Evolution of the ascending dimensional metauniverse of NFT

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evolution ascending dimensional metauniverse nft


Previously affected Meta The performance did not meet expectations 、 The impact of regulatory policies is unknown , The metacosmic heat has decreased , But recently, with NFT New play out of the circle 、4、5 The upcoming summit and product launch in May , The theme of the yuan universe is expected to rekindle the flames of war .

The user to NFT The acceptance rate of is higher than expected , Secondary trading is becoming dominant in the market .Opensea The number of daily active users reached a new high at the beginning of this year , In January this year, the platform transaction volume increased to 44.91 Billion dollars , rose 102%. from NFT According to the overall market data , Market transactions at the beginning of the year did not pick up to last year 8 The high point of the month , However, the market trading structure shows an obvious change trend —— The turnover of the secondary market is higher than that of the primary market 5 About times , Show in NFT Secondary circulation transactions between market users began to dominate .

It will be normal for stars to enter the game ,NFT The social out of circle effect has been strengthened . This year, 1 month , Jay Chou tweeted Phanta  Bear NFT, Attract the attention of fans .1 Ten thousand only PhantaBear Customer service after sale 40 Minutes sold out , The unit price is about 6200 element . Stars in the game NFT It has become normal. , Rukuri 、 Wilber Pan 、 Chen Guanxi et al , The star's fan base is NFT Bring greater out of loop effect ,NFT Collectors are no longer limited to early blockchain players . And social platforms such as twitter are good for NFT Identification display of , It also further strengthens the circle effect , We expect the future NFT Will open the game 、 social contact 、 Interactive scenes such as meetings .

PFP NFT The outbreak of : Start with the avatar 、 Social networking + The new paradigm of copyright creator economy . Boring ape BAYC Top virtual image NFT, The team behind it YugaLabs financing 4.5 Billion dollars to build NFT Media empire .PFP NFT(Profilepictures, Virtual image ) In the past year's development, it has occupied a dominant position in the market , This March PFP The collection to which it belongs NFT The turnover accounts for NFT Of the total turnover 84%. Not just collectibles ,PFP The core of the community lies in three points :1) Organizational system design based on blockchain program 、2) be based on IP Cultural consensus of image 、3) be based on NFT A community of interests with a single identity .NFT There are two major trends in the development of : Open copyright community to create , Give Way NFT Capture ecological value ;DAO Treasury mode makes NFT Issuance changed from sales to community financing .

The development of domestic digital collections is gradually clear , Infrastructure is expected to get through , The secondary transaction can be expected in the future . At home NFT De monetization , renamed “ Digital collection ”, Legal nature 、 The subject of supervision will be gradually clarified . Digital collection of official media , The value of digital assets of digital collections and the right confirmation value of blockchain technology behind them have been affirmed . Domestic digital collection infrastructure is going to be opened up , It is expected that there will be a unified secondary trading standard . League chain NFT And public chain NFT There are ways to play “ Intergenerational differences ”, Each has its own advantages and disadvantages . The alliance chain has more advantages in copyright protection , Domestic digital collections will be deeply integrated with copyright protection .

Investment advice For the secondary market , Pay attention to the platform 、IP Resources and related objects of the cultural exchange . Digital collection platforms include : tencent holding 、 Alibaba 、 The world's best 、 Tian Zhou Culture .IP Class includes : Vision China 、 Blue cursor 、 Digital video 、 Reading group 、 Tencent music 、 Toph 、 Mio exhibition 、 Zhongqingbao . The subject matter of the exchange : company 、 xinhua 、 Brit communication 、 Zhejiang Internet 、 China Media Holdings .

Risk warning Code vulnerability risk ; Blockchain policy and regulatory risk .


NFT(Non-Fungible Token, That is, the general syndrome of non homogeneity ) Such digital asset agreements , With its indivisibility 、 The characteristic of uniqueness , Widely used in digital collections 、 Digital art 、 Virtual land 、 Game equipment and other virtual assets .NFT Move digital assets away from centralized server storage , Decentralization of interpretation and control , Users have enhanced control over virtual assets , It has brought a new value dimension to the Internet .

2021 year ,NFT Driven by the theme of the meta universe, it was all the rage , Many teams at home and abroad participate in , It is also important for the user market Conducted the first round of import . thereafter , Although the heat has ebbed , But the trend of going out of circles has not changed , With the development of infrastructure ( Such as Opensea、 Psychedelic nucleus 、 Whale detective, etc ) The development and out of circle effect of continue to strengthen , The user to NFT this “ New species ” The acceptance rate is much faster than expected . and PFP NFT(Profile Picture, Avatar pictures ) Innovation in playing 、 growth Speed and other aspects have become the most eye-catching track in the promotion direction of the meta universe .

at home and abroad NFT market : Keep going in circles 、 Play in many ways

NFT Quickly accepted by users , At the beginning of the year Opensea The number of daily users reached an all-time high . according to Dappradar data display ,2022 year 1 month ,OpenSea The volume of transactions increased to 44.91 Billion dollars , rose 102%, Trading volume increased to 281.63 Ten thousand times , rose 95%, Day live user 4.68 ten thousand people , Record high , rose 86%. Data show that more and more users are beginning to accept NFT Digital assets , Participate in the transaction and have your own NFT.

From abroad NFT According to the overall market data , At the beginning of the year, the market NFT Turnover rebounded , But it still hasn't recovered from last year 8 The high point of the month . The turnover in January this year amounted to 27.5 Billion dollars , Month on month rise 120.4%, After last summer NFT The market was rekindled . Judging from the average transaction price , Since the end of last year NFT The average transaction price remains high , The average single handed deal is about 3000 About $ .

From the perspective of transaction structure ,NFT Secondary market transactions show a dominant trend .NFT The primary market refers to the issuing market of the project party , The secondary market refers to NFT Flow transactions between users . This March ,NFT The turnover of the secondary market is... Of the primary market 7.1 times , Last April was only 1.5 times , The ratio of secondary market turnover to primary market turnover has increased continuously , The trend is clear , signify NFT Secondary market transactions have gradually become market dominant , And the head effect is obvious .

NFT After more than a year of rapid development of Applied Ecology , At present, it mainly focuses on 6 Three major tracks : collection 、 Artwork 、 The game is equipped with 、 Virtual land 、 practical NFT、 Finance NFT. On the current market development , One of the collectibles 、 Artwork 、 Game equipment and virtual land belong to the mainstream track , Its trading volume accounts for a large proportion , Rapid ecological development , Virtual assets of market concern NFT Often refers to such .

From the track segment data , collection NFT Become the absolute core application scenario .Nonfungible data display , This March's collection NFT The turnover reached 9.95 Billion dollars , Collection turnover in the first quarter 41.34 Billion dollars , Compared with the fourth quarter of last year 24.61 Billion dollar growth 67%, yes NFT The main driving force for the recovery of the industry since the beginning of the year . And from last year 7 Month to date , collection NFT The proportion of transaction volume has increased continuously , The proportion of turnover is from 28% March of this year 84%, In terms of turnover , Collectibles become NFT The core application scenario of .

At home NFT The development momentum of the industry is the same , All parties also entered , The second rush to sell out of digital collections has become the norm .“ Whale probe ” originally “ Ant vermicelli ”, It's Alipay. 2021 year 6 Small program launched in June , On 20201 year 12 Month upgrade renamed “ Whale probe ”. User transactions require real name authentication , Secondary trading is not supported at present , Only holders are supported 180 Give it to your real name friends for free after days . The copyright of digital collection belongs to the publisher or creator , The buyer only obtains the non-commercial use right .“ Psychedelic nucleus ” It's Tencent. 2021 year 8 The digital collection trading platform launched in June , Its digital collection is based on Zhixin chain , At present, the user's full real name is adopted 、 Content full link review , And do not open the transfer between users .“ Psychedelic nucleus ” Jointly issued by Tencent animation 《 Under one man 》 Theme digital collection , Limited distribution 6000 gold , The unit price 98 element , Sold out in one second .

NFT The way to upgrade : Star in 、 Social networking

2022 year 1 month 1 Japan , By Jay Chou's tide card PHANTACi And EzekClub Co branded Limited Edition NFT project PhantaBear( Phantom bear ), limited 1 m , The unit price is about 6200 element , Only in 40 Sold out in about minutes , The total sales amount to 6200 Ten thousand yuan .PhantaBear It is 10000 digital collections randomly generated by algorithm , Issued in Ethereum , Store in IPFS The Internet . Every fantasy bear is unique , The holder not only has this digital image , Joined the phantom bear community , With subsequent privileges .

More than “ Jay bear ”, Stars in the game NFT Will continue to be the norm . With NFT The hot , More and more stars are involved in NFT In the ecology of , Many stars have launched their own NFT series . Early stars NFT Mainly foreign stars , Like Justin · Bieber 、 garage , With 2022 Beginning of the year Phanta Bear Hot out of the circle , Domestic stars have also launched their own NFT, Such as pan Weibai innocent cats, Edison Chan 2426C etc. . The star's fan base is NFT Bring greater out of loop effect ,NFT Collectors are no longer limited to blockchain players , Many star fans also joined in , by NFT The promotion of brings a larger audience ; At the same time, stars NFT The project also tries to build web3.0 The ecological application of , Provide more possibilities for the development of the meta universe .

And traditional social networks are beginning to be compatible NFT Digital assets . Twitter allows users to use NFT As an avatar , This new feature has only Twitter Blue Subscribers can use , Support Apple's iOS equipment . Just pay 2.99 dollar Twitter Blue Subscription fee . When users edit their profile , You can connect cryptocurrency wallets and import their OpenSea Collection . Then you can go from NFT Choose one from the digital art collection as the avatar . These users are easily distinguished from those who have not been encrypted by the shape of their avatars : new NFT The head is hexagonal , Instead of the traditional circle .

PFP NFT The track broke out : Start with the avatar 、 Social networking and copyright

We think virtual images PFP NFT(Profilepicture) The development of has gone far beyond simple digital collections , Community and PFPNFT The relationship is more like a virtual country and a digital passport : Organizational system design based on blockchain program 、 be based on IP Cultural consensus of image 、 be based on NFT A community of interests with a single identity .PFPNFT Our model is constantly innovating , The infrastructure of community operation is also developing rapidly , The collection based on virtual images became the beginning of this year NFT And the brightest track in the meta universe .

Boring ape to the top ,YugaLabs Set up to NFT A media empire centered on .YugaLabs Build a boring ape Yacht Club (Bored Ape Yacht Club,BAYC) from 10000 A random ape man head , Beyond Cryptopunks Become the most influential NFT, The current floor price is about 35 Thousands of dollars .BAYC Rapid development of , It is inseparable from the team's mining on the play mode . This March ,YugaLabs Announced a complete 4.5 Billion dollar financing , The valuation of this round of financing 40 Billion dollars . soon ,YugaLabs Announced the creation of the meta universe project Otherside Link to NFT, issue ApeCoin financing , At present, the market value of tokens exceeds 30 Billion dollars .

So having a boring ape , What's the point ? For now ,BAYC not only NFT, This is an exclusive club , The only way to join is to buy boring apes . The power of boring apes currently includes these points :

  • Community members have commercial access to boring apes , This means that printed matter can be produced and sold 、T T-shirt 、 Coffee cups, etc ;

  • BAYC They also released their own member specific products , Ask members to use their... Before buying ETH Wallet login to verify ownership ;

  • Will receive exclusive NFT Airdrop , Include Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC)、Mutant Ape Yacht Club(MAYC) etc. . In the secondary sales market ,BAKC The price of floor has broken through quickly 2,000 dollar ;

  • BAYC Members have a say in the whereabouts of project funds , At present, the community has proposed to donate millions of dollars to various charities ;

  • The recent roadmap update announced more member only Utilities , Including Treasure Hunt 、BAYC Project narrative update 、 Games, etc. .

from BAYC And other virtual images NFT On the development path of , We see that NFT And social networks 、 Two trends of economic combination of creators :

1)NFT to open up IP Copyright , Community co creation for NFT Bring ecological and use value .Yuga Labs Acquisition Cryptopunks after , To CryptoPunksNFT The holder transfers the intellectual property (IP)、 Business and exclusive license . This will enable CryptoPunks Owners can be like BAYC Owners are based on their NFT Create artwork and products . Currently popular PFPNFT Copyright has been opened , Its core value is : Anyone can take their art (NFT) For... Or other commercial purposes , Without belonging to the original artist 、 Founding team or creator . Allow creators and entrepreneurs to use the project's IP, And through the network effect NFT The project brings great value .

2) Transfer of pre-sale funds into community coffers DAO Pattern , take NFT From the sale of goods to the public financing of community development .DoodlesNFT( Doodle ) The whole ecology of can be regarded as a DAO( Decentralized organization ), Every member can influence the development of the community .Doodles The initial sale of 420ETH Put it in the community vault , And charge the secondary sales 5% Half the income of the fee goes into the community Treasury , And hand over the control of the Treasury to the community . Every DoodleNFT All have one vote , Community members are Snapshot Authorization to vote on , Multi sign by core members to enable community Treasury . This pattern is followed by PFPNFT Extensive replication , The sale of collectibles has shifted from commodity sales to public financing similar to community development .

How to view the alliance chain under domestic policy NFT The development of ?

At home NFT De monetization , renamed “ Digital collection ”, Legal nature 、 The subject of supervision will be gradually clarified . Domestic policy prohibits the provision of transactions for cryptocurrencies 、 Mining and other services , but NFT Not exactly the same as cryptocurrency .2021 year 9 month , The central bank and other relevant departments issued 《 Notice on further preventing and dealing with the risk of speculation in virtual currency transactions 》 Crack down on the speculation of virtual currency trading .2021 year 10 month , Regulators interviewed some Internet companies , Of related enterprises NFT Delete all platforms “NFT” Instead, “ Digital collection ”. At home NFT The development model of will be de monetized , Focus on Development NFT The application of digital property right proof function in the field of copyright protection and asset confirmation , Establish the distribution of digital collections 、 sales 、 Rules on circulation, etc .

Digital collection of official media , The value of digital assets of digital collections and the right confirmation value of blockchain technology behind them have been affirmed .2021 year 12 month 24 Digital collection issued by Xinhua News Agency on the th , It is the first set in China “ News Digital Collection ”, selected 2021 News photography Report , Such as “ Centennial of the founding of the party ”, Affirmed its value as a digital asset ;2022 year 1 month 31 Japan ,CCTV-1《 Ancient Chinese New Year 》 You're listening to 、 CCTV network cooperates with Hubei Provincial Museum and QQ music , Release the digital collection with the theme of Spring Festival “ Ancient rhyme inheritor ”, The digital collection is based on Tencent Zhixin chain , Encourage the application of blockchain technology in digital asset ownership and other directions in China in the future .

All domestic cultural exchanges hope to open the secondary transaction of digital collections . Cultural property exchange ( The exchange ) Provide transactions for enterprises 、 The auction 、 A comprehensive service platform for investment and financing services , The trading partner has cultural enterprise assets 、 Art collection 、 Cultural heritage 、 Creative works 、IP Derivatives, etc . The establishment of the cultural exchange requires certain qualifications , With official government background . However, there is much overlap between the business level of the exchange and the digital collection trading platform , The secondary trading of digital collections is expected to develop on the basis of the cultural exchange .

Domestic digital collection infrastructure is going to be opened up , It is expected that there will be a unified secondary trading standard . According to public information , From the end of last year to the beginning of this year , Brief description of the agreement between Xinhuanet and Shanghai Cultural Property Exchange , Jointly build a national digital cultural and creative governance ecological matrix , Jointly build a national copyright transaction protection alliance chain . Till today , Tencent magic core 、 Ali digital auction 、 Iqiyi digital cultural creation , Have announced access to the national copyright transaction protection alliance chain . Opening up the underlying infrastructure of domestic digital collections , There is expected to be a standardized and uniformly managed secondary trading market .

The alliance chain has more advantages in copyright protection , Domestic digital collections will be deeply integrated with copyright protection . Alliance chain copyright protection is simply to record intellectual property information into a trusted database , Then the court recognized the alliance chain data as evidence , In case of infringement, it can reduce the cost of safeguarding rights . From this point of view , League chain NFT It is a kind of copyright certificate after function expansion , Not only record the ownership of copyright , You can also do some business model innovation in circulation transactions . according to OpenSea Analysis of its own market , Its market 80% The above NFT There are violations , but OpenSea All you can do is report the Creator NFT Take it off the shelf . The development of digital collections of alliance chain in the future , Compared with anonymous decentralized public chain NFT for , The alliance chain has great advantages in protecting the rights and interests of creators .

overall , Alliance chain digital collection and public chain NFT Their development endowments are different , The former is more protective of creators 、 Popularize the public , The latter is more dynamic in model innovation . There are some differences between the two in playing methods “ Intergenerational differences ”, With the standardization of the secondary market of digital collections , The domestic alliance chain digital collection market is expected to expand to the public chain NFT The market size is close to .

Investment advice

2021 Since then , at home and abroad NFT project 、 Platforms are constantly emerging , Explore on various tracks . For the secondary market , Last year was when the yuan cosmic wind started , But as the Meta The performance did not meet expectations , The market's enthusiasm for the meta universe has decreased significantly , In this regard, we have the following views :

1)Facebook Change of name Meta Although it is the catalyst of the last wave , but Meta It doesn't mean the meta universe .

We think ,Meta Although it has occupied the benefit of renaming , But Microsoft 、 The layout of giants such as NVIDIA in the meta universe may be more representative . Yuan Shouzhou did not think out of thin air , It represents the next Web3.0 A ten-year journey , At present, no company has an absolute advantage , Just like the beginning of mobile Internet , I don't know who can grab the tickets for the next ten years .

2)VR、 Virtual human 、NFT? What is the metauniverse ?

The meta universe will be the epitome of the above concepts , Recently, we have found the emergence of industrial division of labor in the research of primary and secondary markets , Companies that are good at semantic recognition technology can support virtual human applications 、 Have VR Hardware vendors are looking for content 、NFT Distribution platform and IP Generate complementary , The meta universe is a process of gradual integration . According to the differences of local regulatory policies , In North America 、 The development of meta universe in Southeast Asia and China will also be different .

3) What is the catalyst of this round of meta universe ?

One side ,4 In January, various domestic summits will be held one after another , The market has the opportunity to refocus ; On the other hand , Major domestic Internet manufacturers have made efforts in succession under the compliance framework NFT、 Yuan universe, etc , It's also worth looking forward to . And from NFT For the primary market , Driven by boring apes NFT Shengwei will focus on more IP Creator 、 Funds and users , Yes NFT The expectation is not just for the avatar , It's based on games derived from the community 、 The script kills 、 Concert and surrounding creativity .

The secondary market , Pay attention to the platform 、IP Resources and related objects of the cultural exchange .

Digital collection platforms include : Tencent holdings (HK 0700)、 Alibaba (HK 9988)、 The world's best 、 Tian Zhou Culture .

IP Class includes : Vision China (000681)、 Digital video (300079)、 Reading group 、 Tencent music 、 Blue cursor , Topaz for vertical applications 、 Zhongqingbao in the field of Mio exhibition and games 、 Shunwang technology and so on ,NFT Or will provide it with a new business model .

The objects of the exchange include : company 、 xinhua 、 Brit communication 、 Zhejiang Internet 、 China Media Holdings .

Risk warning

Code vulnerability risk : Code based organization , It means that code vulnerabilities may bring huge economic losses .

Blockchain policy and regulatory risk : At present, blockchain is in the early stage of development , Countries all over the world are interested in blockchain technology 、 There are some uncertainties in the supervision of project financing and tokens , Therefore, there is uncertainty in the project development of industry companies .

This article is excerpted from Guosheng Securities Research Institute, which has been published in 2022 year 4 month 2 Report issued on 《 Guosheng blockchain |  Meta universe ( Nine ):NFT Upgrade dimension , The evolution of the metauniverse 》, Please refer to relevant reports for details .

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