What is the origin of animoca brands, which has been delisted after being chased by Soros and Sequoia for $360 million?

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origin animoca brands delisted chased

from 2021 Year to 2022 year ,NFT The upsurge of and meta universe can be said to be one wave after another , Blockchain sandbox game The Sandbox Registered users have just broken through 200 ten thousand . Yuan universe game Decentraland The first meta universe fashion week will be held ;Dapper  Labs shortlisted 2022 The most innovative company in the world ......


The strength of each company is equal , But in fact, the biggest winner of this game may still be non Animoca Brands Perhaps judge of particulars, , In addition to the above star projects , At present, the company has invested more than 150 individual NFT Or meta universe related projects .


2022 year 1 month 19 Japan ,Animoca Brands Completed a new round of financing , The amount is up to 3.59 Billion dollars , from Liberty City Ventures Lead investment .

Besides , Other investors are red shirt China 、 Soros Fund Management 、Gemini Frontier Fund、Winklevoss Capital and 10T Holdings.


According to the news , The number of publicly identifiable participating institutions in this investment is up to 19 home , There are also some undisclosed investors , More Than This , This round of financing will Animoca Brands Our valuation has more than doubled , More than the 50 Billion dollars .


review Animoca Brands Development path in recent two years ,2020 In, its company value was about 1 Billion dollars ;2021 After two rounds of investment in , Estimated to be 10 Billion dollars . Same year 10 month , The valuation is reached 22 Billion dollars , To the present 50 Billion dollars , Gradually became NFT The unicorn company of the track ,Animoca Brands How did you do it ? What makes it popular with many investment institutions ?

Animoca Brands Who is it? ?

Animoca Brands It's actually a family from Animoca Subsidiaries of the company , By Xiao Yi, a famous technology entrepreneur in Hong Kong (Yat Siu) Founded in 2014 Chain travel development and investment company in , Headquartered in Hong Kong .


Born in Vienna, Austria, Xiao Yi has been interested in the code since her youth 、 I have a strong interest in programming , In the context of a musical family , He is better at making music with computer software .

Because my father is from Hong Kong , So Xiao Yi is 18 I returned to Hong Kong around the age of , Since then, he started his entrepreneurial career .


2009 year , Xiao Yi the network service company he founded Outblaze Sell to IBM, The rise of mobile Internet at that time attracted Xiao Yi's attention , Start studying APP、 Create a game .

It can be said that this year is a watershed for Xiao Yi's entrepreneurship and investment career , It also planted seeds for later focusing on blockchain and game fields .


Animoca Brands Not just the metacosmic head project The Sandbox、NFT Racing Games F1 Delta  Time Developers , still Dapper Labs、Decentraland Early investors in star projects .

meanwhile Animoca Brands And have Dora A dream 、 Cherry balls 、 Marvel, etc IP The development agency right of cartoon mobile game .


And in the 2012 year ,Animoca It's just a mobile game enterprise with traditional mobile game development as its core business , It is also one of the largest mobile game companies in Asia .

at that time Animoca The number of installations exceeds 4000 ten thousand , And the annual income is 2000 Thousands of dollars . However, because Apple doesn't like Animoca The way to cross promote the company's Applications , To cancel the Animoca The platform of .


2015 year ,Animoca Brands On the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) list , But the performance has been unsatisfactory , It even expanded its business to the field of e-books .

stay 2017 In the fourth quarter of ,Animoca Brands Quarterly cash flow has been negative , In this case , The company has to pay internally 、 personnel 、 A series of adjustments have been made to assets to reduce costs , Increase revenue .



and Animoca Brands Your turnaround occurred in 2017 end of the year ,Animoca Brands Is acquiring a company called Fuel Powered The studio of , And is developing CryptoKitties Of Axiom Zen The company shares an office with it .


founder Yat Siu Yes, this blockchain game CryptoKitties There was a great deal of interest ,2017 year 11 month Crypto Kitties To be launched , Quickly ignited the market .

2018 Beginning of the year ,Animoca And Axiom  Zen Enter into renewable exclusive licensing and distribution agreements , For one year , To issue “CryptoKitties”.


This is our first time to participate in blockchain games and NFT, We immediately realized the power and benefits in the middle , as well as NFT How to provide digital property rights to players , Achieve a disruptive revolution in the existing game industry ”,Yat Siu Speaking of , That is, from this moment ,Animoca Brands Start focusing on blockchain games and NFT.


But because of Animoca Brands It's about Crypto field , There are some “ Trading violations ”, I have to ask about the withdrawal from the Australian Stock Exchange , It is precisely because of delisting , Give Way Animoca Brands On the contrary, there is more room to play in the field of blockchain .

Animoca Brands How to usher in the second spring ?

Opportunities are not lacking for many people , What is lacking is the ability to seize opportunities .Animoca In acquisition Fuel Powered when , I came into contact with the first game of blockchain CryptoKitties, And this seems to be for Animoca Tailored opportunities .


Yes, I'm already playing games Animoca Brands Come on , understand Crypto and NFT How will it change the game , And what new prosperity will it bring to the game industry , It can be said to be effortless .


therefore ,Animoca He soon took down Crypto Kitties Exclusive authorization and distribution rights , And directly feel what grand occasion the game based on blockchain technology will bring .

And then ,Animoca It opens the exploration in the blockchain industry , Start casting a net everywhere in the blockchain game field , To capture the future development dividends in this direction .


Even at that time , The blockchain game is not brilliant yet , There are no consumer applications yet , For most people in the blockchain industry , Blockchain games are promising , But there is no clear idea of how to develop , There are still many unknowns .


but Animoca Brands With its own professional advantages , Already in 2018 In, he began to make investment and layout in the field of blockchain games according to his own understanding , There are many investment and acquisition projects , There don't seem to be many projects that can really make a difference in the end ,

however Animoca Brands But it also accurately won most high-quality projects in the blockchain game field .


2018 year 8 month ,Animoca With 487.5 $million acquisition of monthly active users 100 Ten thousand sandbox mobile games 《The Sandbox》 The development company of Pixowl, And then Pixowl Is planning to launch a version of its blockchain , Therefore, there is a blockchain version that many famous enterprises are now involved in 《The Sandbox》.

Players can play in The Sandbox Buy land on , And you can build the game you want on your own territory , It's a bit like the blockchain version 《 My world 》.


2018 year 10 month ,Animoca With 50 Million dollars invested Decentraland The seed wheel .

Decentraland It is a blockchain based and VR On top of technology “Matrix” The same virtual world . Users can build the building they want on it through , So as to build their own virtual real estate .


Both have similar virtual lands + The logic of construction , And with the 2021 year 3 month , A group called Roblox For the first time, the company successfully listed in the United States with the concept of metauniverse , When we look back , To understand Decentraland And The Sandbox All belong to the meta universe in the blockchain .

And in the 2021 year 10 month , The world's largest social platform Facebook Announce the full march into the meta universe , And changed his name to Meta, Since then , The concept of meta universe has really attracted the attention of the whole world .


With the previous and CryptoKitties The team behind Dapper Labs The cooperation of ,Animoca Then they participated in Dapper Labs stay 2018 year 11 Of the month 1200 Thousands of dollars ,2019 year 9 Of the month 1120 Thousands of dollars ,2020 year 8 Of the month 1140 Multi round financing of US $million .

and Dapper Labs It is also a team that has created miracles many times in the field of blockchain games , stay Animoca After investment ,Dapper Labs We have successively launched the only high-performance blockchain for consumer applications Flow Network, As well as NBA Officially launched NBA Digital collection project NBA Top Shot.


among ,NBA Top Shot Because it can quickly convert the players of traditional star cards into users , So in a very short time , The number of users has exceeded one million , The monthly revenue also exceeded $100 million .

NBA Top Shot The rapid success of , Directly to Dapper Labs The team is in a short time 6 In months , Gain more than 5 Billion dollar financing ,Animoca Brands Caught the express again .



On the other hand , With NFT The application of 2019 There has been some improvement since ,Animoca Brands Also quickly follow the hot spots , On 2019 year 11 I invested the most in NFT Trading market OpenSea.

And only in the past two years NFT The market volume is from 1 In the first billion dollars , To rapidly grow into today's huge market of tens of billions of dollars , and OpenSea Also from a niche trading market , It's changed into NFT The leading exchange ,Animoca Brands Once again NFT Enter the game on the eve of the outbreak , The timing is right .


therefore , When we look back on the delisting from the Australian Stock Exchange Animoca Brands when , They're not running away from a mainstream melody , Instead, I found the next Holy Grail , And choose to bet on , That's why we see Animoca Brands Ushered in their “ The second spring ”.

Animoca Brands Why bet on blockchain ?

As we said above , although Animoca Brands stay 2015 Completed the biggest dream of most companies in —— list , But the flat performance is really embarrassing , And in the 2017 At the end of the year CryptoKitties( also called “ Infatuated with cats ”、“ Cryptocat ”) The mainland sale of seems to be the arrival of a turning point in history .

But it really makes Animoca Brands The decision to transform to blockchain and metauniverse also depends on the transformation of some markets and their own roles , Now let's discuss .

NFT、 Chain tour ushers in an outbreak

In our previous annual report, we counted ,NFT The total value of the market is from 2018 Year of 4100 Ten thousand dollars jumped to 2021 Year of 230 Billion dollars , Even this growth trend has not stopped this year , stay 2022 The unfinished trading volume in the first quarter has exceeded 200 Billion dollars , It seems that before use 3 Within months, it surpassed the market scale of the past year .



And in the Animoca Brands In the layout of , We will find that ,2018 The year is an important year for its transformation , This year they took 487.5 Million dollars to acquire the game that is preparing to transform the blockchain The Sandbox Development Company Pixowl.

Same year ,Animoca Brands I've invested in Decentraland and Dapper Labs, Although these investments or acquisitions did not bring much revenue to it at that time , Even in the loss stage .


but Animoca Brands Co-founder of Yat Siu I've seen the track , So in 2019 At the end of the year, he made another move to 42 Ten thousand dollars led the investment AxieInfinity developers Sky Mavis Of 146.5 $10000 financing .


Later stories, as we described in detail above , With NFT The market and blockchain game market ushered in an explosion , Several of the companies they bet on have become leaders in the industry , It can be said that on the way of looking at the direction Yat Siu There is no doubt that he has become a “ Gold digger ”.


Of course , without NFT The sudden rise of the market , Or not Axie Infinity Lead the blockchain game into “ Play and earn ”(Play-to-Earn) The pattern of , We will not see Animoca Brands The rise of .

To take a step back , They are both promoters , It is also the beneficiary of heroes created by the times .

  Become a blockchain investment institution

When we review the development of blockchain industry in the past few years , We can always find some growth from nothing to “ Investment giant ” The story of .

Whether it's famous early Paradigm, Or recently from 70 The expansion of the universe to 40 South Korea's first encryption of US $100 million VCHashed, The protagonists of the story seem to be Crypto Through experience, I became “ But the king bull ”.


And now , We see ,Animoca Brands On the one hand, it accepts the investment from traditional mainstream investment institutions “Old Money”, On the other hand, these “Old Money” Continuously invested in the field of blockchain , It covers NFT、 Blockchain game 、 Meta universe 、DeFi Wait for the direction , According to the Animoca Brands Official website data shows , So far, it has involved more than investment projects 150 individual .




meanwhile , according to Animoca Brands cofounder Yat Siu A company investment data released at the end of last year showed that ,2021 year Animoca Brands In the first three quarters, investment and digital asset income increased to about 5.296 Billion dollars , Holding more than 6 Billion dollars of liquid digital assets .


therefore , We can see , since 2018 Annual contact CryptoKitties, And after tasting the sweetness of many successful investments ,Animoca Brands It has gradually changed from a game development company to an investment company .

It's finished from “ Party B ” The transition to “ Party a ” The role of , It's just his LP( The group of sources of funds ) Other traditional giants .


Maybe compared with working hard on game development , Investment makes Animoca Brands Feel handy , After all, the former goes over mountains and mountains , The latter goes with the wind and the water , If this is the choice before the founding team , I think smart people will naturally make wise choices .

and Yat Siu It's just a choice in the interests of most people , Even if forced to delist , But for now , Yes YatSiu Come on , Is listing still important ? Maybe it's not the only direction .

The founding team sees a further future : Meta universe

As early as last year Animoca Brands Co founder and Chairman Yat Siu Said in an interview ,“ For me, , This is the great prospect of the open meta universe , in other words , Innovation 、 Creativity and the creation of new things , We can build exactly the same way of life as in the physical world . Because I happen to have ' these ', Their ownership is secure and verified .”


We can see Animoca Brands It's not just NFT Or blockchain , It also includes Web3 The leading meta universe .

In front of this grand story ,Animoca Brands Seeing the opportunity , I also saw how to move towards that step by step “ Meta universe ”.


And in a recent interview ,Yat Siu Once again, I reiterated my view of the ideal meta universe , He said ,“ If the last , Most of us decide to live in a closed metauniverse or a completely closed ecosystem , So in fact, our life is to follow their rules .

And it will be more difficult for us to break through this limit , Because they will eventually manipulate and control this network effect , As we see today in some large technology companies .”


Maybe that's why Animoca Brands Invested in so many multiverse related companies , because NFT yes Web3 New asset structure in the framework ,“ Play and earn ” It's just Web3 Game state in state , And decentralized finance is the underlying foundation of the meta universe .

Of course , We can also say that the current achievements make Yat Siu With the idea of a firm metauniverse , But all the stories come from “ Butterflies flutter their wings ” Start .


It's just ,YatSiu Put the present Animoca Brands The development of has given more meaning , This is the context of the times , It is also the yearning of everyone .


Animoca Brands Can our success be replicated ?

When we review Animoca Brands From the game development team to the market , And then delisting All in In the process of entering the blockchain industry , As researchers, we will ask a question :Animoca Brands Can the success of be replicated ?


First Animoca Brands The biggest inspiration for us is , Even listed companies , Can't stop exploring , Especially in this rapidly changing world , If you just take the listing of the company as the end point of the enterprise , Maybe it will eventually become a joke of listed companies , Especially when we look at those listed companies at the bottom now , The share price has been going downhill , Investors complain all the way , Shareholders have been reducing their holdings .


take the reverse into consideration Animoca Brands, Its founder stood up decisively when the team encountered a growth bottleneck , Chose to open up a new growth path , So I found out NFT、 Found out Play-to-Earn, Also embarked on the construction of the meta universe and Web3 The way of life .


therefore , In that sense , Any enterprise can copy this spirit , But back to Animoca Brands itself , If you want to recreate one “Animoca Brands”, Perhaps in addition to the openness of thought , More need the torrent of the times .


without NFT The rise of the market , There is no blockchain game from cold winter to lively , There is no sudden explosion of the meta universe ,Animoca Brands Your bet will only fall into the abyss .

therefore , You might as well ask , Where is the growth point of the next track ? Do you want to bet ?


Of course , There may be more negative cases of wrong bets , Remember that “ Let's get together , Suffocate for dreams ” Do you ?

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