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join learning district blockchain

First, let's take a look at the answers to the questions in the previous issue :A、C、D{ If you don't understand, you can leave a message and ask questions !}

What is the value of blockchains ?

  • A: Improve social efficiency
  • B: Increase data storage capacity
  • C: The transaction is transparent and can be supervised
  • D: Reduce social transaction costs

To the body :

Now is the second module of blockchain learning —— Composition and principle of blockchain .

1. Composition principle of blockchain .

Blockchain is essentially a distributed system based on cryptography “ Account book ”.“ transaction -> block -> The chain structure -> Blockchain network ” and “ account -> Account page -> Account book - Distributed accounting network ” One by one .

  Blockchain records a series of sequential transactions . Transaction examples : Composition principle of one transaction transfer blockchain .

 2. End of this section , Let's take a look at the following questions .

  The following statement about blockchain is correct

  • A: Blockchain is a distributed ledger based on cryptography
  • B: The significance of blocks in blockchain is to improve performance through batch processing
  • C: Transactions in the blockchain can only be transfers
  • D: Blockchain records a series of sequential transactions

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