QR code payment transaction closed loop ; Enabling the Winter Olympic scene , We will promote the acceptance of digital RMB wallets VISA Overseas card .

In terms of product innovation , Its upgraded smart hosting platform , Introduction “ Company zhicuntong ” Special deposit products , Realize ICBC e Pay 、 Bank enterprise interconnection supports digital RMB , Complete the industry's first public digital RMB payment with the State Grid e-commerce platform .

Agricultural bank of : Establish a digital RMB Engineering Office

ABC revealed in its report that , It has set up a financial science and technology innovation center in xiong'an new area , Carry out research and application promotion in the frontier fields of financial science and technology ; Establish a digital RMB Engineering Office , Strengthen the professional strength of digital RMB R & D and Application .

In the implementation of digital RMB , ABC continues to consolidate the foundation for the development of digital RMB . As one of the first designated operators of digital RMB , It took the lead in successfully exchanging digital RMB in the production environment , Build a digital RMB core system , Promote the deep integration of digital RMB and traditional business .

In promoting the pilot work of digital RMB , It revolves around public transport 、 Hospital fees 、 campus life 、 Expand scenario projects in offline retail and other fields , The number of pilot scenarios and merchants ranks at the forefront of the industry . Fully support online banking in pilot areas 、 Palm Silver 、 Dot 、 The portable intelligent terminal opens and uses the wallet . Promote dual offline digital wallet 、 Research and development of innovative products such as smart contracts , Use smart contract to realize the directional distribution and use of government agriculture related funds .

The bank of China, : Opened scenarios and number of merchant stores Proportion 34% and 36%

BOC disclosed in the report that , Its mobile banking function continues to upgrade , The number of digital RMB wallets has increased exponentially .

It said , In the implementation, the digital RMB business will be deeply integrated with the characteristic scenes , The number of opened scenarios and the number of merchant stores , BOC's market share 34% and 36%, Ranking first among all operating organizations .

In personal foreign exchange business , Promote the online of traditional business service processes , The industry exclusively supports the self-service conversion of foreign currency cash into digital RMB .

Bank for economic construction : Cumulative number of transactions 8475 More than ten thousand , Transaction amount 435 One hundred million yuan

CCB disclosed in the report that , By 2021 end of the year , The cumulative number of digital RMB transactions 8475 More than ten thousand , Accumulated transaction amount 435 One hundred million yuan .

According to mobile payment network , Central bank data shows , By 2021 year 12 month 31 Japan , The National Digital RMB pilot scenario has exceeded 808.51 m , Accumulated opening of personal wallet 2.61 One hundred million , Transaction amount 875.65 One hundred million yuan . CCB to 435 The cumulative transaction volume of 100 million yuan accounts for% of the national total 49.68%, Nearly 50% .

It is reported that , CCB has cooperated with several national joint-stock commercial banks 、 Head city firm 、 Rural commercial banks carry out cooperation in the field of digital RMB .

In mobile finance , CCB deploys corporate digital RMB wallet , Realize digital wallet collection 、 Transfer and inquiry services .

In application ,2021 year , CCB makes every effort to build a digital RMB payment scenario , Continuously optimize the construction of digital RMB acceptance environment , Comprehensive coverage of transportation and travel 、 Living expenses 、 Living expenses 、 Food and accommodation 、 School education 、 Health care 、 Entertainment 、 Retail payment fields such as government services and online platforms .

In terms of promotion , CCB actively participated in Shenzhen 、 Suzhou 、 Xiongan 、 Chengdu 、 Changsha 、 Digital RMB red envelope activities in Hainan and other places , Organize and carry out a series of customer benefit activities , Invite customers to participate in the pilot test of digital RMB . Participating in the digital China Construction Summit 、 Lujiazui Forum 、 Shaanxi western digital Expo 、 Hainan consumer goods Expo, etc , Vigorously promote the application advantages and characteristics of digital RMB .

In terms of innovation , CCB iteratively optimized CCB's digital RMB system and digital RMB wallet system , Continuously optimize the experience of digital RMB exchange and circulation services . Launched digital RMB combined payment 、 Services such as real-time issuance of red envelopes and automatic redemption of wallet balance back to bank account .

According to the report , In the future, CCB will follow the unified deployment of the central bank , Combined with the pilot situation in the early stage , Further expand the coverage of digital RMB application scenarios , Optimize the digital RMB service experience , Combined with the characteristics of digital RMB , Actively explore and carry out digital RMB product innovation 、 Application innovation and mode innovation , Build the digital RMB operation system and risk prevention and control system of CCB , Strive to make greater contributions to the pilot work of digital RMB .

Bank of Communications : The landing scene is super 23 m , The transaction amount exceeds 23 One hundred million yuan

The Bank of communications disclosed in the report that , By 2021 end of the year , BOCOM's digital RMB landing scene exceeds 23 m , The cumulative number of circulation transactions exceeds 1000 Ten thousand brush , Transaction amount exceeds 23 One hundred million yuan .

According to the report , Bank of communications is one of the designated digital RMB operators , Relying on the group's comprehensive business advantages and customer base , Take digital transformation as the starting point , Take financial technology as a breakthrough , Dig deep and push “ Financial technology +( Not ) Financial scenario ” Building , Persist in innovation 、 Give full play to the characteristics .

Focus on scene Ecology , Create regional advantages . Keep up with regulatory policies and market dynamics , Give full play to digital RMB “ Payment is settlement ” Convenient and safe features , Facing traffic 、 education 、 Medical care 、 Tax and other government affairs and people's livelihood fields to build a multi currency ecological application , During the reporting period , Bank of communications took the lead in realizing the National Digital RMB signing and tax payment business in Hainan Province ; Build a library for teachers and students of Sanya University 、 Student affairs center 、 school hospital 、 Restaurant 、 canteen 、 School bus, etc 60 There are more than a few scenarios of living and consumption in several currencies , It is the largest number of people in Hainan Province so far , The largest educational pilot scenario .

Demonstrate the demonstration effect , Cultivate market awareness . Build a digital RMB demonstration block , Enrich the public consumption experience mode , Increase the circulation heat of several currencies , Strengthen the brand effect of several currencies . During the reporting period , Bank of communications in 11 A pilot area to select Shanghai Nanjing road pedestrian street. 、 Beijing Happy Valley and Suzhou University 、 Colleges and universities and online red card punching places 32 Establish digital RMB consumption demonstration blocks in four locations ; Through reporting with various government agencies 、 Shanghai subway 、 Himalaya, Sina Weibo and other multimedia ( platform ) cooperation , Publicize the characteristics and achievements of digital RMB construction .

Provide comprehensive services , Promote organic integration . Apply digital RMB to enterprises 、 Industrial digital transformation and integration , With ( Not ) Financial ecological scene construction , Build an ecosystem for common development with customers . During the reporting period , Innovative design and development of parent-child wallet for China Civil Aviation Information Group 、 Innovative service models such as smart contracts , In cash management 、 Ticket sales 、 Cargo and mail settlement 、 The four major civil aviation service fields of airport charges build a complete multi currency ecosystem ; For Xi'an financial electronic settlement center “ Digital Park face recognition + Pay in several currencies ” Comprehensive solution for convenient and senseless consumption , Build an organic ecosystem of enterprise digital transformation with non-financial service linked multi currency payment .

Postal savings bank : The head office will add a level-1 digital RMB department

The postal savings bank disclosed in the report , It has solidly promoted the digital RMB business , Promote the deep integration of the Rural Revitalization Strategy in the pilot areas of digital RMB and the application scenarios of digital RMB .

Relying on the first mover advantage of the designated operation organization of digital RMB , Actively promote win-win cooperation , Cooperate with customers in many industries to realize the landing of digital RMB . Exclusively undertake the non tax revenue and e-bill blockchain project of xiong'an new area , RMB payment scenario , Realize the smooth implementation of non tax digital RMB payment in xiong'an new area, Hebei Province .

Its digital RMB project fully covers the postal delivery scene , share 966 Multiple delivery sites support digital RMB payment .

According to the report , Digital RMB is an important infrastructure to promote the development of China's digital economy , Under the guidance of the people's Bank of China , Actively implement the mission and take responsibility , Take advantage of its unique resource endowment , We will steadily promote the pilot research and development of digital RMB , Achieve high quality development .

First, industry technology integration and agile development , Complete the R & D tasks of the people's Bank of China with high standards and high quality . The new version and new experience architecture of the Winter Olympics organized by the digital currency Research Institute of the people's Bank of China App Under development , The overall progress is at the forefront of the operation organization , Participate in organizing multiple rounds of production verification , Successfully complete the task of system construction .

Second, continue to improve the digital RMB product matrix . The total number of functional components of online digital RMB products exceeds 230 individual , Covers personal wallets 、 Corporate Wallet 、 Merchant Collection 、 Various aspects of operation management , Continuously improve the ability of digital RMB payment services .

Third, create characteristic scenes , Leading innovation in some areas . Give full play to the characteristics of postal savings , Actively expand application scenarios ; Explore the value of Green Finance , Jointly carry out activities such as digital RMB green travel with partners ; Actively respond to the call for Rural Revitalization , In hainan 、 Xi'an 、 dalian 、 Qingdao and other pilot areas will build Inclusive Finance digital RMB demonstration towns ; Continue to explore scene innovation , It is the first time in Shanghai to use the visual card hard wallet to realize the payment in the consumption scenario inside the hospital , Realize the function of superimposing health treasure with Hard Wallet in Beijing , The first digital RMB in the field of shipping in Dalian B2B Corporate payment items . Actively appear at the 4th Digital China Construction Summit 、2021 China International Digital and software services Fair 、 China International Trade in services fair and other large-scale exhibitions , Actively participate in red envelope activities in various pilot areas , Fully demonstrate the application level of its digital RMB scenario .

Fourth, strengthen external cooperation , Build a digital RMB ecosystem . Strategic customer cooperation , The bank through customization 、 Personalized development , Provide enterprises with more flexible fund management 、 More efficient digital RMB service scheme for payment transactions , Landing PetroChina gas station 、 Xiongan non tax payment 、 Purchase of grain by COFCO 、 Guoneng e Shopping mall and other digital RMB payment scenarios ; Interbank digital RMB business cooperation , Strive to expand national joint-stock banks 、 Urban rural commercial banks and private banks , And Ping An Bank for the first time in the industry “ Direct connection ” Mode to output digital RMB service , Currently with 60 More than banks have signed cooperation agreements on digital RMB services . Besides , Also with high-quality Payment institutions 、 Service providers work together , Continue to deepen the innovation of application scenarios , Strive to build a digital RMB ecosystem .

Fifth, establish efficient and intensive 、 Safe and stable digital RMB business operation system . Establish a complete and clear internal and external accounting system , The bank's unified reserve management system ,7×24 Hourly risk emergency response mechanism , Build a customer service team of digital RMB special line , Continue to improve business operation capability , Fully guarantee the continuity of RMB business .

in addition , In terms of institutional management , It actively implements the national development strategy , Add a level-1 digital RMB department in the head office , Strengthen the organizational support for the development of digital RMB business .

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