Brave browser joins the filecoin ecosystem to accelerate the implementation of business

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brave browser joins filecoin ecosystem

according to 1.20 The news of the day shows , Strong privacy browser Brave Released 1.19 edition , This sign Brave Be the first to support IPFS Important browser applications , I believe this is just the beginning , More applications will be added in the future Filecoin ecology , It shows that IPFS A big step towards the future .V|jasonbody

Brave The browser was officially launched on 2016 year , stay 2020 year 11 In June, the number of users was officially announced to have exceeded 2000 ten thousand , Currently, monthly active users remain at 2400 All around . all the time Brave Browsers are known for their strong privacy protection , There are three main ways to protect users' privacy . They are Brave Shields、Tor Privacy mode and blockchain digital advertising .

Brave Shields

Brave Shields Will block websites and advertisements “ Attempt to identify ” act , It makes your access faster and protects your privacy , After testing ,Brave Speed ratio of loading major news websites on mobile terminal and computer terminal Chrome,Safari and Firefox Six times faster

Tor Privacy model

Although the first mock exam is available in other browsers, , But they only ensure the first mock exam is not available when you use this mode. .

And in the Brave In private mode , It will not only hide your history , And when you browse the website , Hide the real location by transferring multiple servers , Make anonymity more reliable .

Blockchain digital advertising that respects privacy

Brave The blockchain digital advertisement released has truly achieved a win-win situation among the three parties , Let's see how it does it .

First ,Brave Launched a blockchain based advertising platform , The project uses BAT (Basic Attention Token) Cryptocurrency thus concatenates users 、 Platforms and advertisers .

In this mode, users will get paid by the platform when they watch advertisements , These advertisements will not infringe on users' privacy , Users can also reward these benefits to their favorite websites or some favorite content creators .

In the past few months ,Brave Our team has been discussing with the protocol Laboratory , stay Brave Add an interplanetary file system to the browser (IPFs) Support for . This is the first in-depth integration .

IPFS Technology is a great innovation , It can help achieve the effect of content distribution and data De duplication without consuming a lot of bandwidth , And the Internet is IPFS Faster loading in ,IPFS Especially for blockchain and self describing data integrity , The content previously accessed by users can even be accessed offline ! Use IPFS The content that carries , Access can be granted even under censorship , One of the best examples is Wikipedia .

In terms of privacy protection ,IPFS It's also better than traditional HTTP There are advantages . When passed IPFS When loading the site ,Brave Use CID As the source boundary . Besides ,Brave Only allowed on the homepage from IPFS Load through IPFS Load subresources .. Pages can be for their own CID Set up cookie, But not for another CID Set up cookie.IPFS Pages can contain information from any CID Other IPFS Images 、 Style sheets and iframes, And can be in the same CID In order to get IPFS Content .

On the other hand , If BRAVE Is configured to use the public IPFS gateway , Then the privacy risk is different . for example , The gateway can see that you ask it to pass IPF Content requested to load . The gateway may also lie about what it serves you . future ,Brave Plan to use its CID Verify the content retrieved through the gateway .

IPFS Organic combination with other blockchains

IPFS Technology is also crucial to other networks using blockchain technology and smart contract technology , Such as Ethereum .

If you use smart contracts to handle content , Conventional URL Access may become inappropriate , Because the content address may be changed , And smart contracts are immutable . And the file storage in Ethereum is very expensive , But storing hashes (CID) It is feasible. . The content of the data is IPFS On the Internet , Hashes are stored in smart contracts . This hash can be used to access data from any IPFS Content of node .

This theory also applies to other DAPP( Decentralized applications ), have access to Web3 Connect to Ethereum , Users can also get a complete decentralized use experience .

Future work

The above progress is just IPFS The beginning of ecological development , Now the protocol laboratory is actively promoting and improving IPFS, Next, there are a lot of work contents , Such as :

  1. Support for mobile browser ,Android Users are likely to be the first to use .
  2. DNSLink It allows publishers to point to IPFS The path of DNS TXT Record .
  3. Fixed content context menu
  4. Website publishing
  5. More browser level users UI Interface
  6. TOR transmission
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