(come with me to learn the composition principle of blockchain (blockchain network and trading network)

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come learn composition principle blockchain

One 、 Blockchain network

( Something Didi , On the basic issues of blockchain , Have a craigslist .)

Hash algorithm how to synchronize accounting information between bookkeepers ?—— adopt “ Point to point network ” communicate .

1.1 Blockchain network —— Point to point network

Hash algorithm point-to-point network is a decentralized network , No central server 、 Rely on user groups to exchange information .

Peer to peer networks have : Decentralization  Extensibility  Robustness, .

Two 、 Blockchain trading network .

Hash algorithm because blockchain is often an open network , When you complete a transaction, it will be broadcast to the whole blockchain network through the point-to-point network , Everyone will receive information about the deal . All transactions constitute “ Trading pool ”.

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